T-Mobile Closing Its Doors In 2011? Not So Fast!

Update: Thanks to a sharp reader I did indeed incorrectly source the Wall Street 24/7 article which states companies that WILL disappear in 2011 when the Yahoo News article erroneously states companies that MAY disappear, guess I should pay more attention too. Doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t say the company itself will disappear, just the brand so T-Mobile may live on according to them only under a different name and perhaps different ownership. Either way, I still think the article sucks.

For a while now an article has been floating around that originated on 24/7 Wall Street which states 10 Brands that will disappear in 2011. A number of you have written in as though T-Mobile is already beginning to pack it in and I’d like to take this quick editorial to remind you that isn’t the case. Quite the contrary is true and the article itself merely states things that we already know. T-Mobile is in fourth place, check. A merger and/or acquisition of Sprint being discussed, check. Stating that T-Mobile has no future in the US simply because they are in fourth place is just irresponsible journalism. In 2009 the very same article was written with 12 different brands that would disappear and while its true that some did, such as Palm, AIG and Eddie Bauer, not all of them did, and most of them were blatantly obvious and were already on the way out at the time the list was published. As of this moment, there is zero indication that T-Mobile is currently for sale, currently being pursued by a partner or another carrier or that Deutsche Telekom is making an effort to purchase someone else. That’s not to say its not happening far far behind the scenes, but publicly, none of this is taking place.

So while so many of you have expressed concern and written in stated that you don’t want your favorite wireless carrier to disappear, stop acting like it already has. While we won’t sugarcoat their outlook and say that they are likely to surpass Sprint by years end, calling them done in the US is just stupid. That’s just my opinion however and while I hardly qualify as an expert on T-Mobile’s financial position, I know this report also stated Old Navy would be closing its doors and I’m pretty sure I was in one of their stores yesterday as well. Sure you can respond that the year is only half over but since 24/7 Wall Street was only half right last time, lets just assume they’ll be only be half right again. Even if that is the case, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make these predictions, they are merely taking companies that are well known to be in trouble and stating they will close.  I mean really, BP, seriously? Is there anyone out there that actually wants BP to stay in business right now?

Bottom line, stop panicking, and stop reading this as though it’s already happened or that T-Mobile already has a closed sign on its doors. Relax and buy the Samsung Vibrant, you’ll be happy you did.

24/7 Wall Street

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  • mailman13877

    1st I said as a driver kia sux n other drivers say the same.I actually own a Toyota Corolla.Toyota is one of the top 3 sellers not only in the US but overseas and the are the top design seller in the world..Honda is prob the nuber 1 design buyer from toyota.2nd i am not paying more on sprint,I am paying the same.You guys might pay more but the plan I have with TMO equals the same price on sprint an I’m ok with the price.It’s the phone I want.3rd the Evo may be 30fps but XDA will fix that eventually an besides if you guys are buying a phone for the games then that’s lame cuzz u can play games on a system an same for the movie watching.I could vcare less bout playing a PS1 emulated game on my phone when I have PS3 at home.smh..4th,I was told to compalain on my carrier site an I am..I’M A TMO CUSTOMER till the 28th n have been 2001.I agree with mandingo,like Lebron I owe you an TM?O nothing as they have given me nothing.Last,if you’ve seen the Evo n held it an played around with it you’d see its a monster.Besides it has the HTC keyboard which is way more responsive an better that multi touch keyboard the Vibrant is coming with.Swype doesn’t count cuzz I can get it on the Evo. Oh and I was being sarcastic when I said Boost Mobile will take over 4th place.My point was some other company will if TMO keeps it up.See how u guys are proud to be in 4th..instead of complaining ur bashing me cuzz I said 4th place is being threatened.smfh.

    • NiiDiddy

      i understand your opinion perfectly. others may have their opinion too and are entitled to it, just like you are entitled to yours. IMO, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…etc. don’t matter to me. phones don’t matter as much either so long as they fulfill their primary task – to talk on; everything else i can deal with. so for me, i don’t care if i was with tmobile, sprint, att, verizon – fact is i am with tmobile and been with them a little longer than you have [which doesnt really mean a thing]. until tmobile really messes ME [not you, not anyone else on TMONEWS] up somehow is when i’ll decide then if i want to leave and try out a different company. i’m happy, content and i don’t necessarily care – for me there is so much to worry about than trivial things such as phones. BUT, i am different – everyone is different. so i respect you opinion, where you are coming from and why you feel the way you feel. but like you, i DON’T want to be bashed by anyone here because of my opinion or how i want to run my stuff. so i understand. that’s all i can say.

      • HowdyDoody

        T Mob wont go under.. thought he analyst most likely will!

      • NiiDiddy

        @HowdyDoody – yea

      • JSY581


    • ObsceneJesster

      Bye. Have fun using a 4G service thats slower than T-Mobiles 3G service (HSPA+).

      By the way, If Swype doesn’t count because you can get it on your EVO then the HTC keyboard doesn’t count because I can get it on my Vibrant. Oh! Whats that. You never heard of the app called Smart Keyboard. Yea, it has the HTC keyboard as one of it’s options.

      You and your out-dated, over-hyped Snapdragon just got bent over by the Hummingbird and spanked like a red headed stepchild.

    • ObsceneJesster

      Bye. Have fun using a 4G service thats slower than T-Mobiles 3G service (HSPA+).

      By the way, If Swype doesn’t count because you can get it on your EVO then the HTC keyboard doesn’t count because I can get it on my Vibrant. Oh! Whats that. You never heard of the app called Smart Keyboard. Yea, it has the HTC keyboard as one of it’s options.

