Report: T-Mobile making “Cross Channel Returns” option available soon


Things appear to be changing for T-Mobile thanks to a recently leaked document. According to the slides, T-Mo could soon offer “Cross Channel Returns.”

As explained in The T-Mo Report, this will allow customers to make in-store trade-ins, returns, and store pickup for orders that were placed online and ordinary channels. According to the report, the leaked slides corroborate a recent post on the T-Mobile subreddit. The post suggested that “Cross Channel Returns” will be launched by T-Mo on November 10th.  

With this option, it will make things a lot easier for customers. If you are one, this will give you freedom to pick up return and trade-in orders at store locations that you place online. Or vice versa. 

By making this option available to customers, T-Mobile hopes that it “will eliminate a competitive disadvantage.” This is in reference to its rivals, who already offer these features. 

If the subreddit post is to be believed, the program could start on November 10th. 


Source: The T-Mo Report


  • lomsha

    TMobile employees are already bitching about this lol.

    • christopher wheeler

      Yes, naturally people are upset when you ask them to work harder for less money. It’s not like a Walmart pickup where we’re just handing someone a box and wishing them good luck. And this change is riddled with logistic issues. There’s no notification system of appointments scheduled online for the employees or time to prepare these orders and they send us such little inventory of devices compared to their online sales that I guarantee you from the moment this is launched it will create a bad experience for the customers who will run into on a daily occurrence of “yes when you placed your order we had the phone you wanted in stock but my coworker sold the last model we had in stock moments before you arrived so let’s spend a half an hour on hold for customer support to tell us that phone you picked out is also on back order because of supply chain constraints and will be delivered to you in about 2-3 weeks”. On top of that We’re tracked for number of box conversions we get against the number of people walk in and out of the door so now we have more foot traffic for an already insane metric that we are bitched about by several regional managers on the daily. We’re so under staffed us in retail too that I’ve spent several days skipping lunch and breaks just to get through lines of customers who could be reading the same instructions we have to setup these new phones up. So yeah unless other things can change adding more to our already strenuous job description isn’t ideal and we should be able to voice that concern.

      • Sharti24

        Don’t all tmobile employees make over $20 an hr plus commission? Still Sounds like a good gig to me

        • Kaulana1989

          It’s for USA phone support only

      • Bklynman

        You can blame whoever came up the brilliant idea for ppl to take assessment
        test when applying for a job with Tmo.
        Recently someone who has job apply to 60 different companies,(he did this to see what would happen) 15 companies call him,only one call him for a interview, of course he didn’t get the job. Not sure if he applied for Tmo.
        You look up Andrew Cartwright on you tube,that where got this information. Just think how many ppl are applying to work for tmo,come across this dumbass test,that doesn’t have any real world situations on it. If you want to know more about this test,just go to y/t it will come up. The only way to past this test is to lie.

        • The One

          Yeah, I tried to get a part time job at TMO or ATT a few years ago to make some extra money on the side. They both made me take a test with 50 questions that had nothing to do with my experience or capabilities. Unless you answer “extremely positive” on every one, you’ll never get a call for an interview. For those who haven’t tried it, this is not a simple weed out test to avoid wasting time with useless people. This test weeded out a self proclaimed phone nerd, with an engineering degree and masters in business. Your loss TMO.

  • CastleGrumpy

    About freakin… time.
    Everyone else works together to make a seamless experience between Online & Physical store.
    Walmart does it.
    Home Depot does it.
    Costco does it.
    Best buy does it.
    T-Mobile needs to do it too.
    It’s been incredible frustrating when one or other won’t help because the Teams won’t cooperate.

  • Fan_Atl77

    In earnest, the in-store experience is not always the best and we prefer either ordering online, OR placing our orders with Customer Care…