More G1 news, some phone's shipping…


So unless you are new to the wireless world or have just been living under a rock you know what next Wednesday is. So for those of you who chose not to do the pre-sale we got ourselves a nice little list of some things to be aware of for next Wednesday:

  • Customers waiting in line will be handed out tickets according to desired color for purchase (Bronze/Brown and Black only) These tickets will correspond directly to store inventory.
  • Tickets will contain 5 key features of the device.
  • Maximum of 5 handsets per account.
  • NO phones will be sold without the data add-on.
  • RUMOR only: No phones will be sold at full retail, Activations and Upgrades only.
  • G1 “experts” will be on hand to demo the phone as well as pre-qualify Individuals for purchase.
  • Greeters will be assigned to retail stores to you know greet you.
  • Someone called a “line lead” will be there to entertain customers and keep them happy while waiting. Anything less than balloon animals and I’ll be disappointed.

T-mobile definitely sounds like they have a great understanding of how to handle crowd control and keep customers “happy and entertained” while awaiting their turn. This is of course more than AT&T can say after the recent 3G iPhone launch which ranks among the most disorganized activity this side of 3rd grade dodgeball.

Update: Judging by today’s recent comments here, forum threads here and here some of you are starting to finally get some trade off for your endless barrage of UPS tracking inquiries. That’s right, an undeterminded number of people are able to get an arrival date for their G1. Grown men are now weeping in front of computer screens everywhere. Of course three day shipping means the phone could come as early as Friday and we must reiterate that here at Tmonews we DO NOT encourage the tackling of any UPS employee who is walking around in your neighborhood. We don’t condone that activity, but we’ll take pictures. Kidding!

Sound off if you are able to see tracking info in the comments or head on over to the forums for discussion.

P.S. Picture idea courtesy of Gizmodo who are also reporting G1 units are shipping.

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