T-Mobile follows “If 5G Were…” comparison series with blankets


In continuing with its “If 5G Were…” comparison series, T-Mobile has once again come up with a new way to compare its own 5G network with its rivals. 

This time, T-Mobile is using blankets to show the difference between their 5G network and that of Verizon. 

T-Mobile shares that its 5G network is able to cover 1.6 million square miles of the country, which is over double the size of AT&T’s network and almost four times the size of Verizon’s. 

And by using blankets to make that reference, T-Mobile showed a mannequin wrapped in a hooded magenta cloak with T-Mobile’s “T” logo on the back. Right beside it is another figure draping a black towel over its shoulders with a white “verwhyzon” written on one side. 

T-Mobile explains that when they say 5G for ALL, they truly mean it. T-Mobile writes that they want everyone in the country to be blanketed in their 5G coverage and “we’re already well on our way to making that a reality.”

With this blanket comparison, T-Mobile is literally covering the country with its 5G network. 


Source: T-Mobile

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