Blackberry Pearl Kickstart 8220 pricing leaked…


Hey guess what, news that isn’t G1 related still exists! Pricing has leaked out via for the Kickstart Pearl 8220 phone, I just love calling it by 3 names. Rumors via pinstack forums are also talking about an October 15th release, though we’re sticking by a launch on October 13. Truthfully whats two days in the grand scheme of things if you aren’t waiting for the G1?

Of course, both dates are better than the purported Best Buy screen shots posted yesterday showing a whole different set of dates. Ignoring the launch date lottery numbers for a moment, how does this pricing sound?

T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Pricing

* New Activation 2 Year Contract $149.99 (after $50 MIR)
* New Activation 1 Year Contract $199.99 (after $50 MIR)
* Full Upgrade 2 Year Contract $167.99 (after $50 MIR)
* Full Upgrade 1 Year Contract $217.99 (after $50 MIR)
* Partial Upgrade: TBD
* Retail Price: $349.99

Via blackberrycool

UPDATE: I believe in giving credit when credit is due, so I want to add in that our very own forum poster “Breathe” posted this information for all to see back on the 26th of September.

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