      You and your out-dated, over-hyped Snapdragon just got bent over by the Hummingbird and spanked like a red headed stepchild.

    • TiddyC

      All kidding aside… Boost Mobile is part of Sprint and given that Sprint is in dep trouble while TMO is just struggling the idea that Sprint would take over TMO is the part of your comment that is laughable. Now MetroPCS, they’re on the move… But of course they’re supposed to be taking over LEAP one of these days. Would make sense for them to then takeover Sprint since they have the same technology and Sprint seems determined to move into PrePaid what with their Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Common Cents Mobile and Assurance Wireless brands already all being prepaid and CDMA (or partially IDEN for Boost).

    • cirrob

      I will give you a nickle if you put a couple spaces after your periods. I stopped reading after the first couple of sentences. It was like someone scratching a chalkboard.

    • jabombardier

      #1 Toyota only sells well in the United states and Canada. In Europe, it has never gained ground.
      They also aren’t the best in design. Neither is Honda. They only come off so in the U.S. because of the “reliability” reputation they have. That perception is quickly fading away. #2 it’s funny that they say T-Mobile will go out of business when Telekom say that T-mobile USA makes money for them. That’s why T-Mobile isn’t going up for sale. #3 T-Mobile will alway be #4, not because of phone, but because they aren’t in every market in the U.S. they aren’t offered in New England States of Vermont and New Hampshire, not sure about Maine, and they aren’t available in the Dakota’s and Montana (montana I could be wrong). A few years ago they just enter the Carolina’s and Puerto Rico through the acquisition of Sun Com. So for record, small network keeps them at #4. #4 I played with the evo 4G. It is nothing to right home about. Despite not having HD capabilities, a lesser android phone running 2.1 does the same thing as the evo 4G, which running apps, taking calls and surfing the web. 4G doesn’t really impress much over 3G nor is the extra 10 dollars to pay for it. Ginormous screen doesn’t do anything either but makes the phone kind of bulky in hand. Nice phone but not worth switching networks phone. “Superphones” have proven to be overrated.

  • thetiguy

    “buy the Samsung Vibrant, you’ll be happy you did.”

    No thanks, it doesn’t have a physical keyboard.

  • Johny

    How is tmobile under AT&T? How are these things rated?

    • FormerTMoEmployee

      It’s all about popularity and most importantly numbers. AT&T just does better with sales. The iphone, no doubt, is keeping them in 2nd place. T-Mobile has a bit of a low class quality. It’s weird… Working for them, you can see it. At the end of the day, it’s all about numbers and customer service, that gives the carriers its rank.

  • mingkee

    DT should file lawsuit again WSJ for such negative spectuation which can seriously hurt the company’s growth. At least we need an apology from WSJ!

  • Magenta Magic

    @FormerTMoEmployee, et al: I agree with this. TMo repositioned rate plans almost a year ago to be cheaper, simpler to understand (well, almost ^_^; ) The credit restrictions have been relaxed, also. Basically, ANYONE can get a phone with TMo, even if they don’t have a SSN (can sign “no contract” even more plus). TMo caters to ALL types, all income levels.

    Is that a bad thing? Hell no!

    But we’re still in 4th…

  • TonyJohns

    T-Mobile is not going anywhere. Simple as that. No matter the handset selection, T-Mobile offers cell phone service on a nationwide level at the low price. That in itself will keep customers.

    T-Mobile does need to expand their coverage, which they are doing. But as far as going out of business. I highly doubt that.

    Just as their is a niche for superphones, there is a niche for simple cheap phones. And the niche for simple cheap phones far outweigh the superphone niche. With the roadmap we already see that T-Mobile is bringing some good contenders to the ring.

    T-Mobile is here to stay, and I believe with their HSPA+ network, they will soon give the other carriers a run for their money.

  • http://tmonews melanie jonson

    i seriously dont get u t-mobile people i been reading a lot of comments were alot of u bitch about there coverage, i dnt have t-mobile i have at&t which there network is crap i admit it i hate it its 3G is suuper slow n frustating to use but there coverage is muuuch bigger than t-mobile i took a roadtrip from LA to texas by car and i had signal all the wayy i admit i didnt have 3G in a lot of places i would only get edge or gsm or gprs to call but atleast it worked on the other hand my boyfrriend wit t-mobile had no service in ALOT of places n he always had to be borrowing my blackberry bold 9700 from at&t cuz his t-mobile blackberryy bold had no service in a lot of places i atleast had edge, so why dont u change company to verizon or at&t or sprint? i kno there more expensive but hey atleast u get service in more places..!

    • Spike

      “ALOT of places n he always had to be borrowing my blackberry bold 9700 from at&t cuz his t-mobile blackberryy bold had no service in a lot of places i atleast had edge, so why dont u change company to verizon or at&t or sprint?”

      A. Because that would just be too damn logical, and if there’s anything we all should know, people bitching online have zero sense of logic, they just wanna BITCH, and

      B. COntract contracts contracts… which are stupid no matter what. No phone is worth a contract. And with T-mo current pricing, all those people signing contracts end up spending the same amount if they just went non-contracted and split the phone cost into 20 payments. Makes no sense why people keep signing.

    • Getreal

      I will respond so that maybe your dumb@as half brain can understand me. So here goes:

      so wut u are zayin is everyone hu haz a sell fon goze from LA to texas cuz we all need cuveruj ware u go

      How is that? If you didn’t understand that maybe you will understand this. You r dumb. Tell your boyfriend to smack you and tell you shut up.

