T-Mobile Closing Its Doors In 2011? Not So Fast!

Update: Thanks to a sharp reader I did indeed incorrectly source the Wall Street 24/7 article which states companies that WILL disappear in 2011 when the Yahoo News article erroneously states companies that MAY disappear, guess I should pay more attention too. Doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t say the company itself will disappear, just the brand so T-Mobile may live on according to them only under a different name and perhaps different ownership. Either way, I still think the article sucks.

For a while now an article has been floating around that originated on 24/7 Wall Street which states 10 Brands that will disappear in 2011. A number of you have written in as though T-Mobile is already beginning to pack it in and I’d like to take this quick editorial to remind you that isn’t the case. Quite the contrary is true and the article itself merely states things that we already know. T-Mobile is in fourth place, check. A merger and/or acquisition of Sprint being discussed, check. Stating that T-Mobile has no future in the US simply because they are in fourth place is just irresponsible journalism. In 2009 the very same article was written with 12 different brands that would disappear and while its true that some did, such as Palm, AIG and Eddie Bauer, not all of them did, and most of them were blatantly obvious and were already on the way out at the time the list was published. As of this moment, there is zero indication that T-Mobile is currently for sale, currently being pursued by a partner or another carrier or that Deutsche Telekom is making an effort to purchase someone else. That’s not to say its not happening far far behind the scenes, but publicly, none of this is taking place.

So while so many of you have expressed concern and written in stated that you don’t want your favorite wireless carrier to disappear, stop acting like it already has. While we won’t sugarcoat their outlook and say that they are likely to surpass Sprint by years end, calling them done in the US is just stupid. That’s just my opinion however and while I hardly qualify as an expert on T-Mobile’s financial position, I know this report also stated Old Navy would be closing its doors and I’m pretty sure I was in one of their stores yesterday as well. Sure you can respond that the year is only half over but since 24/7 Wall Street was only half right last time, lets just assume they’ll be only be half right again. Even if that is the case, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make these predictions, they are merely taking companies that are well known to be in trouble and stating they will close.  I mean really, BP, seriously? Is there anyone out there that actually wants BP to stay in business right now?

Bottom line, stop panicking, and stop reading this as though it’s already happened or that T-Mobile already has a closed sign on its doors. Relax and buy the Samsung Vibrant, you’ll be happy you did.

24/7 Wall Street

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  • oh you can read?

    THANK YOU!!!
    there are some people who can read, but perhaps their reading comprehension is lacking just a bit huh?

  • thoughtSausage


  • Darien

    I agree with trying to be more optimistic. Not only that but think of the PR they will gain when people think that they are going under and they finally unveil their own version of 4g in the coming months with the slew of phones to boot. Honestly, it will all spin around, and heck even if it doesn’t a merger wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as they stay clear away from AT&T.

  • Titty!

    LOL T-Mobile is going nowhere. Nowhere negativee, that is.
    Better yet, in the next few years T-Mobile will just be doing better & better.
    I hate this articles.
    They’re frustrating, inaccurate, injustice assumptions.
    I wish I could meet all authors, laugh in their face, then later insult them with the middle finger.
    Then blog aboutt it! :D

    From me, on behalf of T-Mobile: “Eat Our Dust!” XD

  • coolMANDINGO

    great company but BAD choices in handsets!

    • Testament

      I absolutely agree! Waiting until November will be hard due to unstable internet on my touch pro 2, and the Vibrant just ain’t doing it ( it’s not even Hspa+)

      • Mockerfab4

        +2. Love Tmo, but moving on to the iPhone 4 with the worst carrier in the US. Hate ATT, but they have the phone I want. If only Tmo had a Nokia phone or something not Android, I’d reconsider switching carriers. Hope this article is dead wrong, because I hope to make it back to Tmo someday.

      • watbetch

        Why would you even mention the Touch Pro 2 and the Vibrant in the same sentence?

      • john

        @mockerfab enjoy the ifail, none of us care, the android platform can do more than the iphone anyway. If you want a nokia smartphone get an e73, if you want to go to a horrible phone w/a horrible company be my guest.

