Ookla confirms T-Mobile is top carrier for fastest 5G speed and most available network


Right after Opensignal revealed that T-Mobile has the fastest and most available 5G network in the country, another report released data that shows the same results. 

The report, released by Ookla, confirms yesterday’s news that T-Mobile customers get the fastest 5G speeds and spend more time connected to 5G compared to other customers. This is the 6th report this year that shows T-Mobile’s leading numbers when it comes to 5G speed and coverage. 

According to Ookla’s report, T-Mobile’s 5G median download speeds have increased over 21% during Q2 and now reaches around 100Mbps. This data shows how T-Mobile’s 5G strategy is working. After building a foundation of far-reaching coverage across the country, T-Mobile has added a deep layer of speed with Ultra Capacity 5G. 

Ookla’s report also lands T-Mobile on either the first or tied for first spot in every mobile category. This means that T-Mobile ranks as the top wireless carrier for 5G speed and availability. The report also shows that T-Mo customers get the most consistent overall network speeds nationwide and have one of the fastest latency (network response times).

“T-Mobile customers are the clear winners coming out of these network reports, with unmatched 5G coverage and 5G speeds that keep getting faster. Our differentiated 5G strategy of first building a foundation of coverage and then adding a deep layer of speed with Ultra Capacity 5G focuses on what matters most for customers — coverage and speed. This is how you build a 5G network the right way and this is why T-Mobile is the leader in 5G.” – Neville Ray, T-Mobile President of Technology. 

You can read the full report here


Source: T-Mobile


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  • TacticalJes

    T-Mobile speeds in my area were absolutely abysmal. We have had “5G” for quite some time, but speeds are 1-3Mbit at best. I have had to disable 5G on my phone so it was somewhat usable. We were also on vacation across the US recently and it was the same story every location we were at. We traveled just over 5,000 miles so you think some spots would be better, no..

    However, today something magical happened, I am able to hit 300Mbit easily on my phone. So, they upgraded something and hopefully this is a new trend for everyone else in “5G”.