      • http://tmonews wow

        Now that has to be the funniest thing I’ve read all day!!

      • Asparagus

        haha…love it

    • Davidohio

      See i looked at the maps side by side and they look pretty much the same. I have never been anywhere i did not have service. Hspa+ is fast here in cleveland. I hear at&t customers saw the 3g is slow all the time so i don’t understand how they can say they have the nations fastest 3g network. T-mobile is faster than at&t here and i know that for a fact.

    • jabombardier

      I agree with you but where I live’ T-Mobile is very very reliable and I rarely go where T-Mobile doesn’t work. I like the fact that it has the cheapest roaming rates to the overseas cities I go to like London, Paris, and the Caribbean versus AT&T. Lastly more plan for the money versus other 3 nationwide carriers

  • Special K

    The article is very simple. It doesn’t mean that T-Mobile will magically shut down the doors, leave their equipment up, and call it a day. What will happen is either:

    A) Brand Name Changes (T-Mobile to Flexpay Mobile or whatever they choose to call it)
    B) We Merge with somebody (likely Sprint, as Government would likely intervene in an ATT takeover).
    C) Somebody buys us out (as in Virgin Mobile, Google, whoever decides they want the burden).

    The company will still be there. I firmly believe that A is the most likely scenario as the T-Mobile brand is not exactly “strong” in the cell phone industry. The only way I see B or C happening is if DT stands to gain exceedingly rich by getting rid of the company, so if I were a betting man, A will be the likely scenario. And at the end of the day, the article will be correct, because the BRAND T-Mobile will be gone.

  • coolMANDINGO

    does this device offer or support LIVE WALLPAPERS??? on the Vibrant

    • Asparagus


  • Ray

    T-Mobile Senior leadership has to realize the people in region team are in their side and working with them to make TMO a best service provider, but Directors and Senior managers specially in Abdul’s team treat people outside FSC very badly, treat them like outsider insult them in every meeting or any other possible forum.
    If TMO wants to win in this tough environment they will have to bring team together and coach this incompetent senior manager, especially Abdul Saad Senior Managers in your team are the most corrupt leaders.

  • mailman13877

    Ok so i just called TMO and they told me i can get the full upgrade on the 23rd n not the 28th so Yay..The bad thing is my contract isn’t up until September 23rd.Booo

    They told me they can give me 1000 minutes,mobile to mobile,unlimited nights/weekends,unlimited text and my protection plan all for $85 after tax with my 12% monthly discount.I currently have the same thing with 600min for $92 so they have been cheating me for a while now and that’s not cool.

    The fact that i have to wait till September to get out or pay $50 plus the new plan/price offer makes me think again.Do i settle for the Vibrant or pay $50 and go to the Evo with a similar plan but for $92 (i can live with the $92 as long as im happy).

    TMO gets me so mad..what do i do now?Im gonna wait until the 23 an hope a ton of good reviews come in about the Vibrant to make me not go to the Evo..Also i called TMO cuzz some1 on another post told me TMO gives them Unlimited everything for $75 after tax but TMO said they don’t know bout that.Funny how they gave me a better price when i mentioned im interested in the Evo though..smh cuzz they been taking my money all this time when they could’ve called an gave me what they offered.I’ve never made a late payment so i’ve been loyal to them since 2001 and this is what i get?Hiding plans from me..not cool..I will still bash em even if i stay with em cuzz i aint gonna love em all of a sudden but i gotta do what’s best for me to be happy.What do i do????

    • Getreal

      Your post makes me think you could be he dumbest human on planet Earth.

      • cirrob

        LOFL! I couldn’t agree more. This post made my night. I am truly amazed this person has money (which suggests he has a job) to pay any bill. I have my doubts that this person will ever amount to anything period.

      • soon2TMO

        i agree!

        sorry mailman!


    • Dashi

      Yes Because They Are Cheating You Just Because You Are To Dumb To Check It Out When New Plans Come Out?

    • ColoradoGray

      Hiding those exotic new plans.. right on the website were you could find them.. for shame!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I commented yesterday in answer to the part about T-Mobile. I still feel the same today.

    That speculation (article) sounds like someone did not have enough to talk about so they just threw in T-Mobile on the list.

    It’s inaccurate so I would not give its speculation the time of day:

    1. It said T-Mobile made a net profit of $306 million in 2009. Huh? Actually, T-Mobile USA financials were: 1st quarter 2010 – $362 million, up slightly from the $306 million it notched in the fourth quarter 2009; and $322 million in the first quarter of 2009.

    So I don’t know where they got the $306 million for 2009, unless some moron mistakenly thought the $306 million for the 4th quarter was for the entire year. The idiots.

    2. It mentioned a merger with Virgin Mobile. Another idiotic statement. Why? Uh… how about that Sprint just bought Virgin Mobile USA for about $430 million. So there’s no “Virgin Mobile” for T-Mobile to merge with, even though Sprint said it will keep the Virgin Mobile name for the service.

    3. It talks about T-Mobile being incapable of competing with the other U.S. carriers’ roll out of “4G” speeds. But in fact T-Mobile is rolling out HSPA+ and is also considering a partnership with spectrum providers (E.g. Clearwire.) Regardless of what T-Mobile does in terms of “4G” advancements, the article is wrong in implying there’s nothing T-Mobile can do expect sit on the sidelines while its competitors pass it by.

    4. It talks about number of customers as if that’s a major factor in determining how financially well a carrier is doing.