      • checkthis

        ok think about that last part a sec. all of the current 3g phones with tmobile will be able to enjoy hspa+, just not the full capabilities of it. meaning not all handsets will get the 21mbps, but they will be able to use the hspa+. thats what makes us stand out from say sprint or at&t or verizon. to use their faster speeds u have to get a new handset, not so with tmobile.

      • Mockerfab4

        Thanks John. I will enjoy my iPhone 4. And enjoy Android. Only thing I enjoyed about it was giving it back to Tmobile. Worst. experience. ever.

    • nokiabrock

      I totally agree. Not only bad handset choices, but their advertising campaigns SUCK. They need to take some pointers from VZ advertising department. As much as I PERSONALLY dislike Verizon. Every time I see one of their adds on TV. It makes me want to go out and buy one of their handsets.

      • Dashi

        So Basically you want to pay 30 bucks more a month so that there can be more people on the service? how does that make sence

  • mailman13877

    LMFAO TMO is gonna be gone the way they are doing business or maybe not seeing there are so many TMO loving SETTLERS,EVO 4eva lol..28th can’t come fast enuff so i cant join the company that will buy out TMO..SPRINT haha

    • mailman13877

      so i CAN* join

    • B

      Sprint can barely afford the million customers leaving every quarter. If anyone is buying anything, I’m sure it would be T-Mobile USA’s parent company purchasing Sprint.

    • Technogen

      As someone whom spent most of the day using my friends rooted evo, I’m going to say you’re making a poor choice. You’ll be even more sad when you see people with the Galaxy s doing awesome video at and gaming, while you’re suck capped under 30fps.

      The Evo is not as great as a lot of people on here seem to make it out to be.

    • coolMANDINGO

      im might be following you cuzo.

    • God

      LOL. Are you retarded?

      Actually, yes. It looks very much like you are.

  • Testament

    T-Mobile’s going nowhere. If anything they’ll grow bigger.

  • JR

    I have no idea why people think Tmo will disappear. Yes, they are in 4th place but, their parent company Duetsche Telekom is one of the top three in Europe, if not the largest. These PR articles are ridiculous and pointless commentary.

    • mailman13877

      Actually their parent company is where the rumor started when it was assumed that the parent company was being forced to merge with some next UK company if i remember right.TMO has been sucking people in the USA dry for years with their low end phones but that will stop if they keep it up.They have been 4th for over 10 years and has never been closer to 3rd since the G1 but as you can see they have taken a deep dive back into 4th cause of their BS phones.You SETTLERS go support em and keep em afloat in 4th b4 the Boost mobile nation takes over now that they have android phones that’s starting to threaten TMOs android devices lmao jk..but no seriously

      • B

        Why are you here? Seriously

      • Davidohio

        Did mailman really say that Boost Mobile is a threat to t-mobile with that brick android they just got with android 1.5? lmao! That is really funny! Shows you how stupid he really is lol

    • 2FR35H


      I agree with you. Why is he here? He must have nothing better to do with his life.

      • Duh

        I second that…y is he here and all tmo haters that are blogging on a tmo news site…wat are u a moron…get a damn life and blog on your own carriers site if u don’t like tmo and b-and-moan over every little thing thts not perfect…cz if everything is so bad at tmo jus take your balls out of the little box in your closet stored next to your brain and pride and actually get courage to leave…just don’t come bak to tmo cryin in the next cpl of quarters pissin and moanin tht ur payin out the ass for ur crap ass att sprint or whoeva service…jus enjoy the crappy phone u left tmo for tht will be obsolete in a month as you stare over the wall of your new carriers outrageous etf wishin u cud b apart of a carrier that is still on the rise…

      • Dashi

        LOLZ He’s Here Cause He Likes To Try To Get Us Reiled Up And No He Doesnt Have Anything Better To Do He Has Proven This

  • TMoRep

    Last year yahoo said Sprint was one of those 10 companies to disappear, those guys are for sure still kickin with the Evo.

    By the way, pricing for the Vibrant is $199 after $50 rebate and $499 off contract to get off topic. This is what I saw on the price cards today and we got 15 in on Friday. Order says another 50 plus on the way for our store. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  • tokinotabumblb

    Lol @ Relax and buy the Samsung Vibrant. Cute. Girls usually have an obsession with shoes and handbags. I, on the other hand, have a slight obsession with cell phones, especially HTC Android. But I have to stop and learn to buy one phone a year….

