Android "unboxing" video…well sort of

Now hold on, watch the video before your excitement gets to far ahead of you. This comes from and their “cyberguy.” Really, its just the box and only a glimpse at that, still its worth the 3:48.

Here are some better shots of the box itself. Not sure how fond I am of the color scheme.



Video/Pics comes courtesy of

Thanks to kuragari!

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  • Gapboi954

    kool beans!! Thanx

  • Doble-A


  • Cool!…I can’t watch it on this damn brick…(Sidekick LX)…But I’ll check it out when I get home!

  • Alex

    Funny thing is the more I see it, the more I like it. I really like the keyboard, I have tried typing on the touch screens and it is really frustrating. My girlfriend says its because the ends of my fingers are square. GO TMO

  • T1 Connect

    wait theres no android police. what about viruses

  • T1 Connect

    everybody wait. stop looking at the pretty picture here. whats gonna happen if some jerk decides to make a virus for the phone who’s gonna stop that.

  • I’m sick of people saying that anything with a touch screen is a copy of the iPhone. The iPhone was not the first phone with a touchscreen. HTC has been making phones like that for years yet now they’re the ones being accused of copying.

  • Tmo Android

    @T1 you can keep yourself safe if you only download for trusted sites, like Android Market and Handango. Those sites regulate what people up load. But I wouldn’t be suprised if we see someone make an antivirus program for the phone.

  • sam

    oh jesus. i’ll probably end up getting a virus.

  • T1 Connect

    @tmo androidn i hope so

  • I’m going to hibernate and wake up on the 22nd!

  • Lanslyde

    @tmo android

    i was just gonna say that. some one might make a program to scan other programs for viruses and what not.

  • Lanslyde


    don’t fret about it man. When I got my iphone I hacked it so I can get access to the 3rd party developers who were not dealing thr apple. My phone didn’t get any viruses or nething.

  • justinhub2003

    all programs that you download in the marketplace are required to ask your permission before they can access anything on your phone anyway such as your camera, your contacts, your memory or sd card and the web, so you’ll know if mrs. pacman wants access to your contacts, memory and the web then something is up. anyone can upload stuff but there is a rating system as well so my best bet is gonna be not to be the first person to download ANY application, because people who do get virus are going rate the app as bad and also report it to google for investigation and removal, so virus’s will be on a very small scale if there is any. this whole “open” thing relies on US as consumers and the devolpers to keep things running well, our opinions and reviews will count, so its kinda like a democratic government in the fact that if every one uses there voice (vote) to be vocal about what they like/dislike then we can only get better but if people sit back and be apathitic then its gonna get run to hell.

  • T1 Connect

    thanks for the reassurance guys i would love not to catch one one my phone. viruses annoy the shit out of me.

  • justinhub2003

    yea i’d hate to catch the hiv or herpes from my phone, trojan should create a condom for your phone. now a days even phone sex is dangerious

  • Viruses can definitely be a concern but that’s the beauty of Linux. As far as I know, no viruses exist that can affect Linux so the chances of getting one with Android are slimmer than other OS’s.

  • Tony

    Dugg for Beastie Boys. Oops wrong site. ah well

  • J-Hop2o6

    ^^ how is that with Linux??

  • Timmydale

    I still havent gotten my text messages confirming my order went through. :(

  • gmoney

    orderd on the 23rd, got confirmation at 10am the 24th.
    ps3 or xbox? iphone or gphone? whatever just enjoy!!!!

  • Timmydale

    I ordered on the 24th and got no text :( The screen said it would be delievered on the 22nd so I will just have to wait and see.

  • Juan

    @ Junior

    I’m with you! It gets easier on the eyes everytime I see it, it’s pretty sexy now.

  • beardeddraggons

    @ Timmy

    I ordered on the 23th, but never got a confirmation text either. My T-Mobile did briefly show an order in progesss though. I called customer care and they showed the date and time of my order and gave me a confirmation #, so I’m sure you’re probably fine.

  • Timmydale

    Thank you Beardeddraggons

  • Marc

    Look this phones features are crappy there not really bad but they do suck u can’t deny it no flash but a 3 meg camera they manage to put a koo 2 megapixel camera but yet forgot the flash && no video now I heard when u go on the internet andd slide ur finger to see the rest of the page it gets laggs for about a second or 2 but I guess people don’t care because this is tmobiles first touch screen phone

  • Madonna

    Kewl promo video. This guy should of been the speaker at the release party. He sounds more excited and talks faster than the Tmo CEO.

