"Unboxing" pics…with lots of imagination required

Well for most of us, there are 22 days left till the G1 launches. Not for this lucky anonymous tipster who sent in what just might be the first “unboxing” pics on the net. We’re using that term loosely because there were unfortunately only a few pics sent in and they leave ALOT to the imagination. That being said remember we aren’t really seeing anything “new” but still, we know you guys love spy shots of the G1.

We already know whats included in the box thanks to the G1 manuals leaking online early. Still, enjoy the pictures for what they are and just think how you will feel when you unbox your very own, white(with nasty silver), black or brown G1. If nothing else, these pics will just serve as teasers for what YOUR box will look like! Then again, we showed a little of that yesterday.

I should add a few days ago we challenged our forum users to be among the first to get us unboxing pics. There was admittedly a small “prize”, and many were willing to undertake the challenge. Since the winner is unknown, I’ll be accepting the prize on their behalf! Thanks mystery man/woman.

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