  • BBSwany

    The article from 24/7 is retarded. Some of those companies are in dire straights, but it’s painfully obvious they are. Kia Motors? T-Mobile? BP? LMAO! BP has enough cash on hand to not make another penny for three years and still be in business. OMG! T-Mobile ONLY made $ 306 million, better close the doors now… Kia has a niche market that no one can compete against. Hyundai would be retarded to shut down the brand.
    What makes this article even more dumb is that the “analyst” or “journalist” doesn’t understand that Sprint and T-Mobile run incompatible networks. Sure, there have been rumors about it, but seriously.
    Watch out for their follow up piece: iPhone coming to Verizon this summer!

    • mailman13877

      Im glad your not getting the picture..Kia is indeed in trouble cuzz as a driver ,their cars suck and don’t sell as much.And if you think TMO making $306 million is a lot then your retarded cuzz there are athletes who make that kinda money with endorsements included if they fulfill their contracts entirely.Tiger Woods wife is getting $700 million if memory serves right just off a devorce so what is $306 million..smh you are another example of why TMO is in 4th place.

      HSPA+ is faster than 4G i suppose but TMO lame service issues will mess that up cuzz i was watching a video of Sprint 3G vs Apples 3G on the ipad and you would think they come in the same time but no..Sprint hands down took the show on multiple test so yea keep thinking your HSPA+ will be super fast..I know from my G1 that the 3G here in NYC is not as fast when testing my G1 to my friends iphone 3G.TMO lacks to many key things and i hope you all realize it soon.

      • BBSwany

        $ 306 million of operating profit is a good thing. They could be in the red and bleeding like Spring continues to be. And what point does capitalism turn to greed?! Tiger is worth over $1 Billion. DT’s market cap: $ 52 BILLION. A bit of diference between the two.
        And Kia sucks. Why? Because YOU say so. One model on the IIHS 2010 top safety pick. Another model is a comsumer’s digest best buy. Don’t sell as much? That’s like saying Bentley sucks because of how many models they ship.
        I highly doubt I’m the reason T-Mo is in fourth place. The reason they are is because they have an absolute TERRIBLE phone selection. Yet the executives still seem to not grasp that if you need the cool devices to sign contracts.

      • meeee

        I’m pretty sure sprint hasn’t received any profit in the last couple years. Look up your facts mail man. no wonder you own a kia… lol

  • http://tmonews TIJUANA -HOOKER

    t-mobile suckz period they shud just quit already..

  • rahul

    i know this is slightly off topic, but how many of you are planning to go pick up a vibrant? im asking because im thinking of waiting till november or whenever for the new htc phones or just getting the vibrant. what do you guys think? what’re yall gonna do? thanks!

    • mailman13877

      I think you should not wait and get the HTC EVO..You may not need dual flash an 8MP cam with a FFC but at least your set for 2 years then you can go back to TMO if you want..by then TMO will be starting to bring out flash an VGA FFC lol.im getting the EVO..lol i love making these SETTLERS angry but 2001 to now as a TMO customer gives me the right to BoO em

    • 2FR35H


      I am getting the Samsung Vibrant for now plus you can always get the november phone later and we don’t know much of the devices anyways for sure except for android 3.0.

      By the time it comes out you will only be 5 months in then once a better phone arises sell the vibrant and get the new one.

      Please pay no attention to Mailman13877 because even spec wise the Samsung Vibrant is a much better performer the only thing Evo has over Galaxy S is a FFC and .3inches bigger everything else the Samsung Vibrant beats it in. There currently isn’t even a valid use for FFC seeing as only a few devices have it. Who would you really be video calling in the usa? FFC is currently unnecessary and useless. It will still be at least till the end of next year when FFC becomes useful in USA.

      In a previous study of FPS Samsungs processor beat the Nexus One and Desire of which both run the same processor as the Evo and it showed more than double the frames of Evo of which was at 22fps and Samsung’s at 55fps.

      Vibrant also has memory over the Evo. 16gb’s> Evo 1gb giving the Samsung Vibrant a total amount of storage of 48gb’s in total compared to Evo’s max of 33gb.

