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G1 ramps up SanDisk storage with 16GB card support


At the press announcement on the 23rd, we were told that the G1 would come included with a 1GB MicroSD memory card and 256 flash memory. Needless to say we were all a little disappointed to hear that 8GB was the highest available size for the current software. However, there is good news! Our friends at AndroidCommunity got their hands on some nice info from a  “Google spokesman.” “We have completed tests, … [read full article]

Sometimes lightning does strike twice…

Yesterday we posted a few “unboxing” pics that were more tease than anything else, yet we got some eye candy of the box itself. We know you wanted more, we wanted more and it looks like our super secret ninja was holding out on us. This afternoon our inbox had more spy shots and we get a much better look at what is included with the phone. I can only wonder what surprises tomorrow’s emailing will … [read full article]

Everyone loves screenshots…

The ninjas over at boygenius are at it again this time scoring purported screen shots from Best Buy showing the expected “launch” dates of both our beloved G1 and the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Kickstart whatever other name it has. Word out of boygenius is that the G1 won’t actually be on sale from Best Buy until November 16th. Sounds like a random day to launch a phone but hey, we’re all about T-mobile getting … [read full article]

More G1 pics…

Some of you have probably watched the videos from here a dozen times. Some of you probably managed to print out your pre-order confirmation text and framed it. Is that too much? Should I take it out of the frame at least? Regardless, for those us who weren’t lucky enough to be there on “launch” day, one of our astute forum posters searched T-mobile.com and came up with some nice pictures that are if nothing else … [read full article]