More G1 pics…

Some of you have probably watched the videos from here a dozen times. Some of you probably managed to print out your pre-order confirmation text and framed it. Is that too much? Should I take it out of the frame at least? Regardless, for those us who weren’t lucky enough to be there on “launch” day, one of our astute forum posters searched and came up with some nice pictures that are if nothing else pretty good indicators of what to expect color wise. They don’t contain anything we haven’t already seen, I got a better idea of what the white looked like without watching someone else groping the phone. Just good clear shots. Enjoy!

Click on each for a larger view.

Thanks ooinfinityoo!


  • T1 Connect
  • dat chyk

    lol…me too

  • mando

    I hope they’ll still have some in stock next week cause I think that’s when I’m ordering mine.

  • Galen20K


    SEnsory OVERLoad!!!

    LOVE IT!!!

    – D

  • T1 Connect

    site admin i miss the countdown timer why did you get rid of it

  • SheShe

    probably cuz people were complainin after the 17th didnt happen … but i miss it too :(

  • T1 Connect

    awww put it back. that 17th thing again people fail to realize that it did happen. its happening now tmo just change the date on us

  • mp

    The brown one not bad
    The white one is good looking
    But the black one is sexy
    I can’t wait for the 22 is like christmas to me lol

  • Do you think that you can type on it with out sliding out the screen? I haven’t seen anyone do it in any of the videos. I love the phone and I am for sure getting it anyways. But it just seems weird if you couldn’t and after having the sidekick I would really rather not have to.

  • mvb757

    Just wish you could reserve the white g1! I wouldnt have to wait until the day of. And it probably wont be at every tmobile store! But if I cant get that ill probably get the brown g1…

  • The White one doesn’t look to good, Glad I ordered the Brown one =D

  • chris

    i wonder why the white and brown ones have the different colored keyboard while the black one doesn’t . it would look sick if the black one had the silver keyboard!!!

  • mp

    I have something big real big my cousin work for google and he gat his g1 on friday and he just come to my house today and show me the phone is amazin so amazin is so smooth to go throw the applications the internet is fast.the market is still not working all the way but what I saw their have alredy some game up my cousin have pac man it play well he dint let me take any picture bc he could get fire I can’t eve talk about but hey I told him I won’t tell know one his name but the phone is the best ever way better that the iphone can’t way into the 22

  • bigmix

    I have per order my android and I can’t wait I phone sucks let aa&t charge you I phone users so much money for nothing $35 a month for text message and data I love T mobile go to hell aa&t

  • Doble-A

    Chris, I was thinking the same exact thing. As a matter of fact, I thought that was the black one until I looked at it good. I was thinking to myself “the keyboard was never like that”. Wish it was though.

  • Lanslyde

    i dont mean to be a butt about it but, that was bad grammar lol. i shouldnt laugh. i can help u if u want.

    if the keyboard was silver it would be off cuz its too far away from black and the black would overshadow it. trust me it wouldnt be aesthetically pleasing at all

  • drivethruboy168

    Soo… I’m stuck between the black or the white one. The brown looks cool but I have to see it in person. I heard some G1 will be handed out to some managers on October 8th. I’m jelous! ( don’t know if I spelled that word correctly. But yea… Can’t wait to sell my iPhone 3G!

  • Tom

    @Megan #9

    You probably could, and if not out of the box, someone will create the app for it. One thing that you should know, however, is that the G1 is not multi-touch like the iPhone. That means the typing will be a bit slower than doing it on the iPhone because you have to actually lift your thumb before putting down the other thumb for it to recognize. From my understanding, Android will NEVER have multi-touch because apple has a patent on it. So unless apple wants to sell rights to use multi-touch (and knowing apple, they wont) you wont be seeing multi-touch on any phone other than the iPhone any time soon. I didn’t realize that until I read up on it, so making games that use traditional D-pad and button controls wont work on Android. It’s a bummer, but the G1 has a trackball, which is awesome still.

  • dat chyk

    @T1/SheShe – I miss the countdown timer too. :( Please put it back. I’m not trippin on if the dates are incorrect/correct, but it’s nice to see it. I’m riding with yall (TmoNews) regardless!!

    @Lanslyde – LMAO, I was thinking the same thing…like daaaaaaaaayum…where r u from cause the typos were off the chain!! But…I still got the message! It’s all good! Yea, I’m glad it’s black on black too. That’s what turned me off from the brown, the keyboard is a diff color and I’m not feeling that. The white is cool though with the diff color keyboard.

    @drivethruboy168 – I pre-ordered the black, cause its my favorite color…but, the white one looks sweet as hell to me and I don’t even like white like that. So…unfortunately, I can’t help u decide other than to say that the white one will show sratches more than the black. My homegirl has a white pearl and it looks thrashed!!! White picks up scratche more than black … of course.

  • sam

    If my G1 is not in my hands on the 22nd I might have a severe heart attack. Like no joke. The days are going by so slow!

  • atmilk

    Will I be happy with this phone’s size if I am a front pocket carry guy and not a belt clip guy? This phone looks chunky from the side.

  • scoop34

    Im with everyone else. I think you guys should put the timer back. It makes me feel a little bit better seeing that time is actually moving since it feels like time is at a stand still.

  • David

    We will work on getting the timer up this week…I tried putting it back in this morning but something didn’t work right so I’ll play with it in a little bit.

  • T1 Connect

    Sweet man. thanks

  • Thanks, that sucks about the multi-touch. I’m sure its not that bad. But still it will probably get pretty annoying.