      It has a better screen that is more viewable under sun light and it uses less power than Evo 4g’s screen giving battery life an edge of a said 84hours of full battery life with moderate usage.

      • can i get a witness!


      • jscarano

        Damn right!

  • sidekicker89

    I currently have 11 cell phones from T-Mobile because we added 3 new ones today. The Blackberry Curve 8520, Nokia E73, and Samsung Gravity T. I’ve had T-Mobile since 2002 when they first took over VoiceStream and i still have the coverage map to prove it :-p I don’t think they’re going anyyywhere! why didnt they include a carrier like Metro PCS or Cricket on the list?? haha duhh

    • Testament

      LOL! That’s funny. Metro PCS is not going anywhere either. T-mobile is a way better carrier, but among the people I know the ratio is 20 to 1 favoring metro.

    • Zoog

      Because Metro PCS and Cricket are not national brands.

  • mingkee

    This is TOTALLY JUNK!
    The writer even doesn’t know what he is writing.

  • NiiDiddy

    getting the vibrant…
    …and i dont care whether tmobile goes away in 2011 or not…either way, i’m sure we’ll be okay and be taken care of – either by tmobile or by someone else.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      *while sprinkling fairy dust on Niididdy*
      you don’t want the vibrant, you don’t want the vibrant, you don’t want the vibrant hommmmm, hommmmmm, hommmmm, hommmm… It ain’t working is it? Dratz!!! I would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

      • NiiDiddy

        @WIlma – LOL. You got me dazed and confused there for a sec. Darn those meddling kids!! **But now I am high on fairy dust** wooohooo….try sniffing it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Haha. :)

      • Testament

        I don’t think scooby doo’s crew can pry away the the Vibrant from em’. Let’s call the godpigeon.

        **back on topic**

        Just because T-mobile’s in fourth place doesn’t mean they’re dying. As long as they stay financially valuable they’ll be around.

      • NiiDiddy

        @Testament – i agree, and i think most of us know that ;)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I don’t know about that Squit, the Godpigeon is good but NiiDiddy ain’t gon let go of his vibrant. I tried fairydust and it didn’t work so I’m not too sure what else to do. His will is too strong.

        oh man so THAAATS what fairydust really is. YUCK!!! Ain’t touchin that stuff again. Haaaa!!! :)

  • Shawn

    If Sprint buys out t-mobile, I better be allowed to cancel my contract with NO EARLY TERMINATION FEE. NO way in hell will I go from a company that has superious customer service, to sprints rude reps.

    If sprint buys them out, can we cancel our contracts with no ETF?

    • Shawn

      I meant superiour, not superious.

      • tokinotabumblb

        I totally agree. I love T-Mobile’s awesome customer service. The reps are always super nice whenever I talk to them. I highly doubt Sprint is buying out T-Mobile, especially when TMo is GSM and Sprint is CDMA.

      • underinsomnia

        I actually came to T-Mobile from Sprint. I had Nextel (before Sprint buyout) then had Sprint for like 3 years and had a chance to cancel without ETF due to a change in text messaging fees that made my contract null and void. It took me 2 months to battle it out with them because 3 Reps said they got rid of the charges but I kept getting billed for it. I do not plan on going back to that robotic rudeness they call Sprint Customer Service.

        My first dealing with T-Mobile CS put a smile on my face and at first, I thought I just happened to catch someone on a good day. T-Mobile CS keeps me a T-Mobile customer. Although I also whine about wanting a better android phone and get embarrassed at lunch when everyone’s phone on the table is either a EVO or a Droid, I would rather carry around my G1 knowing it’s backed by a CS team that takes care of me than to jump back to Sprint for a EVO “backed” by rude, inconsiderate, unfriendly, on 24-7 PMS Sprint Customer Service.

        Went to the Hamptons and the navi on the Evo lost connection, so we had to use the navi on my antique G1.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      no!!! If they buy them out, we’ll be locked down and tortured by The Apacolypse!!! NOT HIM, ANYBODY BUT MR. BLUE LIPS FROM XMEN!!! Haaaa!!! Just kidding.

      I agree though, we should be able to end contracts with no etf if that happens but I doubt that we will be.

    • 2FR35H

      That Scenario of Sprint buying out T-Mobile is HIGHLY unlikely because unlike sprint at&t and verizon t-mobile has a european division.

