Its a bird…no its a plane…no its T-Mobile!

We have always been a fan of reading Business Week, and when we finally came across an article that resonates with this site, we got excited. Rachel Hinman posted an article yesterday afternoon discussing T-Mobile and how it can basically become the mobile carrier we’ve always wanted. Not that it wasn’t already! Still, she makes some excellent points and writes with good foresight into the future of the wireless industry.

As the first brave carrier to release an Android-powered phone, T-Mobile has paved the way in the wireless industry for Android to become the most-used open operating system. In the eyes of many, this is a large step forward from the depths of cell phone rules, regulations, and restrictions. With the wireless industry in the US nearing saturation, T-Mobile seems to be making their move.

From our unbiased perspective, T-Mobile has, and continues to be, the most liberal of the wireless carriers, with the release of Android only pushing that point further. With a push of open-sourced handsets, and a new developers program, T-Mobile seems to be raising this openness to another user-friendly level.

You may also be interested in a push from T-Mobile USA, to reflect handsets comparable to T-Mobile UK’s. For those that haven’t drooled over T-Mobile UK’s handsets, please do so here. Oh, and that original 1GB limit on data through the G1? After the blogs and angry users went on a viral rampage T-mobile responded and responded with effect. Rewording the data rules ever so slightly was a big victory across the blogosphere. T-mobile yet again proved its worthiness as champion for customer service by actually listening to what the customer wanted and taking it to heart. Few carriers can brag along those lines.

For too long now the industry has spiraled out of control with unnecessary fees, sms rate hikes that just won’t quit and contracts that won’t go away. The industry as a whole constantly ranks among the poorest in customer satisfaction and has almost complete autonomy over the customer experience. Can Android change all that? Will the ability to completely control the user experience prove to be to much for the average user or is this the beginning of things to come?

Only time will tell but for the moment, T-mobile is leaping over the competition by concentrating on putting customer service first and with Android taking them into the holiday season, it could pay off in a big way.

Read Rachel’s article here and show her some appreciation in the comments.