T-mobile to sell 2 million G1's through 2009?


This information comes courtesy of a newspaper in Taiwan whom we have never heard of. So take it at face value, words we try and use around here when we admit we just aren’t sure of the validity of the information. Still, its an interesting number and we would like to see it achieved and most definitely surpassed. Then again, this isn’t “inside” info in the normal sense and the numbers are certainly plausible.

We should mention of course that the title of our article is a little misleading, T-mobile is planning to order between 1.5 – 2 million phones which of course doesn’t necessarily equate to sales. Apple has been called on that that before, inflating sales numbers by showings phones shipped as sold.

That being said I don’t think there are many doubts that this phone will be a tremendous success for T-mobile and achieving Apple like success may not be the ultimate goal on the first round of sales. Android is still an unproven entity and should the first device prove itself as a worthy competitor, T-mobile has a great start on long term gains and the competition itself.

While I don’t think anyone, including us expect lines forming around the block for the G1 launch, we do think those type of lines aren’t required for the phone to be both an initial and long term success. The pre-sale “sellout” shows the demand and even so we know those are early adopters, the masses will undoubtedly follow. Its not uncommon to see Grandma with an iPhone these days, especially given the lackluster phones released lately, the G1 hold lots of promise. Not to mention, we read the comments here, we know you guys are cuckoo for G1 cocoa puffs.