Blackberry Pearl Kickstart 8220 launches today


Well this phone isn’t really coming as much of a surprise to anyone. We’ve seen an unboxing here, we’ve seen an unboxing there, and that at one point or another its had about 17,000 different code-names. I keed, I keed.

We’ve stuck to an October 13th launch date for a while now so shoot down to your nearest T-mobile store and pick this “little” flip up. Availability today is in Black with the Red version coming the following Monday, October 20th.

This really breaks down to a great entry phone for those who want a compact form factor yet don’t need the wizardry of the G1. She’s compact, loaded with the newest Blackberry OS (which means html email finally!), a 2 megapixel camera and is hotspot@ home compatible.  Pricing breaks down as follows:

* New Activation 2 Year Contract $149.99 (after $50 MIR)
* New Activation 1 Year Contract $199.99 (after $50 MIR)
* Full Upgrade 2 Year Contract $167.99 (after $50 MIR)
* Full Upgrade 1 Year Contract $217.99 (after $50 MIR)
* Partial Upgrade: TBD
* Retail Price: $349.99

For anyone who truly hasn’t seen enough of this phone to warrant a car ride to your local store, Engadgetmobile has a beautiful gallery to aid in your decision.



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  • Woow, not bad, for a blackberry phone. Can’t wait to receive my G1.

  • Skyscraper2468

    Finally! Im definately going to the store to check this beauty out! I absolutely love T-Mobile! Excellent service (Memphis)! Best plans! Best customer service!

  • alex

    On another note, we are now in single digit countdown for the G1!!!!!!

  • youngmiss156

    Yes 9 days until I get my G1!
    This is funny, we should be commenting on the new Blackberry Pearl “Flip” and all we can talk about is the new G1 :-)

    I have 3 lines, and I did have a Blackberry Curve previously. Once I get my G1 for my personal line, I may order the Blackberry Pearl “Flip” for my business line in another month or so.

    I had to say something about the new Blackberry, its would be wrong to continue on about the G1…everyone knows its a sick phone!

  • Queen4111

    The $149 price is TOO HIGH!!!

    It should have been $99 for current TMO subscribers and
    $49 for new contracts.

    This phone was suppose to covert the masses with regular flip phones to BB flip phones.

  • T1 Connect

    stop mentioning the g1 and show the blackberry some love. welcome to the family pearl flip. did you noticed this the first bb release with the new os in it. thats another first for tmobile. man i love when they do that kind of like a leader.

  • Randy R.

    Bought the Phone sticking with my curve this 8220 is like a toy phone and really bad resolution compared to the curve. Cant wait to walk in and just buy the G1 now.

  • danny

    more samsung behold i am going to buy behold with 5 megapixels and gps more news pleaz pleaz

  • mando

    I want the the samsung behold too. But I need more news also!

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  • kazii

    YAHHH Samsung Behold PLEASe :)

  • jdslim

    To Queen4111

    I think the phone is priced fairly. I understand your view and compaired to any other standard flip phone the price might seem high.

    This is still a Blackberry and you shouldn’t be compairing it to a standard flip phone. It’s as much of a PDA as any of the other Blackberry out there. In fact with having the newest software it can do much more than the typical blackberry pearl can. You can record video, it now can stream videos, veiw Html email. it has Wifi and UMA support can and supports 16 G micro sd card.

    Its price point is already set lower then any of the other Wifi blackberries out on the market today. I really hope just because it doesn’t look like the typical blackberry that people won’t start concidering and compairing it to just another boring and standard flip phone.

  • Jennifer

    Im going to go check it out today at a store. :)

  • Timmydale

    Does it still show this phone as coming soon on

  • Queen4111

    To: jdslim

    You shouldn’t be judging my post………….

    The $149 price is too much considering the BB 8320’s were that price in May 08.

    Also, you can get a FREE BB from sites such as
    Thank you very much!!! :-p

  • Kaminsky

    I would have to agree with Jdslim. IMO, I think the price is fairly reasonable. I am going to paying retail price anyway. I and I will be picking up mine on Thursday.

  • Mr. Moon

    I agree with mando and kazii. I like them want the Samsung Behold for my wife. I’ll be getting the G1 for myself and the Curve I have now will be pretty much our back up phone. Come on Tmonews give us more info please!!! (And anyone else that can help) Thxs!!

  • tzoo

    g1 offered today to tmo employees. most will have to pay 213.00 and only color is copper :( of course employees only pay 9.99 for their service including data so i guess the 213. is pretty fair. i looking forward tot he t919

  • tmofan12

    i got the kick start for my girl today.. its not a bad phone to be honest.. pretty sleek and the os is nice. the rep at the store told me he can only order the brown g1 but he can get his on wednesday! they get 40 % off the retail price which is not bad. he also said that the first pre orders that went went in will get there phones by oct22 and the 2nd preorder will get there nov 10

  • on wednesday the 22 will be one of the biggest holiday ever wear we all will come together to enjoy are phone and make sure you give the ups guy a hugs after you received your phone :-)

  • center rep

    I hope to hug my ups girl sometime this week. I order’d the copper today came out to 230.00with tax its awesome!!!!!!

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  • Skyscraper2468

    If I had to grade T-Mobile down on one thing, it would have to be PHONE PRICES! This phone is $299 with my partial discount! Thats absolutely ridiculous! Y r T-Mobile phones so high priced?!

  • Andréa

    @Skyscraper2468 you saying that you are under contract and got a phone for free or for a really decent discount but that is not good enough for you? That is what you are bitching about right? so if your partial discount is not good enough go try and buy it out right, then maybe when you are eligible to upgrade you will not be here bithcing and moaning about how t- mobile is trying to screw you. You are extremely pathetic. Don’t sign the contract and go get a prepayed phone

  • Jennifer

    Got my 8220! Well not yet. Went to a tmobile store and its going to be shipped to me. I can’t wait! I was only able to get a partial upgrade but its cool. This makes my 10th phone in 4 years. So hopefully this phone will work out for me! (Only been with Tmobile 4 years)

  • incrediboi

    @jennifer…10 in four years…that’s on my 5th different phone in under a year…

  • youngmiss156

    @ incrediboi I hear you this will be my 4th in under a year.

    I will be going to checkout the Pearl Flip in the store ASAP!

  • Jennifer

    @incrediboi and youngmiss156….ok That makes me feel better then! :)