More ninja screenshots…

Earlier this week boygenius gave us some screen shot love showing a “launch” date for the G1 from Best Buy. The only problem was the date didn’t make any sense, a Nov 16th launch just seemed like a particularly odd date.

Well, the good news is that date no longer exists as a new screen shot surfaces that shows a 10/22 launch a date we of course are all too familiar with. Thankfully T-mobile isn’t playing stubborn like Apple and seems willing to use all available sales channels right from the gate to put this into the hands of the customer. T-mobile has plans for 500,000 units sold before the end of the year, so using the broad reach of Best Buy’s mobile division can only help increase the chances that everyone might get some Android under their Christmas tree.

Update: We have NO idea how or if this affects pre-sales, so please its JUST a screenshot, NO jumping to conclusions, NO CALLING T-MOBILE, just wait and see what develops.


Thanks to who sent this in!