T-Mobile is back with new “If 5G Were” comparison


T-Mobile is back with another one of its If 5G Were… comparison series. 

This time, the Un-Carrier has decided to compare their 5G network with its rivals through the use of… ice cream! Yes, you read that right– Ice Cream. 

If you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, T-Mobile’s “If 5G Were…” series compares T-Mo’s 5G network with its rivals to that of ordinary objects. The network provider previously used ice sculptures and blankets to compare their 5G network with the ones offered by AT&T and Verizon. And now, they are back in comparing these with ice cream.

For this leg in the series, T-Mobile went to North Avenue Beach in Chicago and let people choose their ice cream: 

  • 4 scoops of Berry Fast 5G – T-Mobile
  • 2 scoops of Basic Blue – AT&T
  • 1 scoop of Last-Place Licorice – Verizon

And T-Mo even let the visitors get the 5G Scoop themselves.

This is in celebration with T-Mobile’s recent recognition for gaining the top spot in Opensignal’s report and Ookla’s report with the fastest 5G speed and most available network in the country. 

It’s exciting to see what T-Mobile will be using in the next comparison series. 


Source: T-Mobile


  • Fan_Atl77

    LOL, LOL, you Got to Love it, LOL

  • Shaun Michalak

    I would say that T-Mobiles 5G just might be getting faster pretty soon.. It seems Dish made a contract with AT&T to use them as a primary service for their customers, and not use T-Mobile unless there is no other coverage.. I guess Dish is really pissed at T-Mobile.. But if all Dish customers go over to AT&T for main coverage, that is going to free up a lot of bandwidth for T-Mobile customers, for better service.. The only thing that I know of that T-Mobile will be losing in bandwidth is the extra band 71 bandwidth they they are leasing from Dish.. But I would guess that is minor compared to what their customers are using.

    • MissedCall

      Odd, there’s nothing on the “T-Mobile News” webpage about the AT&T news that took 5% off the stock price.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Here is a quote from the first part of an article about it from just one site.. Oh yea.. and yes, I did send in a link about the article, but that does not mean anything will be done with it..

        Dish Network has forged a new multi-year deal worth at least $5 billion
        that makes AT&T its primary network services partner for Dish’s MVNO
        customers, and casts Dish’s erstwhile wireless partner, T-Mobile,
        further toward the outskirts.

        Under the deal, Dish said it will provide current and future customers
        of its retail wireless brands, including Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile and
        Republic wireless, access to AT&T’s wireless network, in addition to
        national 5G network Dish is building. AT&T has also signed on to
        provide transport and roaming services to support Dish’s 5G network,
        which is set to initially debut in Las Vegas.
        Dish, which had 8.89 million retail wireless subs at the end of Q1
        2021, today also reaffirmed its commitment to build its open RAN-based
        5G network to 70% of the US population by 2023.

        Among other details noted in the SEC filing
        pertaining to the new, non-exclusive network services agreement (NSA),
        Dish’s retail wireless customers will have access to AT&T’s network,
        even within the markets where Dish is deploying its own 5G network.

        The NSA also provides AT&T with an avenue to deploy “portions” of
        Dish’s spectrum to support Dish customers on the AT&T network.
        AT&T has “the right, but not the obligation, to request to use
        portions of Dish’s spectrum in different markets for an agreed upon
        period of time, subject to certain terms and conditions,” the filing
        states. MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett stressed in a research
        note today that AT&T would face some hurdles there, as AT&T
        would likely be required to negotiate with the towers to deploy any of
        Dish’s spectrum.

        • marque2

          Sometimes a customer is too much of a pain to work with. TMobile got rid of a headache. Short term pain with loss of revenue. Long term gain losing a parasite early

        • Shaun Michalak

          I personally laughed at the part where they talked about how Dish was going with AT&T because they were mad at T-Mobile for dropping 3G service, yet AT&T does not even offer that CDMA service to start off with.. So what really did they have to gain?? The irony of it just made me laugh..

    • We really want see drastic improvements until Sprint 3G network is shut down and refarmed

      • Shaun Michalak

        I never said that it would be drastic.. Just that I would expect some performance increases..

    • marque2

      I am not sure why an article about Dish leaving 5 TMobile wasn’t posted. It would have definitely generated a lot of posts.

      • Shaun Michalak

        True.. and they could not say that it was not T-Mobile news, because it is basically a break of contract.. Well, not literally a break, but more a drop of service with a contract with them, on the T-Mobile network.. I guess since T-Mobile was not the main part of it, and at the top, middle, and bottom of the article, it was not newsworthy enough??

  • NotFooled

    Try comparing with the 2G service that you get overseas in the 210+ countries. That’s what a lot of the so called coverage is like in the US where you state there is 5G