    The writer, however, does not mention that Sprint, who has more U.S. subscribers than TMOUS, is showing a loss each quarter (as opposed to T-Mobile showing over $1.2 billion in net profit for 2009).

    And Sprint Nextel has been trading at a low of $2.78. That’s not good. And in terms of wealth, Sprint’s market cap is $12 billion. Compare that to DT’s $55 billion market cap. And don’t forget, Sprint (that now includes Virgin Mobile U.S.A) could well file for bankruptcy protection.

    5. It mentions that maybe DT will simply change the T-Mobile US name. That’s a stupid remark since T-Mobile has huge name recognition.

    6. Perhaps the most moronic statement was “As it now stands, T-Mobile has no future in the U.S.”

    The person who wrote that article for 24/7 Wall Street either plans to manipulate the market or he was on crack when writing the article.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Dang… forgot to correct the typo I made yesterday.

    On #3 it’s “except” not “expect.”

    “[T]he article is wrong in implying there’s nothing T-Mobile can do EXCEPT sit on the sidelines while its competitors pass it by.”

  • Charles Xavier

    I used to have great service with Tmobile in places many wouldn’t. HOWEVER, two things have happened in the last two years have made my experience a terrible one.

    First, they cut a lot of their roaming agreements with AT&T in the Ohio area and several other neighboring areas, so now there are lots of dead areas (mainly in the country, outside of big cities). Yeah, I live in a big city and don’t depend on rural country service that often, but I travel a lot for work now and would like the reassurance that I would at least be able to make a call where the other 3 major carriers do. Additionally data on phones is more important than calling for some people (me) and going from 3G to a single G as soon as I’ve left the suburbs is not good for me.

    Second. 3G. Yeah it’s faster data, but I went from never dropping calls to regularly dropping them At&t-style in 3G areas. When I turn off 3G or am in an EDGE area no dropped calls. What does that say to me? T-mobile’s 3G is unstable, whether it be the spectrum (1700 mhz) or lack of towers it just isn’t reliable in my experience.

    Phones and their networks need to do much more than make calls now and T-mobile’s network, on a nationwide scale doesn’t appear to be capable of fulfilling that need for me. It’s sad because I’ve always liked this company as I’ve had service with them since 2001. I have had a generally positive experience up until recently. Perhaps a Google or Sprint merger would be a good thing?

  • mike

    T-Mobile USA Is Not going out of Business T-Mobile USA Has a New CEO Coming In 2011 So T-Mobile USA Will have 4G by then i hope T-Mobile USA Is Stayin in business 2011 2019 2910 3011 9011 99,999 i talk these people they told me be there Goal is Keeping T-Mobile USA 2011 9011 99,999 Okay DT T-Mobile USA Needs a lawsuit guys at wall st who wrote this stuff not true T-Mobile has 3G Now launching 4G Okay DT Is keepin name T-Mobile USA 2011 2910 9011 99,999

  • JonnyB

    Bye Bye T-Mobile:] You might stay for 2011, but in 2015, Your ganna be gone

  • Bill

    What T-Mobile needs to do is expand their network to cover as much as the US as possible. We’re a two carrier home; Verizon Wireless being the other. We’re one tower from being all T-Mobile; my wife being in the medical profession must have service where she works; no T-Mobile service there. It has been my single pet peeve with them; worse, there is no roaming agreement “in the woods” between AT&T (GSM) and T-Mobile. Hell, even Verizon Wireless has GSM thanks to a number of smaller networks it has gobbled up along with AT&T who despite their “public” war very much divide and trade footprints to satisfy FCC requirements when companies are bought out between the two. T-Mobile has to get its footprint to everybody and 3G to these places. I live just outside our city limit and the moment you leave it; bang, back to EDGE. Verizon Wireless EVO may not be blazing it however is at least 3 times faster at my home than T-Mobile and EDGE. There’s nothing wrong with T-Mobile being in 4th place; it however has to stop thinking that the T in T-Mobile is Teen-Mobile. They have the market on the HTC HD2; right? Forget Windows Mobile! I like Windows Mobile and what the folks at XDA have done with Sense. Whether the HTC Mozart is Windows Phone 7 who cares….my point is T-Mobile more often than not is like the child who gets all the hand me downs. What we think initially is a good device isn’t because the next one that comes down is the device that got all the bugs worked out of it at the expense of T-Mobile. How many form factors like the HD2 have come down with Android. If HTC and T-Mobile had seen to it to pack the HTC Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium) with the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor or if whatever it’s predecessor is likely to be with that CPU and much larger ROM/RAM….that would be the dream device or for Android users a similar form factor in the same size. For the life of me, I’m stunned at how ignorant the brain trust is about this sort of stuff. What was the time difference between release of the Rhodium and the Leo…why don’t they think about this sort of stuff before it’s too late? Maybe T-Mobile doesn’t care or really believe they know what’s best for all…I somehow think they are just plain stupid and will never get the fact they are that child who are being experimented with or hand me downs are good enough; they’re not…we’re not.

    • watbetch

      LOL tht wus lyke omg lol cn i txt u l8tr

      Verizon Wireless must maintain a GSM network, they don’t “have one” that they can use. Get it together. 3G isn’t going to cover the entire network in 2 years. I don’t know why people expect it to like Verizon had EV-DO nationwide in 2 years.

  • rushmore

    Tmo will be around, but using 3g or higher speed as a reason is a farce, given the small coverage map it has. High margin customers are bailing from Tmo due to weak coverage and weak phone selection. At least the phone selection will get better.

