T-Mobile’s Ultra-Capacity 5G network leads in new Opensignal study


The (new) numbers are in! And once again, we’re seeing T-Mobile emerge on top of the list of a recently conducted study. 

Opensignal’s latest study proves T-Mo’s Ultra Capacity 5G network has better speed and coverage for its customers. 

The results of the study show that the download speeds of T-Mo’s Ultra Capacity 5G network have increased 40% in the last six months. In the meantime, its connections to 5G have more than tripled over the same period.

Compared to its rivals, there’s no doubt that T-Mobile has a huge head start with its 5G deployment. And this is something they are taking advantage of by widening its reach. As of this writing, T-Mobile has already deployed an average of 80MHz of mid-band 2.5GHz spectrum for Ultra Capacity 5G throughout the country. The Un-carrier is hoping to expand that to 100MHz before the year ends. 

To compare with its rivals, Verizon and AT&T will only be getting access to 60 and 40MHz of mid-band spectrum, respectively, by the end of 2021.    

In yesterday’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 event, T-Mobile President of Technology, Neville Ray, talked about the competitive 5G spectrum gap in a keynote speech. You can read more about this here


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Scott

    When it works!! I recently purchased the iPhone 13 Max Pro and live within the downtown area of Charlotte. This is one of the fastest reported cities in the T-Mobile Network. The coverage is excellent, routinely see “5GUC” icon on my phone but even with full bars the connection is routinely dead when trying to use browser or apps. I’m forced to turn airplane mode on and off to force reconnection and reestablish internet connection, so frustrating. That said, when it does work it’s blazing fast… T-Mobile/Apple need to figure out what this issue with 5GUC, many others are reporting on Reddit, so the internet connection isn’t as buggy as it currently is.

    • Terrence Thompkins

      This is an issue with that iPhone. The 12 does not have that issue for me. Im from Charlotte as well. My Note20 also gets a good signal

      • Joe

        I am in Charlotte area as well and with s20 and sometimes the phone does get stuck and does not connect to 5GUC when is can and the internet is unusable even when there exists good internet.

    • Shaun Michalak

      If I remember right, the Iphone 12 had similar issues when it first came out.. Then Apple did a major update on the phone and it fixed a lot of the bugs that went with it, and service dramatically got better on 5G after that.

  • Willie D

    They can deploy all the capacity and spectrum they can throw at it, but none of it means anything unless they densify their cell sites and start offering indoor coverage. Yes, T-Mobile STILL blows for indoor coverage, even on that pretty 5G in low band. Mid band and High band dont exist save for outside use on a few blocks – where I live.

    • Glenn Gore

      You hit the nail right on the head. The tower that serves our town is 6 miles out in the country putting out LTE on Band 2 and 5G on Band 71. Within a mile of the site you can get 180 Mbps data, but by the time you get into town, you only have 1 bar of service that might be LTE instead of 5G, and only 8-12 Mbps data. It should be noted that there are no houses within that 1-mile radius of the site, it’s just the highway.

      AT&T and Verizon both have sites IN town, with far higher data rates, although neither offers 5G and probably won’t for years. So why stick with T-Mobile, even though they offer 5G if they do not make the effort to serve customers with decent service IN town? I ask myself that question a lot, and so far am sticking with T-Mobile, but my patience is wearing really thin. The rural coverage is great, I like having service along the highway, but they need to make an effort to serve the town as well. The other carriers have. I understand it’s a delicate balance, but AT&T and Verizon both have equipment on that country tower, so T-Mobile needs to have equipment on the one in town as well.

      We went to a restauran in a nearby town yesterday evening that has the same situation, a tower 7 miles out in the country that supposedly serves the town. By the time we got to the restaurant in the middle of town, we had lost T-Mobile signal entirely, nothing at all. I’m sorry but these situations indicate a serious problem that T-Mobile needs to address pronto, which is site placement and density.

  • Joe

    Lately 5G has been much better then a year ago and there is alot more mid band 5g that I get a minimum of 250mbs on.