G1 metareview!


While we were not fortunate enough to get our hands on a test device we are going to the next best thing and help compile all the G1 reviews you could possibly desire.

**More will be added as they appear

Needless to say the reviews are mixed at best with a number of overlapping opinions and some distinct differences. Some of the reviews are hampered perhaps by a bad handset, bad karma or perhaps just a bad day. There is plenty of praise for the promise of Android which is perhaps the most important aspect to read out of all of these. The G1 is a first attempt at what is hopefully a very successful long line of Android devices for T-mobile. If it takes one handset to work out the kinks and make the next launch the “iPhone killer” T-mobile fans everywhere want then so be it.

Make sure to jump on these links as there are plenty of pictures and videos to satisfy even the most difficult to please.

On another note, has everyone check their tracking numbers?