  • Bill

    One more thing, T-Mobile has HSDPA+ and while I’m not happy with T-Mobile overall…if it gets HSDPA+ rolled out to everybody as they say they will; nobody is going to give a damn about Sprint 4G. The bottom line is we all must have the devices to run these speeds at the blink of an eye. My stepson’s HD2 and my Touch Pro 2 are evidence of that. I can have a website with EDGE on his HD2 up on his device in the fraction of a time it takes for my Rhodium to get the same webpage. Networks are great but the devices have to match and marry too.

  • mailman13877

    So much for customer service.I just called TMO to tell them that i may take that offer they offered me earlier today of 1000 minutes n unlimited everything else for $85 after tax and they’re talking bout that was a mistake and that the cheapest plan they can give me would be a $92 after taxes which is what i pay now..I’ve been with them since 2001 an this is what i get whose the LOYAL ones now? Evo is most likely gonna be my next phone cuzz that’s BS.She goes “i notice you’ve been with us since 01 an haven’t had any late payments..we wanna thank you for that but at the moment this is as cheap as we can go.”I tell her Sprints offer and she goes..”well we can get you something for less but your not gonna get unlimited text and as many minutes”

    SMFH..What would you guys do after this??

    • Shawn

      I’ve dealt with customer loyalty before also, they actually tried to get me a cheaper deal, but at the end of the day, I was already with them so long, there was nothing grandfathered available to give me. Wasn’t much for them to do for me either. People say verizon is more expensive, the truth is if you compare verizons family plans carefully, you will notice verizon gives you unlimited calling to 10 numbers regardless of landline or mobile company. Verizon and t-mobile both offer me a discount, and both come out the be the same bill every month. However, if I switch to verizon I get to call 10 people unlimited, with grandfathered myfaves you get 5. I’ve compared plans in detail, and t-mobile is not as cheap as they want you to belive. The reason I like t-mobile though, is their customer service, they are pretty much excellent in that department. If you switch to sprint, get ready to deal with some really rude uneducated reps.

    • Getreal

      If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t have children. As for your mobile plan I think you should get a Jitterbug. They are made for people like you. Special.

  • jp

    There have been people here, myself included, thats been saying TMO will most likely close its doors. Its not a matter of being profitable. Its a matter of greed. Companies of a certain size have a set figure in their mind and if they dont hit it, they fail. Doenst matter if they make 300+ mill or not.

    My company (which is in the telco industry) is the same way. The higher ups isnt satisfied with breaking even or turning a profit, especially in this economy. And with this greed in mind, theres no place for any company to go but fail.

    So, will TMO completely shut their doors? Probably not. Theyll probably sell and either merge or operate under a different company.

    I recall a post not too long ago when the CEO or someone was stating theyre ccomitted to making TMO work no matter what. I guess what that ment was to possibly sell it if they dont post xxx in profit.

  • Kascade Brown

    I laughed because, whoever wrote the article did not do their homework. Those were completely bogus figures. And on the other side, everything on that list was on the 2009 list, and who put Kia motors in the list? We live in a time in which there are various cell phone carries (boost mobile). Hell T-mobile is giant in there home market, so I think they understand the concept of taking time to build and besides, they have the best customer service around……..

  • tito_puente


  • bafore

    They said Ford was on its way under a year ago and now they are on top. TMO just needs to make the right choices and they will make it out of this lame wall street “story”. Hell Blockbuster was on this list last year too.

  • tmobluv

    im mean really do you guys hear yourselfs or just cant see past you nose. by the end of 2010 they will have there hspa+ up covering 185 mil. people im no math wiz but last time i check the u.s. was just over 300 mil people like 303 mil so that leaves what 115 mil not covered ok not bad how about 2011 another 50 mil or soo. they also expanding there voice. anyways i think they are install there lte network while installing there hspa+ stuff why not they are already there runing the cables i mean on hspa+ 42mbps on lte its what double that in a lab sooo. ohh and lte radio waves travel farther which means better signal just what at this pace. all we need is about 3 superphones and tmobile will be gaining millions of cust this year and next remember they have unlimited data when everone else is putting a cap and charging the same or so. im just saying

  • Eric

    Hey, David – Do you only read the headlines? The Yahoo! version is syndicated from 24/7 Wall St., but Yahoo! used an accurate headline, while 24/7 used an attention-grabbing headline that they can’t prove.

    The contents of the articles are exactly the same.

    Aye aye aye.

    • David

      Obviously, but what was originally was written in the article was pretty much incorrect based on the differences between the titles.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Eric… what’s with the insults. You have a great point, the difference in headlines, but why ruin a good comment with derision.

  • TMOprophet

    TMO isn’t going anywhere… This fall TMO will kick some A$$ :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’ll hold you to that prediction. Be ready for a HUGE “I TOLD YOU SO” if AT&T, Verizon &/or Sprint one up TMO again.

      I’m going to be content with Emerald if the rumored specs hold out to be true. I was content with this HD2 but I am not anymore due to craptastic circumstances so I’m waiting on a 1ghz or better4 – 4.3 inchHTC Android Superphone or at least a 1ghz 4 – 4.3inch Nokia Symbian^3 superphone replacement.

  • Barry

    @Charles Xavier How long have you been having that problem ? because I’ve been going through that for about three or four days now. If you called what did they tell you? It works fine anywhere else except on my block. Idk I hope they fix whatever it is cause my 3G was blazing fast And my signal was strong.


