More ninja screenshots…

Earlier this week boygenius gave us some screen shot love showing a “launch” date for the G1 from Best Buy. The only problem was the date didn’t make any sense, a Nov 16th launch just seemed like a particularly odd date.

Well, the good news is that date no longer exists as a new screen shot surfaces that shows a 10/22 launch a date we of course are all too familiar with. Thankfully T-mobile isn’t playing stubborn like Apple and seems willing to use all available sales channels right from the gate to put this into the hands of the customer. T-mobile has plans for 500,000 units sold before the end of the year, so using the broad reach of Best Buy’s mobile division can only help increase the chances that everyone might get some Android under their Christmas tree.

Update: We have NO idea how or if this affects pre-sales, so please its JUST a screenshot, NO jumping to conclusions, NO CALLING T-MOBILE, just wait and see what develops.


Thanks to who sent this in!


  • kazii

    thats cool..I love Best BUY! but, does this mean that Best Buy will now offer T-Mobile aswell?..cause my local Best Buy does not right now.

  • T1 Connect

    now let me get something straight you can walk into bestbuy and buy this on the 22nd of oct and people who ordered on my tmobile the actual company have to wait till the same day and after october 3rd til november 10th. what kind of fuckery is that. why cant we just walk into a best buy or tmo store and buy one. tmo gotta get thier priorities straight when it comes to this phone.

  • AndrĂ©a

    good job best buy

  • David


  • T1 Connect


  • Alex

    T!- are you on this site all day?

  • T1 Connect

    and if i am whats the problem

  • G1 fan

    you just hope they dont sold out in stores like the Wii game console, I hate going to BEST BUY when that happened.

  • macho

    wheres the white G1??!!

  • T1 Connect

    with most things that u buy white is always a limited edition lets hope thats not the case here

  • Macho

    I sure hope i didn’t preorder because i wanted the white one at launch so it better be hea on the 22nd

  • tim

    How about some news other than G1? What about TMo’s pokey approach to the rest of their 3G lineup.

  • SoTacMatt

    I need to find me a BestBuy up in the Seattle area to check that out!

  • Josh

    Just to let you all know the G1 phone will only be availible to those of you who live in a 3G city, and that will only be 25 cities at the end of the month!

  • David

    @Josh, your information is both outdated and false. I don’t know where you read that but its definitely not correct. 2G areas will be able to order the phone online and have it shipped, T-mobile said that at the launch announcement.

  • Josh

    I work for T-mobile and that just came from todays meeting.. and its 100% accurate atleast for over the phone sales. STORES WILL BE ABLE TO GET AROUND IT BUT ARE SUPPOSE TO ONLY SELL IT TO 3G CITIES

  • David

    @Josh, go back and watch the launch announcement. Wait for the Q and A at the end.

  • Joey

    Ok, stop fighting. We’ve all done our research, cept not everyone. The bottom line is:

    A) At the launch event, phones can be bought online anywhere, in store in 3G
    B) I’ve heard from various “reliable” people online that ALL stores will get the G1, and other “reliable” people said this isn’t gonna happen
    C) Why would Best Buy sell them in all areas on 10/22, and not all t-mo stores? And, how does it make sense that a PRE (keyword PRE)sale ordered today until 10/21, you’ll get it 11/10, but you can go to any best buy/3G store and buy it 10/22?
    D) I’ve spoken directly to 2 different customer care reps – one said ALL stores will get it (she said she had to confirm this with her supervisor), and another rep from my local non-3G area store said they won’t get it
    E) Final: No one knows anything FOR SURE, and t-mobile needs to come out with an official statement over the next couple of days – they’re confusing us all!

  • rahul dang

    dude im with the other guy, are u on here all the time? do u have a life?

  • dflat7

    I got your back T1…

  • dat chyk

    I got ur back too T1. It’s funny that they ask if you have a life, but…they are spending theirs watching and monitoring how much time you are on here…lol, that’s funny!

    Don’t even trip!

  • T1 Connect

    @raul dang and alex listen here patna dont question my fuckin status ok son. ive been here since day one home u just got here and yes i do have a life im at work right now . maybe ya dont know you can access tmo from your mobile phone or maybe ya dont know how to use ya damn phone whicheva way u put it stop questioning my status aight. cool.

  • rahul dang

    dude, so ur saying uve been here since day one? what does that have to with anything? so u have further proved my point that you have no life. i do know how to use my phone, and to be perfectly honest the only reason i check this site now is too see how many times u have posted something…dude, can you go one day without coming to this site? to be perfectly honest,i come to this site maybe 4-5 times a week, less then once a day..but as of late, like today, ive been checking it alot to see people like you who are gagging for a phone…ya its a phone, but ITS JUST A PHONE, life will go on. This isn’t anything directed to u T1 and i dont mean to sound like im coming after you

  • T1 Connect

    thsi is the only blog out of a million blogs on the web i use i find time to post in this blog because i like the blog. were talking here. it just so happen to be on the web. thats not so bad. and were talking about a phone that were exited about. im a tech type of dude which icludes phones pc cars whatever imma keep posting cause really it aint that damn serious and yes buddy i gaurantee u my life is more hectic than yours.

  • rahul dang

    OK dude, ur choice with whatever you want to do. I’m sorry if i made you mad.
    But one thing is for sure, your life is NOT more hectic than mine. This is the most i have checked this site probably since i discovered it and unlike you, (most prolly),i wont be checkin this site as much as you, your choice with what u wnna do

  • SheShe

    oh what difference does it make

  • dat chyk

    @SheSShe – It doesn’t make a difference at all! I feel ya.

  • T1 Connect

    i dont know im tired of arguing

  • JOSH

    I could really care less about what they said… Things change in this business day to day hour by hour.. The fact is that the phone is only supposed to be sold to customers in 3G cities.. I’m not saying theres not gonna be a way around it to get it sent to a 2G network cause im almost sure there will be some sort of work around, There always is…

  • sam

    Omg really how old are we? T1 I got you n**** I check this shit at work all day and I’m actually on my phone right now on the way to Austin! Haha call me pathetic, but I don’t give a f***! :)

  • mrssherico

    Thanks for fixin that. I got a little offended.

  • T1 Connect

    damn straight and when i get my g1 im gonna blog tmonews on there too so i dont see what the all the noise is 4

  • dat chyk

    @Sam/T1 – I check it everyday too…simply cause I like this blog and I like some of the people posting too!

    @Sam – IDGAF either! It’s whateva!

  • dflat7

    Hey! everybody needs to calm down a little bit…this blog is meant for people that ARE excited about a phone, (yes a fucking phone…) if you don’t share the emotion, please go spend your time doing something else somewhere else, but not here. This is a cool blog with cool people…ok?

  • lrodriguezx8

    I love you guys! Lol I’m a user that be on this blog 24/7 n don’t tell me my life aint hetic cause baby I’m a nypd!! Anyways!! I love!!

  • Upaid4BailOut

    Wonder if iPhone peeps got their panties in a wad over a few screenshots???

  • bobby

    Hey guys ya i agree with some of you guys and i disagree with some of you guys. I think that yeah if someone wants to be on here, its their buisness and they have the right to do whatever they want but i also think some people who are on here 24/7 need to chill out a little bit lol and not spend every second of everyday on here lol. thats jst my opinion tho lol!! Anywayz…Where can i get a nice protective case? i dont want a case thats like a pouch or anything but a case where i can use my g1 at the same time, something like a silicone…

  • bill

    This might be old news by now but to confirm what josh said, yes the only tmobile retail stores that will carry the phone are the ones in 3g areas. we had a meeting about the phone yesterday. got to play with the phone for a while, its really sweet. but yeah the best way to find out info instead of arguing is to just call customer care. we don’t have all the details yet but it doesnt hurt to ask.