Sometimes lightning does strike twice…

Yesterday we posted a few “unboxing” pics that were more tease than anything else, yet we got some eye candy of the box itself. We know you wanted more, we wanted more and it looks like our super secret ninja was holding out on us. This afternoon our inbox had more spy shots and we get a much better look at what is included with the phone. I can only wonder what surprises tomorrow’s emailing will hold? Perhaps someone can send me the phone itself?! {Cough *T-mobile* Cough}

Update: Some photos need two clicks for full size.


  • Galen

    Yuss!!!! MORE MORE ONly 21 days Left!!!

    – D

  • Jumpman23

    October 22nd 2008 everyones “Dream” will come true!

  • Jumpman23

    Who thinks it will be better than the iPhone? I had one unlocked for Tmobile and it was great before it crashed. I personaly think the Android will be better.

  • Moe

    Why the comparison or the Vs. Take it for what it is,A bad ass Phone. Nothing will compare to the G1…..Tmobile is Raising the Bar.

  • TMO Man

    T-Mobile gave out 500 devices to people to be experts on the device, so it’s not crazy seeing pictures here so soon. OH here is something interesting to note. The Device is only going to be available in store in markets with 3G so if you’re in a non-3G market don’t expect to be going into your local T-Mobile store and picking a G1 up because we have been told we’ll be putting you on the phone with Customer Care to order it.

  • talon

    Hey tmo man I saw that in my email also. Do you know how they selected the reps? Was it a random drawing or something because I was pissed as was my manager.

  • incrediboi

    Why couldn’t they just make it a total of 501 and send one to me damit!!

  • David

    Make that 502, I want one…

  • Random!!!!

    It’s nice but still wanna wait for the next sk, if it’s still 3 years behind g1 here i come. And i’ll wait to see how todays bailout plan goes. I really wanna order a new phone before taxes get raised or not spend my money and save it for when the economy crashes xp…

  • i agree with everyone who say that we should get it earlyer than someone who go to the store and buy it the same day it comes out,but we should be email or call t-mobile customer services and be telling them: WE WANT THE G1 FRIST THAN SOMEONE WHO DIDNT PRE-ORDER IT, if we just talk about it and t-mobile never hear us how do they know?? they lisen to us about the 1gb cap.

  • Unknown

    Does the case have a clip??

  • David

    @addhd, I think its all the same that everyone gets them at the same time. There is no worry on my part that everyone gets them the same day, its an organized launch under those conditions and thats just fine by us.

  • incrediboi

    They shouldn’t have to wait for us to complain about it…they should’ve known what to do in the first place… to treat us true loyal tmobile customers better….instead of making us (who preorder) suffer by saying…”maybe you get on the 22nd maybe not who knows”

  • dfdtruck22

    @addhd and David…

    One thing to remember is that, if you pre-ordered, you will get your phone ~ the 22nd. No one knows how many G1s will be at a given store or by mail. We get the first ones no matter what. Be glad you don’t have to go to a corporate store or try to place an order by phone on “G-Day”.

  • Juan



  • dat chyk

    Ok, the one picture that shows everything still in the wrapper really makes me excited about seeing my own!! I want my phone!!!

    Oh…and make that 503!!!

  • l3wish

    O m g Cant wait now 21 days left

  • SheShe

    i hope they release it early cuz i cant wait

  • Macho

    Omg man I need this phone asap!!!!!!! I was debating on getting either the Black one or the White but I think I’m going with black!! Thanks again tmo!!!!! Oh and by the way those head phones don’t look that bad they actually look pretty awesome and the carrying case look pretty good too oh man can some one change fast forwad till the 22nd please!!!!!!!

  • MMM

    honestly, yes if we dont get it the 22nd it will piss me off beyond words. but ill have to remind myself we got it way cheaper by preordering it with the discount.

    chill out everyone, the day will come.
    [= ive started my countdown, thats for sure.

  • center rep

    this sux only 500 phones. for rsr’s and csr’s we have over 1000 reps at just our center what the fuck is up with tmo, they just got stupid I’ve been saving my 2 disc since may for this now they say all employee will wait till nov 22 nd to purchase one. what a crock of bill-shit. I’ve been an employee for 3 yrs and this is how they treat us been there for 3 stupid awards and helped with that I know tmo customers care is about to loose a lot of employees over this. maybe verizon will allow us purchase storm at launch date atleast. and if they try to sue me for going to another provider ill bring up the fact they got one of verizon’s vp’s as a Gm and one of att’s gm as a Gm . no time frame they had to wait .why should I

  • center rep

    oh and I forgot the most important part of what I was gonna post. according to trainer for G1 today. only 25,000 devices will be shipped for the 22nd of oct every one else who preorder the device will wait approx 16 days to get theirs. there u go let them have it!! the truth

  • Neo

    Yeah who did get picked? I’ve heard that it’s mostly CUstomer Care reps and not anyone in technical support. Seems a little wrong to me.