    Here is the main problem, T-Mobile had a reduction of profit between 2008 and 2009 of almost 33%. This is putting the company bottom line profit at 300 million on a revenue stream of 16 billion. A typical healthy company will operate on a bottom line profit of approximately 10% gross revenue. This would put the company at $1.6 billion in profit if doing well. A profit of 300 million puts them at just a very razor thin 1.9% net profit.

    The company in my opinion will be closing some of its under-performing stores, cleaning up the books and selling off their company before they start to lose money. With the BOGO and Father’s day promotion that will net huge amounts of negative profit for the company I’d bet 2010 will be even more dire than 2009.

    Phillip Humm sees the U.S. growth market in Data sales and if I had to guess that will be the company’s growth strategy going forward. How can you possibly make money as a company targeting families specifically that fall under the poverty level for the U.S.? Families that can barely afford smart phones do not fall under the “sweet spot” for profit like the majority of AT&T and Verizon customers.

    Sprint is discounting the EVO at a loss of almost $600 per handset to the company (which is not recouped by the plan over the 2 years) and with the WiMax being third partied out to Clearwire they are trying to expand their network by renting usage from a company that can actually afford the expansion, since Sprint cannot. This is a poor long term business plan, but again they are grasping for straws to stay solvent. A merger with Sprint and T-Mobile would likely do nothing more than accelerate both companies into Bankruptcy.

    If At&T loses the Iphone it is likely that the Government will have to allow Verizon to operate as a “Regulated Monopoly” like other public utility companies. Numbers do not lie and I believe this new German CEO is merely here to clean things up, and move the company into a different “market” what that will mean for the wireless side, it still remains to be seen. This I can promise, there WILL be significant changes, and several store closings over the next 18 months.


      So in researching the number further it appears the $300 million figure is quarterly putting net profit around 7.6% which isn’t great but not nerely as bad as 1.9%. I hold firm to my predictions though.

  • TMoFan

    I don’t believe this at all. If the leaked roadmap is true and HSPA+ I think T-Mobile is going to pack a punch even at 4th place. Add to that the great rates, nah I don’t see this happening.


      HSPA+ will not take them past 21 mbps without hardware updates to their towers. If they waste the money on HSPA+ 42 and not on LTE, they will be behind the competition again. Verizon will be spending over 2 Billion dollars in the first installment of their LTE network and that would exceed T-Mobile’s profit for an entire year. It is hard to keep up on technology when your competitor has 4-5 times the cash flow you do. If they do the upgrade they will be throwing good money after bad, as the LTE system will have much higher future capability than the HSPA+ which pretty much maxes out at 42 mbps. If they get the Iphone make that profit 10 times as much, how can you possibly keep pace with that?

      • watbetch

        MIMO won’t cost them much money, less than buying spectrum for LTE that’s for certain.

      • J

        HSPA+ is actually planned to go double the 42 Mb/s speed in the next couple of years. The cost is very minor in comparisson to deploying a nextgen network.

  • tvphil

    21 mbps, 42 mbps, what counts is user experience. User experience currently would be just fine with most, if not all apps available. Your max speed for LTE nets only benefits users downloading massive data, like HDTV or HD movies. If I’m watching HD anything, it sure won’t be on a phone! There is a point you reach where most human eyes can’t tell the difference.

  • Shawn

    If t-mobile hired me, i’m sure in 18 months I could make t-mobile the number one carrier.

    First off… release awesome phones. THe chipset is awailable, there is no reason they shouldn’t release a dual core phone with the ability to run at 1.5gz (yes this chipset is already out), with a 4.3inch screen, ffc, flash, Super Amoled screen and invest in the best battery life technology. Offer this phone for 400 bucks with 2 yr contract. People will buy it. Offer this phone the ability to get the latest android os release on day 1, no stupid sense or 3rd party user interface. T-mobile the company should have its own developers, and provide the option for customers to root this phone without voiding their warrenty, because the root would be provided via t-mobile itself. Also provide the user the option to run the phone at full 1.5 ghz. underclocked to save battey. This will be the super high end phone, its going to cost you 400 bucks on contract, but it provides you with full access via a safe root provided by t-mobile, that will not void your contract.

    Then have the next step phone, for 199, which would be the vibrant… set limitations on the phone that are currently in place… like no rooting allowed. no over/under clocking… etc.

    Then make a hundred dollar entry android phone, for those who dont care much about specs and just want an android phone.

    Then have your slew of free flip phones. These junk free phones should only require 1 yr contract.

    Can’t forget about blackberry. roll out more blackberry phones.

    Finally your rate plans. you are not as cheap as you want people to believe t-mobile. So this is what you do, get rid of activation fees, they are obviuosly a stupid fake fee. A family line of 5, has to pay 35×5=175 bucks.. thats crazy. If they insist on activation fees, then it should be 1 35 dollar fee for the entire family plan. Individuals should only pay 15 bucks activation.
    For upgrade fees, get rid of that completely. Come on, your loyal customer is aggreeing to be with you for 2 more years… just get rid of the stupid fee.

    Finally drop your internet price down from 30 to the grandfathered 20, for everybody. With no data caps. For family plans, they should get a discount, a family shouldn’t have to pay 30 bucks a month for each phones data access. thats insane… 5 family members times 30 bucks..thats 150 bucks a month for internet… holly cow. Text messaging, come on we know it doesn’t cost t-mobile that much for text messaging. How about this t-mobile, you design a program similar to BBM, BBM costs nothing for the BB customer. Make a BBM type program, and give free text messages to your customers

    Keep up the excellent customer service.

