T-Mobile receives third recognition this month for its 5G speed and availability


And yet again, T-Mobile lands on the top spot of another independent report. 

Today, Opensignal has released its latest report that collects data based on real world customer usage from millions of device measurements. According to the data released, T-Mobile has the fastest and most available 5G signal compared to everyone else. 

The data also showed that T-Mobile’s 5G download speeds jumped by up to 23% while its rivals remained an unchanged number since the start of the year. This echoes the previous report released by another independent study, Ookla, who shared the same findings just a few weeks ago. 

“Network report after network report continue to show T-Mobile delivers the fastest and most widely available 5G to customers,” said T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray. “The inescapable fact is that T-Mobile is the 5G leader, but don’t just take my word for it. The multiple independent reports based on real customer network experiences show the same thing too.”

As revealed by Opensignal’s report, T-Mobile’s average 5G download speed has increased by almost 23% since the start of the year. This is the second consecutive time that T-Mobile’s 5G has been ranked by Opensignal as the fastest and most available. In this month alone, the Un-Carrier received a total of three independent network benchmarking reports that give credit to its 5G speed and availability. Aside from Opensignal and Ookla, this same results were shared by umlaut at the start of the month. 

You can read more about Opensignal’s study here.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Verizonthunder

    I’ve been very satisfied with the network quality from T-mobile. From the city to my work in the suburbs pulling an average of 388mbps download and 57mbps on my Z fold 2.

  • Shaun Michalak

    I think what drags T-mobile’s scores down is the fact that they use so much band 71 for 5G coverage.. and until they get more then just band 71 on those towers, it will continue to hurt the other parts of their scores.. Yea, they may have more coverage because of it.. But can anyone honestly say that without band 41 on there, that the band 71 5G is really better then if they just put it all under 4G service?? I doubt it.

    • Willie D

      N71 for NSA results in literally UMTS speeds 600kbps-5mbps (HSPA 3 type).
      N71 for SA results in NO DATA AT ALL
      N41 for NSA results in LTE proposed speeds of 30-160mbps (still slower than Gigabit LTE)
      N41 for SA does not exist yet.

      The fact TMo is more focused on N71 and the claim they have Standalone when it doesn’t even work at all is going to be a killer for them. Unless they quickly turn B2, 4, 66 into 5G without relying on N71 at all they’re essentially going to die off. They aren’t deploying nor increasing density for N41 to offer the speeds and coverage the other bands can as a stop gap. But hey TMo is more focused on showing a signal even if the connection doesn’t work at all just to be 1st for 5G than they are at actually delivering a working network first.

      • Shaun Michalak

        But the thing is, right now, they are getting better results because of leased band 71 use.. When those leases end, there goes their reliability with a data backbone to cover all their users..

        I do not think it is soo much that SA does not work at all, but from things I am seeing, it has 2 flaws right now.. It is back to 2 and 3G problems, meaning it can only do one thing at a time.. That is why it has to drop back to using 4G for multiple applications at the same time. But just by itself,m you can lose the 4G stuff and still just use data.. or just make a call.. Just not both at the same time, and have it work good and right.. and until they get VoNR up and working, and phones that support it, that is going to continue to be a problem..

        The second problem is software problems.. Just like what just happened with Apple products.. The network was buggy and connections were crap.. Then they did a software update on the phone, and suddenly a lot of those problems went away.. the vendors are still having these problems with their phones, and until they can get them all, from all types of phones, fixed so they work right, that is really holding them back too.

  • beth

    5g is a joke. Even if u are located in the few full 5g covered areas, the LTE 4g is still miles faster. I didn’t buy my phone for 5g as no one should, but I expected better service than my prior mint mobile at $25 a mo, its not. Same speed and same dead spots in a packed city area whilst paying 3x more. In NYC, I had 5bars /5g today yet google search fails to load and I also randomly get offline error at home with 4bars in NJ on mobile network only and on 2 differ phones. Tmo has been horrid since I switched so I’m looking elsewhere. On top of it their July update turned the LG v60 to widevine l3 which means no HD streaming is possible . just blurry 480p video.

  • Willie D

    At this point I’m convinced and pretty positive that TMo is paying for so called results that show their favor. Their network just isn’t as strong as AT&T or Verizon or even legacy Sprint at this point. The speeds aren’t there, availability may show signal but actual connectivity isn’t meaning availability isn’t real. This is pretty typical of their network in my city. Only reason I stay is because… you know what, I don’t know.

  • 652mbps download in Cola, SC fastest DL speeds yet on 5G

    • DuckDuckGoose

      Where I am located I am getting 600-700mbps down with the 2.5Mhz band, very exciting to see.