  • Neo

    oh yeah and the little pouch looks horrible. I want a belt clip!

  • dat chyk

    A Tmo rep said that we can’t get the phone before the 22nd because the contract with Google will not allow them to.

  • dflat7

    WTF!!!!! I can’t waaaaaait!!!!! days drag so looong….please,please make it be here on or before the 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dat chyk

    The phone will ship from Forrest Park, GA. If you are one state away from the UPS origin, your package will be delivered theynext day. I’m so glad I live in Atlanta!!! So if you are in the surrounding states of GA, you should receive your phone on the 21st (providing it ships on the 20th).

    Note: UPS is not obligated to deliver a package early. They are obligated to deliver it as scheduled by the shipper. But, to avoid backups and delays within the UPS system, they may deliver it early.

  • justin

    happy to see a micro usb charger in there, I am so tired of samsung’s stupid proprietary ports

  • center rep

    yeah but only25000 the rest of u will wait and im a csr I should of gotten one. I asked about it during focus group but I guess they lied ill be sending my gm a very nice resignation letter tommorow this sux.

  • this phone i so ILL… my day is testing his out and its f**Ken sick you will all be pleased.. Oh yea its worth the wait so CHILL evry 1!!

  • sam

    I’m a very impatient person… I don’t wanna wait!

  • that pouch does look Kinda gross I wish they had have went with some thing like the one that came with the DASH

  • dflat7

    I agree, the dash pouch is da Bomb…. there is still time for the rest of the 24999 left, maybe they’ll change that….

  • dflat7

    @dat chyk
    where did you get that tip from? Do you work for UPS?

  • misscrys

    please don’t put them on the phone with customer care from my knowledge its only going to available online still or in a store in a 3g area

  • dat chyk

    @dflat – No, I don’t work for UPS…but my tipster is point! But, I know from my own personal experiences (I am always getting something delivered…I am a gadget freak) and the fact that we get UPS deliveries daily at my job (personal packages included)…that this is how they operate.

  • laphoneuser

    @dat chyk:

    I don’t claim to know any differently, but these phones (like most electronics) are made somewhere in Asia. Are you telling me that they’re going to ship all the way across the U.S. to then start distributing from GA? I find that a little hard to believe.

    What’s more plausible is that they would arrive somewhere on the West Coast and start distributing from there, but what do I know?

  • T1 Connect

    dat chyk is right dudes when you buy a brand new phone from tmobile regaurdless where its made taiwan, korea, japan, wherever its made it goes to tmobile first and then shipped to us. it is shipped from forrest park ga or secaucus nj to the customer. always! if you live in or around one of those origin areas your package will arrive the next day they can delivery it on the day they’re supposed to but they usually do it immidetly to keep the system flowing. trust me i know. just think about it how long would it take for a package to be delivered to someone if its going to a destination in the same state or the next one.

  • Infamous Rell

    @she she:
    I’m praying your tipster is right cause I only live 10 minutes from Forest Park. I would love to get my G1 early. And now that I think about it the last time I upgraded a line I received it a day earlier than they told me to expect it.

  • TMO Man

    @Talon the 500 people who already got theirs were from the top 3G markets are were all front line employees. The next batch that they’re letting out will be for CSRs and RSRs. I just hope that include managers so I can get one. It’s funny I spoke to a SAC-Rep and she was so excited when I read her the info… too bad she didn’t listen when I said CSR and RSR. SAC-R don’t deal with customers so I doubt they’d be first in line. Btw I reached my five year mark yesterday so you know what that means for my G1… FREE BABY OH YEAH!!

  • TMO Man

    @Misscrys I have heard from people at the Retail summit that front-line will be calling up care for ones not able to get in store. That’s coming from the summit done by Execs so be prepared. Unless they’re going to make a whole nother Care section for G1 orders ;P

  • center rep

    they once made chuck norris toilet paper,but it would not take shit from anyone!

  • T1 Connect

    ahhhh what

  • dflat7

    @TMO man
    Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about…

  • talon

    @TMO man, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to order one also. I’m an RSA and I swear I better be able to or I’ll just take one from the store inventory to demo until I actually buy mine.