    I think if the above is done, a slew of new customers will join t-mobile. Then this new revenue can be used to increase their network towers.
    At the end of the day, they will make money and customers will be happy.
    Guess what will happen next, verizon and att will notice everyone is switching to t-mobile, and true competition will occur. … prices will go down.

    I’ve never seen an industry, like the cell phone industry… where with competition the prices have been going up, instead of going down. It was chepear 5 yrs ago to own a cell phone than today. Hence the price increase from att and data cap. Price increase from verizon with lower minutes. Also the phase out of better plans from t-mobile, to the new more expensive plans. Seems like competition has caused the opp effect.

    These are just my silly ideas. I’m sure someone here is going to find a flaw in every point I made.

    • Holiday

      with your plan i would leave my tmobile contract and spread the word…

      • shawn

        why would you leave, are you saying you are opposed to no activation fee, paying only 20 a month for unlimited internet, and no upgrade fees?

  • Don

    I have been satisfied with tmobile to a degree. They have always provided me with excellent customer service over the phone. I live in atlanta so I did not have many issues with service. Sometimes would have dropped calls driving through downtown atlanta but that’s about it. Sometime ago I would have weak 3g coverage but lately it has been decent. My only real complain is lack of coverage when traveling…like lots of dead spots and also their lack of phones (but that is changing)

  • Logic

    Tmo has the worst phones and the worst coverage of any of the major carriers… what in the world would make someone think this combination would be bad for a cellphone service provider!?

    Clearly, the author of the article meant to put Verizon and the inclusion of Tmo was a scriveners error

  • tmobluv

    somebody said big red was dropping mad cash on there joke of an lte network remember this tmobile usa is just one part of a huge company thats in i believe 5 different countries. and tmobile does not have to change harware to get 42 mbps they upgraded when they put the hspa+ in its as simple as an ota update its just sofeware somebody just sounds mad that with their verizon phone it sucks for data

    • rushmore

      Let’s see…. LTE with coverage almost everywhere, or a speed increase by Tmo most will not notice on a phone, in about 10% of the same coverage area… you lose :)

  • Barry

    yea and just imagine the charges they would rollout along with their 4G service. I hope Tmo doesn’t do that tiered data stuff and just keep it unlimited. At&t just gave the aria and update with internet sharing but its practically useless if you have a capped data plan.

  • http://tmonews.com terryjohnson16

    The issue is that, T-Mobile’s brand name is tarnished. People that have Verizon or AT&T, think T-Mobile sucks, in terms of service either due to word-of-mouth, or they previously had T-Mobile years ago, when their coverage was swiss cheese.

    T-Mobile needs to do something to help their marketing. Verizon is known for almost wall-to-wall coverage.

    People that have AT&T won’t come to T-Mobile, or Sprint.

  • Special K

    Yeah, it simply comes down to marketing. I don’t care what business course you attend, one of the basic elements of running a business is allocating a very large sum of money to advertising. There is only so much word of mouth can do. I think once you hit a cap with word of mouth, you need to start advertising right at Verizon/ATT customers. TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, ads in papers, etc. Billboards all over the place. T-Mobile simply isn’t aggressive enough when it comes to this.

  • Ad Executive

    Here’s the copy for a new ad

    “If your town is included in our coverage and you don’t travel (or care about new phones) come on over to Tmobile for our great customer service! It’ll also save you a few dollars per month!”

  • tmobluv

    remember this i believe tmobile is the 3rd lasgest wireless service in the world thats right world so verizons big here but only here. and tmobile has had lte in other countries since last year soo they know what they are doing

  • mailman13877

    You can have a company with success throughout the world but doesn’t mean you can’t FAIL an be forced to shut it down in one country.It happens all the time bro

  • rushmore

    Tmo already blows too much money on marketing. Sucky devices and even suckier coverage results in diminished returns for marketing. Tmo cover 10% of the areas VZW does for 3G. It will be the same with faster speeds and STILL weak 3G coverage and call areas for Tmo.

    Tmo will either join another carrier, or be broken up into smaller pieces next year, while “Tmo” Europe can still get a decent price. Europe will dump Tmo US if they do not see a positive Net Present Value going forward.

  • Ad Executive

    The real question is, if Tmo is bought out (sprint?) would our current rates be grandfathered in? That’d be pretty sweet… low prices for decent coverage and real phones!

    • mailman13877

      TMO supposedly spends a lot on marketing but idk what they are doing cuase they cannot advertised for sh*t.They only have the Dwayne Wade commercial but Verizon is on the radio,tv,billboards and everywhere you look you see verizon an ATT..I see more Sprint than TMO to..SMH imo TMO will merge if not vanish from the USA..Evo here i come..TMO and their crappy phones..smh the Vibrant doesn’t even have noise cancellation..nor does the Evo but the Evo is a beast of a phone already in which one can live without the noise cancellation feature.TMO is for kids it seems cause all i hear is people ranting and raving bout how the Vibrant has SIMS 3 and Avatar..That is so stupid if thats what makes a phone for you..SETTLERS..EVO in 2 weeks yay

      • Chris

        If we all pooled our money together and got you $50.00 to leave TMO now, would you do it? And say maybe an extra $25.00 to STFU? We don’t care about you, your stupid ass EVO, what it is you are paying (except the fact you are paying more than us, which is pretty hilarious) although you think you are getting a good deal. But its your thoughts, so its nice when visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head. I bet you lay at night and JO to a photo of the EVO don’t ya? I think this will be your girlfriend. Introduce her as this is my girlfriend EVO. Sad, sad, sad.

