UPDATED:Oh No–Another T-Mobile Nationwide Outage?


UPDATE 2: Via twitter, T-Mobile reports all services are restored: We are pleased to report that we have fixed the equipment malfunction. Full service has been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience

Reports are coming in of  a possible T-Mobile outage. One of our connects filled us in with the details and it looks like subscribers in the Southeastern region are mostly affected. If you can recall, the last time T-Mobile had one of these outages, both Data/Calling features were down. Most of the reports we have received include a mix of both data and calling features being affected. Could this possibly have something to do with the HSPA 7.2Mbps upgrade that T-Mobile will be rolling out before the end of this year?!? I sure hope so!

Are your calling/data features working? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE 1: T-Mobile is aware of the situation and has their “Rapid Response Teams” working on the problem. They have identified the problem as an “Equipment Malfunction”…HSPA 7.2Mbps anyone? Service has been restored to the majority of subscribers, with the exception of some customers in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia which may still be experiencing service disruptions.

Official statement from T-Mobile below:

Some T-Mobile customers in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico experienced intermittent service degradation for voice and data services earlier today. T-Mobile has identified the equipment malfunction and service has been restored for the majority of customers. Some customers in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia may still be experiencing service disruptions while T-Mobile continues to work to restore service as quickly as possible. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience to impacted customers in the region.

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  • Tmobile Hater

    Ny still no coverage ince last night

    • Carlos G

      Outage in Aurora, Colorado.. really sucks. i just noticed my phone has no service at all!!!!

  • dillhole

    PORT JERVIS NEW YORK = dead zone

  • 4typhive

    I live a chesapeake, va. I live in a neighborhood that didn’t get 3g coverage unless I went up the street. Now, I’m getting a 3g signal in my house all of a sudden and it is pretty strong. I want to say that we have been upgraded to 7.2, but I can’t confirm until I do a speed test. Can someone confirm if Hampton Roads, VA (at least) has been upgraded?

    • 4typhive

      So I contacted tmo through the mobile chat and can confirm (at least) they are upgrading the 3g service in my area. I think this my be the upgrade to the lovely 7.2 we have been waiting for.

  • Queen4111

    Pictures of theses cats are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • da9th_one

      not really…

      • unknown

        Some of those cat pics are freaking funny. I’m not a big cat kind of guy but they do make me laugh.

  • pissedinsincity

    NOPE NOT WORKIN YET IN VEGAS!! After the mandatory system upgrade around 2pm today, my phone powered off and when it came back on everything was gone!!AGAIN! This is soooo frustrating!

  • Brian

    No service in Tucson, AZ. So frustrating…is there a way out of the contract with no penalty fee for these issues?

    • John

      Uh, no. Everybody has outages. Call care and see if there is anything they can do to get it running. Usually powercycling helps too…turn your friggin phone off

  • rob

    ugh… service dropped for me earlier this afternoon on my tmobile iphone. an hour north west of phoenix.

  • nicole

    no blackberry im, internet and off and on sms- on the phone with tmobile they said “looked at map twice there is no reported outage”- HUH?

  • Colleen

    @nicole – I’ve been having the same problem since about 4pm this afternoon. Really no service except for phone calls and VERY sporadic other services. How can they claim there’s no outage????

  • MaliceSkyy

    My sidekick LX isn’t able to Sync, the date shows as Dec 31. and keeps going from emergency calls only to searching for service.. Any ideas???

  • MaliceSkyy

    My sidekick LX isn’t able to Sync, the date shows as Dec 31. and keeps going from emergency calls only to searching for service.. Any ideas??? Is T-Mobile serive out in NC, zipcode 27332?

  • jd

    I lost service on 2009 New Year eve 11:45 p.m. and New Year day with intermittent service. I had a lost friend and was not able to help them. It was the worst time for a outage.

  • Myfav4

    I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and my phone service has not been restored. Unable to
    make or receive calls. Message is “not registered on network”. When do you think service will
    be restored? JMc

  • Amoran

    I lived in Moorpark California and my phone has not been restored AT  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…………….