    @center rep. How do you know employees aren’t going to be able to order them till nov 22? Did you check out streamline it specifically explains that csr’s and rsr’s will get them before October 22

  • T1 Connect

    lets not forget this just dream. i cant wait to get my hands on this thing

  • TechnoDoc

    Am I the only one who thinks that phone is ugly? It looks like two poorly-fitted blocks of plastic were glued together, and a large gap was allowed to remain.

    Maybe it will look better in person, but I am not yet impressed with the physical appearance. At this point, I am more interested in the OS and apps, because I am not excited about the looks.

  • dat chyk

    @Infamous Rell – Yea, I’m praying he’s right too. But like I said, he’s usually on point. I almost always receive a package early or on time with UPS (rarely ever late). I hope I get mine early too since I’m in Atlanta. It just depends on when it actually ships.

  • Matt

    HURRY UP already…21 days left trust me im not the only one counted…I even took off work that day…

  • Checkmate

    @ Center Rep: Dude I feel your pain, I been saving my discounts as well, but damn its still just a phone dude. I dont think I would quit any job for a phone. And the 500 reps were given demo phones and only in 3g markets. I dont see anything in streamline about nov. 22 either?

    @TMO-Man: Most people except employees would not be able to understand your posts unless that was your target in the first place.

    At any rate, I think employees will hear a statement soon…especially as the laws of supply and demand come in to play.

  • OAM

    I’ve had mine for about a week now, and I can say, coming from a hacked iphone the G1 is super stable. I haven’t had it crash or bog. It’s pretty plain out of the box, just basic apps no games but one the marketplace starts pumping I think it’ll be awesome. However battery life is not as good as the iphone’s.

  • I want to freeze myself till it comes out, like Cartman from South Park did for the Wii wait.

  • solid

    So does this thing have a holster or not?

  • dflat7

    How did you manage to get one so soon…? Please enlighten us (if you can and want, of course…)

  • Very nice. I like the idea of the Android platform very much but I have to say that I hate the HTC G1. Its the cheapest smartphone phone I have seen in a long while. I just hope HTC brings the HD to Android. I’d be so happy.

  • mc

    OAM – Can you say more about the battery life? I haven’t heard anything on this but was hoping it would be better than the iphone.

    About how long does the battery last under moderate usage?

  • dat chyk


    Is our G1 changing the game already?

  • K Girl

    Most of the people who received the phone early in the CSR world are business support. The same people who get all of the phones early. Any of them are willing to let you play with the phone and show you how it works. I can’t believe that someone would leave tmo because they didn’t receive the phone early. We all had focus groups. Sorry.

    West coast fear not about your delivery on the 22nd. We do have a distribution location in Colorado as well.

    Oh a little tid bit of glorious G1 information,my call center is on the cusp of 3G coverage, so even when the phone is on EDGE or Wifi the phone performs flawlessly and amazingly fast.

  • Macho

    @ dat chyk i can’t believe apple is already following what the android is doing

  • dat chyk

    Yea, I thought that was real interesting.

  • T1 Connect

    yep apple is definetly scared now. bitches are changing thier words. your reign is almost over apple. better start runnin.

  • Both T-Mobile & HTC told me that the review units of the G1 have not been seeded yet – although I was told by other sites that are on the review list that the G1 would have been sent this week.

    ,Michael Martin

  • joshc08

    I just got off the phone with customer service asking about accessories and the rep told me that they should have a sample phone in your local tmobile store a week or two earlier than the lauch date so that people can play with it. and for the first wave of people who pre ordered they will get there phones first and a few days before 22 so it seems like they are sending it out earlier then the other batch they will send on the 22 so people will get it after that. again this is what a rep. told me so I am not completely certain this is how it will go down

  • david

    FYI, Just order two G1’s one black and one Brown….let us see who will get the black and who the brown……sad the 13th did not hold as that is the birthday date of the 1st persons G1, which is why the pre-order (I was unable to order until today, either the webpage not working and/or I was locked out with to many tries/etc), otherwise might have waited to “see” if it was worth going from N82 to G1…

  • TMO Man

    Yeah my comments were for employees. I doubt many people care what it says about us getting the phones. ;)

  • I pre-ordered a G1 once the T-Mobile site was up and accepting pre-orders. I called T-Mobile right after I placed the order to ask about my upgrade price. The rep told me that the G1 would ship before October 22, most likely a few days before she said. She said October 22 was when it would be available in stores, and that pre-orders would be shipped to current customers before then. She said to check UPS tracking with my t-mobile #.

