T-Mobile Offering BOGO On All Smartphones


T-Mobile is getting into the holiday spirit and offering some pretty nice deals. Anywhere from discounts on various handsets to apparently now, BOGO offers. Starting today December 17th through December 20th, T-Mobile Corporate Stores will be offering BOGO (Buy one get one free) on all smartphones. But wait there’s a catch! According to BoyGeniusReport, this offer will not be available in all T-Mobile Retail Stores. But being the awesome wireless provider T-Mobile is, most T-Mobile retail locations will “Price match” as long as you have some form of proof that the offer exists.

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to activate two new lines of service. For example you can purchase a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and get the HTC Touch Pro2 for free, or get a myTouch 3G and receive the G1 for free.

Sound off in the comments! Anyone take advantage of this awesome offer?


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  • T-Mo Store Mngr

    These offers began today at 2pm

    They are good in all East Region stores (North East U.S.)

    More offers to come for the weekend……

  • Parker

    It’s too bad this is only for new lines! I wish I could take advantage of this as an upgrade for my mom and I.

  • sflex

    I’m sorry, but wouldn’t the lesser expensive phone be free? eg. Buy the touch pro2 and get the 9700 for free? Although it would be nice, it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

    • Kickstar13

      You can buy ANY smartphone and get the second one free.

      So yes that means you can get a G1 for $129.99 (2-Year contract) and get the HTC Touch Pro2 for free.

  • Viper

    In the print at the bottom covered up the the %$##& BGR logo, it seems to read ‘Even More Plus plans only”… so you’d be paying full retail for one of the phones (NOT the lowered subsidized price). But the next set of words says you must sign for a 2 year agreement (I think)… so which is it? Even More Plus requires no agreement.

    [Admittedly, it’d be stupid to offer this for EM+… just pay for a month’s service, cancel, head over to eBay… but that’s what it looks like to me on the first line – EM+]

    • andrew

      its like you paying for 1 phone but geting 2 without 2 year contract

    • 2FR35H

      I took a look its only even more plans of which with smart phones you would need to buy an internet plan separately for them to work properly so its no real deal. and it looks like it says a 3 year agreement.

      • MKEMike

        No such thing as a 3-year deal right now… Just two year and month-to-month.

  • andrew

    i would get the blackberry 9700 and motorola cliq

  • I’m good until they come out with the nexus one. I almost can’t wait for it to debut

  • Blaine

    @andrew: It says “Even More Rate Plans only.”

  • Bryan

    This is no great deal. You can go to Letstalk.com and get the Bold for $99.99. Times two and that is the price that Tmo offers for one. So, no great deal. Why don’t they spend their time getting the better phones (N900, X10, Nexus One, etc.) to us sooner rather than these thinly veiled gimics from the idiots in corporate marketing?

  • Bryan

    Sorry for the error. That’s “gimmicks” for those of you in Rio Linda.

  • brian

    None of the deal are good for current Tmobile users out of contract. My wife hasn’t had a new phone in 4 years (and has been with T-mobile for 5 years. I called on a deal of several phones I saw on the T-mobile website. They told me they could do nothing over the phone. Logged into her MyTmobile and see her prices. She didn’t have an account and setting that thing up is a pain but I did it!

    NONE of the deals were good for her. She got the same deals I would get and I’m a month before my contract is up.

    I phoned them back and complained and they said, “OK, we can get you a motorala flip phone for only $29.” EXCUSE me! AT&T is GIVING away Blackberry 9700 for two year activations! WHAT? A BASIC moto phone? AND you are CHARGING ME (and it’s supposedly being discountinued phone) and she has been using the same broke down phone for 4 YEARS! She never bothers you guys?!!

    She is seriously considering a move to AT&T. Her company gives a 20% of discount if you get AT&T (or AT&T gives her company).

    They really need to post ALSO on T-mo’s website that all their deals are for NEW customers and/or WEB ONLY deals. I saw only one posted that said ‘web only’ and when I called they said they were all web only deals!!!

    I thought T-mo was the big customer service provider??? NOT

  • Jonstonson

    @brian. many Authorized, and Exclusive dealers offer the phones for more expensive prices on upgrades. If you go into a corporate owned T-Mobile store the prices are the same as online. If you really want a deal on an upgrade for your wife, you can check at Costco, Best Buy, or even wirefly sometimes.

  • Jonstonson

    @brian. Also, realize that phones DO cost money.. even for the carrier. Giving away 9700 (a $500 handset) to a customer may not be worth it to T-Mobile.

  • RockTripod

    Fellas, fellas, fellas. This is why I take issue with some of these tech blogs, BGR being the worst violator. In their efforts to break new stories first, they often fail to get any of the details right. This is not a corporate-approved promo, this is a VP deciding to pull out all the stops the weekend before Christmas. It is only in the East region, and it applies to contract plans only. And of course this only applies to new Activations. T-Mo is trying to entice new customers. Upgrades are nice and all, but reps don’t get paid diddly on them, and the company doesn’t make half as much as they would on a whole new subscriber. If you don’t like the deals, simply don’t buy them. You shouldn’t cry foul just cuz someone got a good deal when they signed up. On the other hand, I really wish T-Mo would offer better deals for fully qualified upgrades. It only makes sense to reward loyal customers for continuing their service, not simply offering new customer prices, plus an $18 upgrade fee.

  • GS

    I found out ab out this 2 hours before my shift was over on thursday and im still pissed off about it. I didnt have enough time to call my customers. The whole web knew before the frontline employees… sounds like project black is still lingering around some white collars