      • mailman13877

        Dude why do you have to bash me in them type of ways..all I’ve been doing is bashing TMO but not with the kind of language your using towards me.Not cool man.The reason i say it’s a good deal for me is because TMO isn’t offering me a better deal.TMO said the best they can do is $95 for 1000min and that’s not good seeing I’ve never had a late payment and have been with them since 2001.It may be a bad deal with you guys but I’m not getting the offers you have.Now if you want i can start using the kind of language your using towards me.Just calm down.

      • Chris

        Do you really even remember what they told you that you would pay? Once you said 92 and now its 95? What day of the week is this? If you tell me its Monday, no way would I believe you. We all bash you, you threaten to leave, but yet, here you are, tomorrow you will continue to be here, on the 29th, again you will be here. You aren’t leaving. As someone else said, you are the one who is supposed to call and ask for different plans. They aren’t supposed to call you to offer you something CHEAPER. No company in their right mind would do this. Why? Because they make more money off of you. Why would they sell something 5-10 dollars cheaper, when they can make 5-10 dollars more off of you til you ask about cheaper plans. So why are you bashing TMO for not calling you? Why doesn’t your car loan company call and tell you that our interest rates just changed and we want you to save money, while in the end we are cutting out profits just so we can make you happy. Do you realize they would be on the phone each and everyday and wouldn’t get anything else done? Apparently not. And if you want to use the language, use it, it doesn’t bother me. I can handle it! When you talk, you make no sense, and you don’t know from one day to the next, or well from one minute to the next whats going to come popping up next. Tomorrow, I am guessing you will have AT&T?

  • derrickps3

    thank god they aren’t going out of business. i love tmobile

  • currator

    i believe tmobile usa is not going anywere anytime soon they turn a good amount of money in profit ever year and with them rolling out that highspeed data system all we need is a few good phones and tmobile will be getting a lot of those fanboys and girls from att sprint and verizon. just waut you will see

  • tmobluv

    mailman13877 if a company in one year last year makes in profit you know the green money in the bank something like 1.5 billion from tmobile usa only. thats right in the bank how do you see them going out of the u.s. market. that 306 mil. was profit for like q3 pf 2009 ohh and tmobile world wide has of mar 21, 2010 150.2 million wireless cust worldwide and 52.9 mill in retail lines and broadband cust. ohh and i dont just come up with things http://www.zwischenbericht.telekom.de/site0110/en/kf/telekom-auf-einen-blick/index.php. read up before talking know your facts. parent company spending billions in u.s. to expand voice and data. they are not trying to do it over night. they are taking there time and it will pay big.

  • mailman13877

    The answer to your question is simple..Remember how fast Commerce bank burst onto the seen with its US wing a few years back.It was rising and there was no talk of issues and then boom everyone wakes up and sees em sell out to TD Bank.It happens.Rise and fall of a company can turn on a yearly basis and TMO can rise in 2011 or Fall just as fast either way.The thing is based on it’s past they have been slowly showing signs of more Failures than progress.No matter what article you post it’s a Fact they hit a hotspot when the G1 was launched and then since the Android rise to all companies it’s also a fact that it’s been hurting them cause of there decisions to reproduce the hype they had for the G1.

  • currator

    yeah and tmorrarow will will read that verizon is closing right i mean thats what your saying verizon is what the biggest in u.s. and tmobile is 3rd in the whole world. which means more money. its that simply ohh and droid x epic fail it wont beable to be rooted funny like all tmobile androids are root able and no caped data or extra for making it a wifi spot from your phone the others will come around whenn they get tired of paying thru the nose every month. remember that high amount of people out of a job. verizon and att stand to lose the most they got what 160 mil of cust or so with that being said people lose there job cant pay that high bill stop paying come to tmobile cheap prices emp plans. thats what there for tmobile knows what they are doing trust me you will see and they got some really good phones coming out this year and next. i am going to make the smart choice and stick with tmobile in about 6 to 9 months gonna have hspa+ in my area so im set and two areas i go to alot in my state hve it with several more area coming online soon

  • Rilesman

    In the past, the FCC promoted multiple carriers in the same market but this has changed to the FCC supporting only 2 carriers in the same market. In addition, considering the Frequency Sale a few years ago, it is clear that in 5-10 years both Sprint and T-Mobile will not be viable cell phone carriers. They do not have the frequency ranges required for future technology capabilities.

    I consider this a shame as I like T-Mobile over Sprint and ATT (never experienced Verizon but have been a fan of Ultra Wide Band technologies like CDMA)

  • currator

    what are you talking about that make no sense cdma was made during ww2. gsm was made in the mid 80s. also sprint and verizon are both getting ride of cdma its old. verizon moving to lte so is att and tmobile sprint is the only one who has only said they are doing wimax. so if anything sprint will be gone soon. gsm is used all over the world i think north america is the only place who has wireless companys still using cdma. ohh tmobile will be goinging to lte why do you think they been putting up hspa+ its just getting the backhaul up and going. verizons gonna have so major problems when they go to roll out ther lte it will take a few years for them to get all of those cust. from there cdma phones. soo they will have to do what att did back in the day and give out free phones so you can use there network cdma is dead been dead but sprint and verizon have been using it. verizon spending what like 2000000000 on lte and it wont cover alot and they will have it completely rolled out were they have 3g by 2013 what a joke they will be left in the dust. when all said and done.