More Android please…


The good news of course is the days till the G1 launch are whittling down. The BETTER news is that recent reports have both Motorola and Nokia expressing interest in the Android community. Techcrunch just posted a little blurb about Motorola expanding their Android developer team from 50-350, which can only be read as a larger committment to the manufacturering of devices. This of course all bodes well for both T-mobile and the Android development community at large, the more development the better. We certainly will have large expectations for future Android devices on T-mobile if the promises of the applications and openness bode true.

Motorola certainly needs a swift kick in the rear to engineer a comeback and as the Techcrunch article points out, the lack of any fees necessary for an open source OS might just be what the doctor ordered for Motorola. Personally I’ve always felt that Motorola’s interface while easy to navigate WAS super slow and almost to the point, laughable. I remember back during the days of the Motorola razor when I was typing a text message and I would be done typing while the message was still writing on the screen. Sad. So Motorola, I say go Android: go Android go. Yeah and uh, make sure you don’t design an Android razr. That would not be cool.

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  • David

    Ok iphone lover…guess what, from this point forward EVERY post you make on this blog will be deleted. Plain and simple, so guess what…I get FIRST!

  • center rep

    iphonelover got 1st he’s on here more than we are! stupid mothaf%#*$

  • Yayo

    Is the beginning of the end for apple. This is only phase 1 for Google take over the mobile niche, a la MS with desktop.

  • T1 Connect

    why didn’t dude just find a iphone blog and rock in there. he would have been good

  • I haven’t seen one web post of Nokia expressing interest in using Android. In fact, they’ve taken Symbian open source, and also have Maemo Linux in their catalog, all connected to the Ovi suite of services! They don’t have a need for Android just yet. I’d love to see a source on that fake news.

  • Lanslyde

    who is this chris guy? is he an asshole or what.

  • dat chyk

    @Lanslyde – too early to tell. But, I’m sure we’ll see soon!

  • indy

    Would love to see a android device from nokia, I bet they’d make a sharp phone to accomodate. =)

  • Georgie Flik

    well, Motorola does already have a linux-based firmware (I have it on my Ming A1200), so that’s at least a step in the right direction for Android.

  • Marc

    Haha okay tmobile would be awsome if they made all phones with touch screen andd a full qweurty keyboard with a good speaker better trackball and lets see a nice screen && internet so am guessing that there’s gonna be a sidekick with a touchscreen cuz the sidekick has all the features people usually use but the speaker has to go because it sux