San Francisco, welcome to 3G…

victorian heritage

Wake up San Francisco! Its 3G day! That’s right San Fran you are today’s lucky winners of the T-mobile 3G launch contest. Today’s winners will receive high speed broadband services as well as improved voice quality and an opportunity to use that shiny G1 to the best of its ability. With this launch T-mobile is well on its way to achieving its stated goal of 27 cities by mid-October.

It’s early and I can’t really think of anything funny to write about San Francisco, except for the fact that this picture reminds of the end sequence in the “Full House” opening credits when they are having the picnic outside. I have the theme song in my head right now and its punishing, just absolutely awful.


  • smoku

    chicago still not on the list .. :(

    good job san fran

  • joemamma

    @ smoku : huh???, 3G went live in chicago on the 25th which was last friday. it was also reported here.

  • joemamma

    oops i meant to say last thursday, but anyhow you have now been informed.

  • illuminati

    haha its funny you said that, because when i saw the pics of the houses i was thinking the same thing!! Now…wheres that golden gate bridge? :-) lol

  • Random!!!!

    Dammit I just moved from sf to reno. I want 3g xp

  • Just wordering….Did Los Angeles get 3G already???

  • iRoc

    So close. It stretches out to Brentwood which is 50 miles away from San Francisco. I live 20 miles away from Brentwood. I hope the Sacramento launch can cover me, as I live about 50 miles south of Sac.

  • John

    There’s a reason those houses look familiar, not just from Full House. They’re an iconic part of SF imagery. They’re called “the postcard houses”, because they’re among the most photographed (and used in post cards) houses in SF.

    Full House probably filmed that part with those exact houses (or ones just like them) to specifically invoke the familiar imagery of SF. :) (probably more than you ever wanted to know about the topic, huh?)

    But, still, cool. I’ve got 3G… even though I don’t yet have a 3G phone ;-) (that should be taken care of in 3-4 weeks, when I get my G1!!! :-) )

  • ECE3040

    Does this include the whole bay area? Or just San Francisco? I’m in Walnut Creek, CA and I hope it does.

  • ECE3040

    Nevermind, it does include the whole bay area. Nice!

  • Sean

    I live 50 miles away from san francisco. (Fairfield) I hope 3g
    Reaches that far..

  • joey

    yes finally…..too bad im still sticking with nokia for now ;)


    (I have lived in SF my whole life and I don’t even know where those houses are haha)

  • (then again, it kinda looks like dolores park but i’m not sure. oh well)

  • mingkee

    by thread from hofo member jeff, 3G is active in SF Bay area
    btw, is there any problem to put a link to another forum that has evidence of 3G in SF?!

  • David

    No Mingkee, there isn’t, but tell me why on earth do you feel the need to comment by posting someone else who has equal evidence? My blog post is all the evidence that is necessary…

  • mingkee

    perhaps you and me have different point of view
    more solid evidence is always better
    btw, I’ll have chance to check 3G existence in Westchester/White Plains/Yonkers coming weekend
    stay tuned

  • Eddie

    So I live in san jose which is about 40 miles south of the city. Will I be getting 3g as well?? Very anxious for it!!!

  • Eddie

    So I live in San Jose which is about 40 miles south of The City. Will I have 3g service as well? I’m pretty anxious bout 3g!!!

  • LipGloss666

    Eddie- check the coverage on the t-mobile website

  • Eddie

    Thanx Lip: WOO HOO!!! I guess I’m attatched to San Francisco. San Jose is oficially in!

  • @LipGloss666 It’s Alamo square: