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Ok well Math was never my strong subject either…

Well we’ve seen in the comments and the forums the disbelief among that T-mobile pre-sold 1.5 million G1’s. While we would love to believe such a number as truth, reality sets in and we realize it just isn’t the case. InformationWeek thought the numbers sounded just a little to good to be true so they contacted Motley Fool and discovered exactly how they came to such a number. I contacted … [read full article]

More G1 news, some phone's shipping…

So unless you are new to the wireless world or have just been living under a rock you know what next Wednesday is. So for those of you who chose not to do the pre-sale we got ourselves a nice little list of some things to be aware of for next Wednesday: Customers waiting in line will be handed out tickets according to desired color for purchase (Bronze/Brown and Black only) These … [read full article]

Videos are always fun

First let me just preface with the irony of today’s G1 video. It comes from an iPhone fan website. The guys at iPhonesavior posted a G1 video today that shows some excellent shots of pacman which is all I really want the phone for anyway. Just kidding but we do get great shots, however, of the market, google street view along with a few other goodies. As usual I prefer the video to do the talking … [read full article]

G1 user reviews starting to come in!

A few lucky employees have much to the jealousy of T-mobile fans everywhere gotten some hands on time with the G1 and have posted their musings on the forums. One such user Sol Glow has posted his thoughts and impressions AND has been more than kind enough to keep a thread going with a Q&A session. Initial Start Up With that said the first screen you’re faced with is a log-in to Gmail account screen. If … [read full article]

Haven't gotten enough of the G1?

Somebody at T-mobile loves us. T-mobile has set up and released a slick and surprisingly detailed simulator for all to enjoy. It won’t take the place of the real thing, but it will certainly give you something to play with until your local UPS man shows up 18 days from now. For those who are like me and frankly will never even unwrap the manual this gives you an excellent look at the … [read full article]

More ninja screenshots…

Earlier this week boygenius gave us some screen shot love showing a “launch” date for the G1 from Best Buy. The only problem was the date didn’t make any sense, a Nov 16th launch just seemed like a particularly odd date. Well, the good news is that date no longer exists as a new screen shot surfaces that shows a 10/22 launch a date we of course are all too familiar with. Thankfully T-mobile … [read full article]

Have you pre-ordered yet?

For those of who were lucky enough to get your orders in by noon today, you are among the first who will experience the G1, that much we already knew. If you failed to make that deadline and for some reason you just weren’t able to pull the trigger on the order yet, you will have some extra time to consider what took you so long! Pre-orders placed after noon today PDT, will … [read full article]

T-mobile to sell 2 million G1's through 2009?

This information comes courtesy of a newspaper in Taiwan whom we have never heard of. So take it at face value, words we try and use around here when we admit we just aren’t sure of the validity of the information. Still, its an interesting number and we would like to see it achieved and most definitely surpassed. Then again, this isn’t “inside” info in the normal sense and the numbers are … [read full article]