      • Vinchenzo

        Are we also forgetting that Sprint’s network is a big POS and there is one simple fact. Sprint doesn’t even own their own network anymore. They sold it to some 3rd party to gain back some liquidity. In essence, they are their own MVNO.

  • kat

    TMOBILE has alot of issues with their 3G Network, they state there is coverage in certain areas but for some reason they seem to go unwelcome after 5 or 7 months into contract. TMOBILE has alot of work ahead of them, but right now they don’t seem to be going anywhere…They are signing contract to acquire the APPLE Phone.

  • Overy

    Maybe we’d get better signal.. hah.

  • funky

    Quite honestly, T-Mobile seems to be the only carrier making responsible decisions in this economy. They dont take on handsets that will kill their networks. They offer some of the best pricing – I keep looking at the other carriers as new phones come out and I can’t justify the switch financially. Rather than expanding their network with additional hardware, they upgraded the software on their network to support HSPA+. Why in the world would anyone need anything faster than 21Mbps download speed? These are mobile phones, folks. I can just about stream 1080p from my G1 wifi tether and I am only seeing 3-4Mbps download speeds..

    Regardless of what folks say, they do offer good android devices. Just look at the leaked product linup for the remainder of they year.. They are not acting like a company that is getting ready to close their doors. They may not be the best, but you get what you pay for… IMHO they are the best bang for the buck. When everyone else is capping data plans, T-mo is staying put.

    Their financials may not look to great right now, but they seem to be growing responsibly. As long as they understand their place in the market, understand the boundaries and grow responsibly, they will be fine.

  • NolaDude

    Although it seems like beating a dead horse in just about every topic, but one thing is clear and proven…high end handsets sell contracts. Look at Sprint, their service isn’t the greatest, and their 4g coverage map is literally a joke, they should actually be ashamed of it…yet a kick arse phone like the EVO 4G has yielded them some big numbers.

    Tmobile needs to get in the game or they will be out. I have been with them from almost 8 years and the only reason I have put up with it is because the customer service is so great, and the prices are good….but I just keep telling myself “something will come up soon, it just has to”…but still nothing. Tmo was the 1st to have Android, now they fall behind, they were the first to use HTC regularly, yet the other guys get the better phones…we finally had a powerhouse with the Nexus One….only we couldn’t buy it from Tmobile, or choose your plan….starting to see a trend? There’s always a kink, everytime something starts on the right track, BAM….big left turn to nowhere. Even now…the Vibrant, a super phone without a simple flash…it’s always something. I think they need to clear out the TMobile USA execs and move in a new group with better decision making capabilities.

  • SpanD

    So the article says nothing regarding going out of business; it says the brand or name will disappear. I don’t see the correlation to how a name disappearing to going out of business.
    That would be like saying Suncom went out of business last year.
    Is T-Mobile struggling financially not even a chance.

    But when considering if a company is doing well in the wireless industry, isn’t it only about subs?

    • SpanD

      •Net income in the first quarter of 2010 was $362 million, compared to $306 million in the fourth quarter of 2009 and $322 million in the first quarter of 2009

      Yeah, $309 million for Q4, so essentially netting over $1.2 billion a year. Will be gone tomorrow.

      • Shawn

        Ummm I don’t think you are looking at the complete financial report, which shows a huge drop in cash and cash equivalents since 2008. They went from having 308 million in cash and cash equivalent assets in Dec 2008, to only 74 million in March of 2010. 74 million in cash and cash equivalent assets is actually very darn low.

        I’m not going to go into detail, but if you look at everything closely, the numbers actually don’t look good.

        Financial Reports can be found here:

      • Getreal

        @shawn. Do you think rolling out hspa for them is free? Their cash is fine and they are still making money.

      • TmoBully

        @Shawn Many companies in the US made less money since 2008.

  • Shawn

    LOL.. I just read the article.. the title actually DOES SAY 10 brands that WILL disappear.

    Tmonews.com has it wrong… the title doesn’t say MAY… it infact says WILL.

    here is the link to the article


    • David

      I caught that thanks to an email from a reader and there are two articles out there, well a repost from Yahoo News of the 24/7 article which uses the word “may” in the headline when the 24/7 article uses the word will. Go figure.

