Sacramento, say hello to 3G!


Well today’s news will almost without question be dominated by endless searches of Yet today is also welcome news for Sacramento, California and the fact that they now join the ranks of the 3G elite. Tips are coming in that you are now able to access Magenta’s high speed services.

I can only imagine how great this news must be for those who ordered the G1 and will now be able to take full advantage of its features!

Welcome to the 3G club!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



  • T1 Connect

    hello sacramento welcome to 3g! now back to the g1 shipping

  • dat chyk

    LOL! Exactly! Welcome Sac-Town!

  • Galen20K

    Yayyy Welcome!!!! I Hope that D-Town is Next!!!! – D. ANy Day Now!!!!

  • Kevman420

    Sorry, I could give a rats ass about Sacramento…

    Alright sorry… bad attitude right… My bad…

    Congratulations and what not…


    WHERES MY G? G!!!

  • Timmydale

    I hope Detroit happens soon.

  • jmakaveli24

    I hope Cleveland happens soon too.

  • rommel

    big fuckin deal,the phones still suck!

  • Armo

    every morning when i wake up i get on tmonews to see if theres anything new to make my day. everyday i come home from school i get on tmonews to see if theres anything new to be happy about. the last exciting blog was the one with the behold pics. idk why but every morning im expecting some big news. and the forum, well, is pissing me off. i get the fact that the G1 is great and all but can does everything have to be about the G1.

    anyway, its great to see tmo expanding their 3G network. lets go magenta!

  • WheresMyG1

    Welcome! Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

  • Rccarroll1

    What about Norfolk/Virginia Beach? :(

  • Youkno

    yea just in time because i get my G1 on friday!!!!

  • rommel

    i live richmond va. Rccarroll,itll be in mid to late 09.

  • joey

    what about davis?

  • JB

    Can anyone confirm Atlanta? Has 3G been activated in Atlanta?