T-Mobile receives third recognition this month for its 5G speed and availability


And yet again, T-Mobile lands on the top spot of another independent report. 

Today, Opensignal has released its latest report that collects data based on real world customer usage from millions of device measurements. According to the data released, T-Mobile has the fastest and most available 5G signal compared to everyone else. 

The data also showed that T-Mobile’s 5G download speeds jumped by up to 23% while its rivals remained an unchanged number since the start of the year. This echoes the previous report released by another independent study, Ookla, who shared the same findings just a few weeks ago. 

“Network report after network report continue to show T-Mobile delivers the fastest and most widely available 5G to customers,” said T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray. “The inescapable fact is that T-Mobile is the 5G leader, but don’t just take my word for it. The multiple independent reports based on real customer network experiences show the same thing too.”

As revealed by Opensignal’s report, T-Mobile’s average 5G download speed has increased by almost 23% since the start of the year. This is the second consecutive time that T-Mobile’s 5G has been ranked by Opensignal as the fastest and most available. In this month alone, the Un-Carrier received a total of three independent network benchmarking reports that give credit to its 5G speed and availability. Aside from Opensignal and Ookla, this same results were shared by umlaut at the start of the month. 

You can read more about Opensignal’s study here.


Source: T-Mobile

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