  • alex32

    dont believe the 24/7 wall street article. it poor journalism from there part. Are you seriously going to believe these people when they brought our economy down? please. the guy that did this wall street article is a fail.

    • NolaDude

      I agree, I don’t trust them, but unfortunately alot of people do…the article ticks me off because I own stock in DT that will likely go in the dumper now because people will freak and sell it. I am thinking about dumping it 1st thing Monday just so I don’t lose.

      • Shawn

        This article on 24/7 Wall ST, has been out for a month now. It was posted on June 15th, 2010. If you were going to sell it, you should have done it a month ago.

      • NolaDude

        Oh…lol, I didn’t even look at that, thanks! I just assumed that it was new. Actually, the stock has gone up almost a buck since last month!

  • Charles Xavier

    Ok, So I was reading this an generally agreed with everything up until the part about BP. I get why people hate BP right now. But its just as ignorant to NOT blame the federal government for their complete fumble on the entire situation.

    • David

      I agree, but I think we can all agree that the Federal Government isn’t a business thats in any danger of disappearing, at least in the sense in which this article discusses companies that might disappear in 2011.

      • Dashi

        We Could Only Wish

  • Stiiiwaiting

    I don’t know much about cell phones, but I know a bit about M&A’s, and if anything I think it’s more likely for tmo to acquire sprint, rather than the other way around.

    • analog spirit

      That’s what I was thinking too; they got it backwards.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    TMobile is walking down the street with the end music to the Hulk movie playing HAAA!!! Just kidding.

    Seriously though, hopefully that roadmap is accurate because if ot is, it seems like a desperation move from tmo to nab some good devices to keep themselves out of the scrappy wagon. Come on Tmo, use that Trump Card.

  • watbetch

    The mere suggestion of a merger with Virgin Mobile shows us that we have an “analyst” with no clue on the mobile world or with what is occurring at T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile heavily invested ($$$$$$$$) in it’s 3G network build out in 2009
    T-Mobile has it’s 3G beating WiMAX 4G and plans to go beyond 21Mbps HSPA+ with 42Mbps HSPA+.
    Sprint and Verizon have to go with 4G now because EV-DO can’t keep up with HSPA
    T-Mobile is still profitable, unlike it’s 3rd place “rival” SprintNextel (with 48 million customers)

  • analog spirit

    Well said, Dave. I saw that article too when it first came out and was a bit concerned at first, but then I realized that T-Mo USA probably wouldn’t be investing so heavily in their HSPA+ network if they were really that much of a “sinking ship.” Why would they waste all that money on it if they knew it “had no future in the US,” as that article claimed? So T-MO USA don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon, and I’m greatly reassured by seeing their HSPA+ network continuing to roll out (it recently rolled out here in the L.A. area).
    IMHO, that 24/7 WS article was inaccurate and irresponsible journalism at best (if you can call that journalism).

  • Dean

    If you know more of the facts, you might believe that TMO is going under. Why would the Customer Care VP Sue Nokes quit and immediately after her CEO Robert Dotson steps down. The person coming in to run the show is from the parent company in the UK.

    What better way to see through a merger or sale than to have someone from the parent company running the show?

  • Jazz

    TMO can and should prove the D-Bags @ 24/7 wrong!

  • Vicosphi

    I say bring “Paul” the octopus and have him pick between T-mobile flag and WSJ flag ;)
    No, seriously what’s wrong with people? A Company that offers cheapest plans of all major telcos is going out of business??? Wake up people…

  • Quervo`

    Love what alex3 said about wall street. These are the same idiots that got us in trouble as a country in the first place. I was so pissed when I saw this article and felt it was very irresponsible thing say that. True, numbers have not been great recently… #recession. HTC HD2 was a great start to a turn around(couldn’t keep the thing in stock(despite it being windows yuck). And the father’s Day Promotion beat all time T-Mobile records. Last but not least, they reported said we have the slowest network, when WSJ.com just a few weeks ago stated we had the fastest.

    Sooooo, now that we have the sidekick issue gone(hell the whole line up for that matter), We have a new CEO bout to turn some things around, and we just spend a butt load of money on a new customer support system(yes I’m an employee, shhhh….) T-Mobile aint going nowhere.

