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Report: T-Mobile making “Cross Channel Returns” option available soon


Things appear to be changing for T-Mobile thanks to a recently leaked document. According to the slides, T-Mo could soon offer “Cross Channel Returns.”

As explained in The T-Mo Report, this will allow customers to make in-store trade-ins, returns, and store pickup for orders that were placed online and ordinary channels. According to the report, the leaked slides corroborate a recent post on the T-Mobile subreddit. The post suggested that “Cross Channel Returns” will be launched by T-Mo on November 10th.  

With this option, it will make things a lot easier for customers. If you are one, this will give you freedom to pick up return and trade-in orders at store locations that you place online. Or vice versa. 

By making this option available to customers, T-Mobile hopes that it “will eliminate a competitive disadvantage.” This is in reference to its rivals, who already offer these features. 

If the subreddit post is to be believed, the program could start on November 10th. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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