  • dat chyk

    @justinhub2003 – LMAO! Phone sex is dangerous huh? That was funny as hell!!!

    LOL, but on a serious note, i hope there are no viruses. Norton offers virus protection for your mobile…so if u r that scared… cop it! a.k.a get it!

  • center rep

    sorry marc your wrong this is not tmo’s first touch screen phone I’ve purchased mda and wing both touch screen from htc sucka!!!!!!

  • Lil’ B

    I hate when people talk with out prior knowledge of a subject. Tmobile has had several touchscreen phones! Anyways, for the price, this phone can’t be beat (from what I see)!

  • dflat7

    I love the “…i heard that it has a 2 sec delay…” cracks me up!!! the phone is not out yet and it already become a legend!!!

  • hopensauce

    Freedom, baby, freedom.

    Who makes the rules?
    Google? No. T-Mobile? No.

    You the consumer make the rules, dog.

  • T1 Connect

    @justinhub2003 yo that was funny as hell

  • Pythagoras

    rock on, T, rock on

    (But seriously, no video? Is that true? Phones have shot video for many years. Have you ever used a cell phone?)

  • kevin

    let’s not panic on the virus front. As already been noted there is no documented linux virus and android is linux based. If you use gmail whenever you download an attachment gmail scans it for viruses. Why would google allow viruses download from android marketplace when they won’t allow viruses to download from gmail? Spyware is something that and other software sites scan for before posting, why would google not do the same? Of course there is always the chance something might get through, but it’s slim and if you wait a week after the first review is posted you shouldn’t be at much risk. I’m pretty sure the folks at google and tmobile will be at the head of the download queue, they want to be first adopters as much as anyone and they get discounts on their phones so they have less at risk, so they will be the first to find out if there is an issue. I’m still guessing the marketplace won’t be the only source of programs, search for palm software at and there are 240 for the older palm os4.x alone. Many of these same respected trusted sources will be adapting their software for linux mobile, many of them for free. I think the future is android and most of us can’t begin to imagine how it will change the mobile market.

  • Random!!!!

    I have one of these choices
    1) This phone
    2) 3 years of World of Warcraft
    3) ps3

  • WXman

    Who cares? The T919 is where it’s at. How bout some info. on that bad boy?

  • Pythagoras

    out of those three i would definitely choose the G1

  • Caseybea

    @kevin: “I think the future is android and most of us can’t begin to imagine how it will change the mobile market.”

    Actually, I think most of us **CAN** begin to imagine how android is going to change the mobile market– which is why we’re all a part of the (estimated?) 60,000-plus people who nearly burned T-Mobile’s web site to the ground all hopping on at once to sign a 2-year contract for a phone that none of us will see for THREE MORE WEEKS.

    There’s only been a few times in my life where I have witnessed a technology shift and thought to myself, “whoa, this is going to change EVERYTHING….”

    * Saw an IBM PC at my friend’s house – one of the first units
    * Played with HYTELNET – a telnet based internet-thing that preceded HTTP
    * MP3’s – (needs no introduction)

    These things all totally shifted the MARKET – for computing…. for ease of information access…. for distribution of music.

    With the G1, the big shift we’re seeing is that for the first time ever, we’re not going to be stuck with a cruddy “locked down” phone that ONLY does what the cell provider wants it to do. And that shining example is going to bust the gates wide open– all the other cell providers are going to have to soon start playing in a similar fashion if they want toremain conmpetitive– because the consumers have had enough, and they’re going to demand it- with their wallets and contracts- and whom they go to.

    23 days. Ugh.

  • BailOutBush

    Now we can ONLY hope that Tmobile is pushing to create the easiest Android Marketplace and taking a few hints from The Apple Apps store. Only a few clicks from browsing to app install.

  • I love the G1 and will definitely be getting one…but…did anyone else notice how easily that screen picked up his finger smudges in the video? I realize that was a non-working prototype, but still…yikes.