    • Shawn

      Are you really an employee? If so, any insight as to what phone will be released in september. There is a leaked road map of a “HTC Vanguard” phone.
      If the rumors are true, I’m going to pass the Samsung Vibrant for a true HSPA+ phone.

      • john

        Even though some are employees, corporate plays a lot of things close to the chest. Won’t know about sep until mid august in most cases.

      • Quervo`

        Nope, I get most info on this site before I do at work.

  • Quervo`


  • jack

    t mobile great customer service, but horrible phones! stop ” waiting” for t-mobile to release something good your just guna be disappointed , cause they never will! reason why there numero 4 carrier.

    • Dashi

      I Never Understood How PPl Like You Who Bitch About Not Haveing The Highest End Smart Phone Are SOOOO Dumb Trying To Compensate? A Very Small Part Of The Phone Market Is Actually In Smart Phones The Majority Of Phones From ALL Companys Sold Are Mid To Low End Phones Most Respectable 30 Year Olds Want A Mid Phone That Does What They Need And Thats IT

  • soon2TMO

    there is no way that tmobile will be acquired by sprint.. tmobile being the 4th carrier may have something to do with tmo being the youngest nationwide carrier in the states. even sprint did not have good phone selections until recently with the evo and it was the 3rd carrier and still is.. so, you get the picture..

    verizon – more coverage means more customers, despite the skyrocketing rate plans, verizon was also one of the first to implement 3g networks along with att and sprint, but verizon was the one that had the best 3g coverage of all the three so that will attract more customers.. it is also the carrier chosen by many corporations.

    att – it has the iphone! the device that popularized smartphone in the US, and att has been very successful with this device and has gained much more customers because of this device.. and their 3g coverage as well seconding to verizons’..

    sprint – well not really as good as att and verizon, matter of fact it is almost on the same boat as tmobile, except that it is an older carrier with gained loyal customers already before tmo even penetrated the US mobile industry..

    these carriers have already gained loyal customers from years ago with family plans on them and have no plans on switching carriers anytime soon, despite tmobile’s good customer service, lower rate plans.. these 3 carriers are still giving tmobile a run for its money.. tmobile is on for a big challenge and even if tmo start offering good phones, these companies are bound to do the same and counter that strategy with their own.. LOL and now LTE is in the works so people are holding off for that and not planning on swtiching to tmo’s hspa+.. i hope tmo will mot come late to the LTE party , well dont matter we have hspa+ anyway.. hehe

    just my 2 cents, this could be a wrong perception of mine.. and the given info could also be incorrect..

    i like gsm and tmo’s better plans! so, im just days away from being part of tmobile ..

  • DJ_LL1

    T-mobile is not goin anywhere, they were just looking to buy out another telecom a few months ago. Fourth place isn’t bad considering that Verizon At&t and Sprint are not the only phone other companies in the US. At the rate At&t is going t-mobile may just move up

  • http://www.brandnblaze.com GoDJ

    All the comments are from Tmo employees or Tmo fanboys lol. Its as simple as any other job out there in the corporate world. If you don’t hit your numbers you get fired. Last year’s report showed there losing customers. So if they don’t knock it out the park with end of the year phones its only inevitable. With this economy it only makes since. Only the strong survive.

    • Smylax

      What report are you reading? Tmobile had been gaining customers every quarter for the last two years. They didn’t have a net loss except for one quarter, which was q1 of this year. And it was only a loss of 70k which is much better than sprint’s loss of nearly a million customers every quarter for the last two years. Know your facts next time before opening your mouth…

  • peter fitzenwell

    Oh yeah can’t wait to try out my new Samsung Vibrant

  • mikeeeee

    new ceo coming.

    new marketing head in place now.

    these people have to make their bones and we win.

  • tmobluv

    you know ot does not take long to upgrade a tower and the fact is the amount of time and money being spent by tmobile makes me think they are ahead of the curve think about what if they are setting up the towers they turn hspa+ 4g lte as well and not turning them on make sense to me hey they are already spending the money why not double install. with that being said all they would have to do is turn it on. ohh and att lte network wont even be in test markets until 2011 sprints wimax is a joke not true 4g and big red bigger joke they well have i believe 4g where all 3g is by like 2013 soooo ohh and they cant hit double digit mbpa with big reds 4g lte in a lab so with that being said what do you think its gonna be in real world.