  • vanfast

    Keep your pants on everyone, pre-order customers will get the G1 on the 17th or 18th, and take that to the bank.
    (From in the know)

  • scheme

    ^^^^^^^^ really hope that is a reliable source you got that info from, if so, thats great news!

  • beachboiii

    does the g1 has aol instant message

  • joshc08

    wow the 17th or 18th im excited!!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    Here is what T-Mobile has:
    To track your order using the UPS Web site, perform the following steps:
    1. Access the UPS Tracking Web site.
    IMPORTANT: If your order includes multiple line items for other mobile numbers on your account, the reference number may not be the original mobile number that placed the order.
    If you are unable to locate the tracking information using the original mobile number that placed the order, enter each 10-digit mobile number placed in the order as the reference number to obtain the tracking information.
    2. In the Shipment Reference text box, enter your 10-digit T-Mobile number in the following format:
    3. In the lower right corner of the Enter Shipment Reference Information screen, click Track.
    NOTE: You will need to click to select the Terms and conditions check box before being able to continue.
    For more information, go to How do I track my order? If you cannot find your order on the UPS Web site under the Track by Reference Number section, contact T-Mobile Customer Care.

  • mkue3

    I sure do want one of these — ah well, I can’t afford it, maybe next year.

    Must not be livin’ right, dangit.

  • uscmed

    i ordered mine around 1130 after frantically refreshing every second. hope that was early enough to get into the batch for the 17th/18th. now im just hoping epocrates will be developed for android soon….

  • sam

    i ordered mine the day they become available at about 11:30 or 12. i really hope we get them early. but i really also hope someone will be at my house when it gets there, cause if i miss it, i might cry.

  • ernest

    I can’t wait to get mine on the 22nd i just wish they would send it sooner, and i hope im home to get it or aleast somebody be at home.

  • vanfast

    I was` told from someone in T-Mobile HQ, the G1 will ship on the 14th so if you don’t get it on the 17th it will be on the 20th UPS will not deliver on the 18th 19th (Saturday & Sunday)

  • ernest

    So the tmobile hqs said they will start shippin them on the 14th u sure about that? i can’t wait if your right. I hope I get mine on the 17th.

  • will

    as an ordinary tmo customer/g1 fanatic, these last 2 months have been a rollercoaster. I’ve preordered and am waiting for my phone like a true fiend. News of a sept. 14 ship is great. Fingers crossed. Did anyone check out the emulator online for the phone?

  • vanfast

    This should back me up from what posted.

    We’ve already been hearing that the HTC G1 (otherwise known as the Dream) would be landing on T-Mobile in late October, but VentureBeat now claims that it has further pegged the actual release date down to October 17th (it’ll apparently start shipping on the 13th), which would be a tad earlier than most had expected. What’s more, the site is also citing “multiple sources” claiming that Sprint’s own Android phone will “definitely” be out by 2009, and that it will have “other functionality” than the Dream / G1. Ah, the endless cycle of speculation. Place your bets, folks.

  • vanfast

    Also check out this web site, you can play around with the G1
    360 view Guides and Emulator, the sire is cool.


    I cant wait…preordered before the 3rd… in alabama(im 20 minutes away from georgia, about 2 hrs from their dis. point) BUT and i stress again BUUUTTTT for all other people complaining about waiting….. :( i wont be home for another 3-4 weeks :( im tearin up rigth now thinking about it

  • ernest

    I talked to tmobile customer service and they are sayin that we won’t get it until the 22nd. I hope your rite and we get it earlier, when do you think i will get mine if i live in dallas,texas?

    This question is for vanfast.

  • vanfast

    Ernest, not to sure when you will get yours, I wont get mine until the 22nd, I didn’t pay for express shipping, so I can only guess if you paid for `express shipping you will get on or about the 17th but it should be before the 22nd.
    GOOD LUCK looks like a nice phone.

  • vanfast

    Ads by CB Ad Rotator Monday, October 13, 2008
    T-Mobile G1 Launch Party – 16th Oct in NYC With Raconteurs Have you got your invite to the T-Mobile G1 launch night?

    All you guys who pre-ordered the G1 might have the chance to get your hands on it sooner than you think. With 10 days to what we thought was the official launch on 22nd October, it looks like the launch night will be this Thursday.

    ZDNet reports that it has received its invite below to the launch party in New York on 16th October at 9.00pm, The launch party will feature a special performance by The Raconteurs.

    Maybe there will be some suprise packages arriving in the mail later this week