G1 ramps up SanDisk storage with 16GB card support


At the press announcement on the 23rd, we were told that the G1 would come included with a 1GB MicroSD memory card and 256 flash memory. Needless to say we were all a little disappointed to hear that 8GB was the highest available size for the current software. However, there is good news! Our friends at AndroidCommunity got their hands on some nice info from a  “Google spokesman.”

“We have completed tests, and the new SanDisk 16GB card will run on the current version of Android.  No new firmware required.” -Google Spokesperson

In the past, AndroidCommunity has brought us extremely accurate Android news and with the excitement of the G1, we couldn’t be happier with the guys over there for drumming this up! Stay tuned for more exciting news!


  • mando

    I’m glad that we can use 16gb now! This is definately the iphone killer!

  • WazzuKirk

    Oh man this is GREAT!! Time to go purchase one now. :-)

  • brian-y

    any 1 know where to buy 1 cheap i bought a 1 GB on ebay for cheap

  • brian-y
  • justin

    Wait I’m confused, is there a new 16GB microSD coming out?

  • center rep

    I hope u guys are part of the 25,000 customers will get it on the 22nd every one else who preorder the 22nd will wait approx 16 days to get it the mail sux huh well atleast u won’t need to wait till the 22nd of nov like the rest of the unlucky world class customer service reps tmo has had for years!
    unsatisfied world class customer service rep

  • Where is the best place to get this 16gig card you guys speak of?

  • PittsburghGuy

    yes, I am highly confused…I didn’t think there was a 16gb microSD and if there is how much is it — $150?

  • I cant wait

  • Taylor
  • denny

    I don’t think everyone understands that the G1 only takes microSD cards.. not the regular SD cards that you would put in a digital camera.. I say this because people are putting up links for the regular ones…

  • Chris Meyers

    Jeez you live in the INFORMATION AGE people. Don’t ask silly questions. Why don’t you try Googling “16gb microSD sandisk”. You’ll find out all the information you need and More. Its out now, market prices are around $80.

  • PittsburghGuy

    Yes, it appears they have just came out with the 16GB MicroSD:


    Looks like they will be around $100.

  • Random!!!!

    yeah the 16 gig is coming out but saying retail price will be between $100-$120.

  • brian-y

    SanDisk also introduced its new 16GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) mobile memory,http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10053696-1.html im buying this when it comes out in Oct.

  • macho
  • macho
  • dat chyk

    @macho – That was a good one. I haven’t seen many articles from the developers themseleves. Thanks!

  • TMO Employee

    Anyone know how much the retail of this phone is going to be? I need to get a 2nd one and need to figure out if I should order it now at 299 or wait and use my employee discount, UGH too much to decide!

  • Lanslyde

    1st of all: Stop telling people that this is the information age and they need to check google. Your basically calling them stupid. This is the internet right? They used this site to get their info. You should be happy to help them instead of being rude about it.

    All you would have to say is ‘yes that microsd card will work, for future references try searching for ewhat you are looking for in a search engine such as google or yahoo”

    …….i’m just sayin..lol

    this is the information age..so share information

  • T1 Connect

    yo lanslyde that was wicked

  • T1 Connect

    in a good way

  • center rep

    I heard retail was gonna be 599.99 bit im thinking more like 399.99 and what tmo employee disc? maybe on nov 22nd its in sl now *ucking sux

  • T1 Connect

    yo they put the g1 in the htc wiki

  • macho

    @ dat chyk no problem I think theres a few more i gotta check and see

  • Galen20K

    Sa’weet!!! I have a 4 GB Micro but Now I’m DEFINately getting Ahold of a 16 GB Before my G1 arrives!

    – D

  • dflat7

    Why is everybody so excited about this… what do you people save in your SD’s cards that is so big???? 4GB is more than plenty for me…but that’s just me, I still enjoy listening to Cd’s…

  • Fred

    Why do manufacturers always have a size limit on cards for devices? Motorola claimed the V360 could only do 512 MB, and I’ve used a 1 GB in mine, and I think I’ve read of another person having 2 GB in theirs. T-Mobile/HTC said the Shadow can only handle up to 4 GB, but I’ve read that people have 8 gigs in theirs, and I’m sure this 16 will work. Manufacturers should go by the card standard instead of whatever highest capacity is available at the time of manufacture. SD only goes to 2 gigs, and SDHC (which is mostly any device made after 2006) goes to 32 gigs. My phone, the G1, and any other phone that has SDHC on the package should go up to 32 GB without any updated firmware.

  • dat chyk

    I have never needed that much memory, but then again, this is the G1. I think I’ll be straight with 4GB for now too.

  • WXman

    So do you HAVE to buy the $25 data plan with the G1, or can you keep T-zones for $5.99 and understand that you aren’t using the phone’s abilities yet???

  • alex Martinez

    What about the media player will it play movies at all, such as mpeg, avi, etc.
    Anyone knows aboutit?

  • Macho

    http://androidcommunity.com/ea-mobile-to-bring-games-to-android-20080927/ check this out people looks like the games on the andriod G1 is gonna pretty fun

  • Kaykordeath

    I’ve read different reports. One that it will include an audio only media player. One that it won’t include a player at all. Regardless, I’m sure there will be a movie player app fairly early on. It’s certainly one that I’m hoping for.

  • T1 Connect

    ok tmoreps got a question say i send a song to my gmail am i going to be able to go to email and click on that song to listen

  • Andréa

    @wxman, yes you have to buy a data plan, but as far I know you can switch back to the t-zones after you buy it, that is as long as you but directly from t-mobile. But and here is my objection, why do you want this phone if all you are going to use it for is t-zones and what a basic camera phone can do? If you want the status symbol go switch to att and get an Iphone, If you are like me and you will not get 3G until after the G1 comes out then I understand (Damn K.C. and their no 3g until before the end of 2008…whatever that means) But if you are like me I was thinking of going to the $9.99 plan until 3G come to my area….

  • Macho

    i like the fact that pacman will be free on the g1

  • Macho


    here’s more these applications are just awesome can’t wait for the G1 this should keep you guys good for a few lol

  • dat chyk

    Yea, I can’t wait for the EA games and I’m glad to hear that several fun games will be free too.

  • Adam

    @center rep

    What do you mean by your first comment, #6?

  • Macho

    Does anyone know if the case they showed us has a belt clip?

  • GreenEyedBandit

    The g1, will not work with out the g1 feature bundle at all…. Its not like that sidkick where will give you limit use… It will prevent any access ….sux for those trying to save money

  • g willi

    @Macho: belt clip? It’s almost 2009, who uses a belt clip? :-)

  • uscmed

    it would seem then that getting a 16 gb card on top of the 179 price tag is cheaper than a 16 gb iphone. Nice! I like!

  • Tom

    @42 g willi

    People who want to keep the creases of their pockets nicely and not stretch the fabric around the pocket area, ruining your expensive pants use belt clips. Sometimes belt clips are useful.

  • sam

    dude i wish i had the 100 bucks to buy this card, too bad i just spent 299 bucks on the phone and am now broke!

  • Armytank

    This Sucks!!!!!!
    Just bought the 8gig right before this came out.

  • Armytank

    It shouldnt be 100$ i got my 8gig for 25

  • Armytank

    16gb at mobymemory.com

  • OLeG

    quit winin you spoiled bitch, three years ago I was happy to buy 1gb for 50 bucks lol

  • Armytank

    Spoiled Bitch??????
    wtf are you talking about