  • coolMANDINGO

    im still debating about getting the evo. just found out recently i can use the galaxy s on 3g in the us. that really sucks. besides i dont like the dlna. i want the hdmi output simply because i dont have any dlna enabled devices. evo maybe the rout i take . sorry tmobile. i gave you guys seven years(like lebron) i gotta go where im happiest as far as the handset goes. the customer service and coverage and plans may suck but they have the DEVICE i want. POINT BLANK!!!

  • Davidohio

    Oh my god mailman. . . Are you still babbleing on here about sprint and that stupid slow ass evo phone? Nobody cares what you have to say. Get a clue already. You can’t even do simple math! Have you read the responses to your numerous posts that just keep saying the same thing over and over. Ugh. You do know sprint is hemoraging customers don’t you? And their stock is worthless. Their customer service and network both suck. Rn you are basically going to a company that is a major fail just so you can get a phone you think is cool and rn you can pay more monthly even after your “discounts”. Yeah, you are really smart! You are also a crybaby.

  • Phoenix56317

    Hello everyone,

    Although am NEW here and this is my 1st posting, I’ve been following this website closely.
    I know this is irrelevant to the topic here but I though I would ask this here because of people flocking to the most recent news.

    I was over at Amazon’s web site and they had the T-mobile Vibrant up for pre-sell, well I got to the point of entering my ZIP code and it said I didn’t quality !

    What’s up with that ? Is anyone else’s ZIP code preventing them from purchasing the phone ? I know that some carriers features are not implemented yet in certain cities but still, Why prevent the sell of a phone ?

  • http://www.volkswagen.de quailallstar

    Waiting for the Nokia N8 and N8 (QWERTY version) to be released for some Hspa+ lovin ;)

    T-Mobile USA needs to bring the N8 in my opinion to compete with the Evo, iPhone and other “cool” phones (sarcasm).

    I went into a Sprint store yesterday to mess with the HTC Evo and I’ll be frank; I was impressed with the hardware. Note, I don’t like Sprint or Big-red. I like GSM way to much to ever hit up those companies – but T-Mobile does need something big this coming holiday season to set themselves apart.

    The key to selling any product is to showcase your competitive advantage (Hspa) against your competitors.

    T-Mobile please wake up.

  • Mr_Optimistic

    Everybody needs to look at this way, Ford was playing catch for the longest time to GM and Chrysler but then Ford took them over. Now for the past year or two GM and Chrysler has been playing catch up to ford. So T mobile has nothing to lose and everything to gain while the other guys have everything to lose and nothing to gain. So everybody just needs to be a little more optimistic and patient and we’ll be watching Tmo be doing their victory dance in no time. p.s. It would help if everybody would stop complaining over a ffc. lol

  • Getreal

    Tmobile is not going out business. I am not a fan of their phones but their loyal base will keep them around. Also dt will not sell them or merge them. They are pouring too much money into their network to simply merge or be sold. All analysts are wrong. Their views are concentrated through too myopic of a view and they rarely, if ever see the big picture.

    My real prediction is 24/7 wallstreet goes bankrupt. Who reads their garbage? There are too many news sources with much more credibility to have them be considered “in the game”.

  • notgoingtohappen

    t-mo wouldn’t be bringing in a guy like Jim Alling (don’t know his track record then look it up) and DT wouldn’t be sending one of their top executives in Hess (once again, see what he did with T-Mo UK) to replace Dotson if they where ready to just close up shop. I have no problems with Dotson, but he’s been in place way to long and has lost his drive and ability to take the company to the next level. Alling was the driving force behind Starbucks and their national takeover of every street corner in every town. if anyone can take them to the next level it’s him. There is nothing to worry about. T-Mo isn’t going anywhere, not if their new execs have anything to say about it.

  • Barry

    Another thing this article fails to mention is the mergers between sprint/nextel and att/cingular that help boost these carriers to their positions cause all four were going under…wonder if they foresaw that. Tmo will be fine the vibrant and the hspa+ are steps in the right direction.

  • whodat

    I say T-mobile has a good network. The second company with the least drop calls, but then again it pays the price for having the worst coverage alive!