  • Cable Guy

    I want the g1 already the 22 is taken to long

  • dat chyk

    @ryaninc – Yea, I noticed that too.

  • RobTheLucky

    @Caseybea You forgot pr0n from you list… but I agree. I remember a few times like this.
    – 3dfx released the first graphics accelerator.
    – Diamond released the RIO (a portable mp3 player)
    This is going to change the way mobile platforms are built and deployed. What makes this amazing is the ‘open’ nature of it. Apple has always had slick products that were closed… there will always be a sect of people that don’t want to pull back the covers and see what is going on. Apple will end up with a nice share of the market… this is more about Windows mobile. Android is going to kick the crap out of Microsoft and become the defacto OS for cheap phones, hip phones, high end phones, and possibly other devices that we don’t even realize we NEED yet :)

  • Mark

    wait if you get a text or call when your g1 is in sleep mode, will the phone still vibrate/ring?

  • Cable Guy

    I hope so and i also wanna know if your phone is on sleep mode will it signed you off aim like the iphone cuz i think that’s pretty crapy

  • sam

    I can’t wait to get my G1. I’m so impatient! 23 days is too long for me. Is anyone else going crazy like I am?!

  • A3

    Can I use a 8GB microSDHC on the phone? Just bought one online.

  • jason

    its killing me too!!! i think tmobile should start sending the phones out early so everyone gets them on time. i preordered my a couple days ago. i wouldve just gone to the store on the 22nd but who knows how big this is gonna be at first. tmobile could be swamped and sell out quick or it will just be like any other phone release until ppl realize how capable android is. beside ppl who read tech blogs no one really knows what android is yet.

  • cable Guy

    I am I want that damm phone already I really like the white one it looks glossy like the white mac book

  • I doubt that we will need to worry much about viruses, at least in the beginning. All Android apps run in the Dalvik VM, so they will be confined by whatever sandbox the VM provides.

    That is not to say that there won’t be malware- just not viruses, per se, until someone hacks their way out of the sandbox (if possible).

  • Caseybea

    Man, if I’m going to be checking this site EVERY FREAKING DAY like I have been- sure would be nice to get new “news” on the front page! The “unboxing” thing is old now.

    Seeing new information (or even not new- geez man, just make something up) – I’ll be happy :-)

  • sam

    Word. I’m freaking out, man.

  • Lanslyde


    yep u can use an 8GB SDHC card.

  • Cable Guy

    I agree give me any news idc what it is as long as its new!

  • Cable Guy

    What’s the likely hood that a flash plug in can be made for the G1?

  • tzoo

    i had the opportunity to hold the G1 for about a minute today. the photos really don’t do it justice. its not high gloss but the flat color (mine was black) has a very sophisticated, business look. the touch screen was set to the dial pad which was black, gray and white accents. it had almost a smokey look about it. the slide part works like a charm, and felt very solid both on sliding out and back in. the keyboard was a little too flush with the surface, for me anyway, but very easy to use. i can’t wait to get my own :)

  • Cable Guy

    @Tzoo so the black one looks the best above all? Even the white if the one isn’t glossy that ima just get the black one but i hate you for being able to hold it in your hands lol jk

  • A3

    @ Lanslyde: Thanks!
    Cant wait for the 22nd…

  • Sojizy

    The phone looks great. I did have a question though. Does this phone have an on-screen keyboard and an accelerometer. I really don’t want to have to open my phone for every single text entry and if I want a horizontal view would I have to slide the phone open?

  • tzoo

    @A3 – personally I think the black looks best. The brown also looked much better than the pics show but the white just didn’t seem right, for me anyway. It was fun holding it I just wish I had longer to check it out. Hopefully tomorrow I might.

  • I think this phone looks real cool!
    Yep There are fears for viruses but then what stops a developer to release a sort of anti-virus app on the android market!
    It’s all hypothetical anyways!

  • dat chyk

    @Sojizy – It seems like you have to slide the keyboard open to view horizintal when u r in camera mode, etc. But when u r in an app, I think it depends on if the developer added that feature where u can just view it horizontally without opening the keyboard. At least for now anyway. I could be wrong though, just judging off of what I’ve seen so far.

  • Joel

    Google isn’t jumping on the cell phone advertising bandwagon- they are creating and innovating it!