T-Mobile unveils new SyncUP TRACKER device


T-Mobile has introduced its newest product today that adds to its SyncUP line. The new device, called SyncUP TRACKER, is a device that keeps track of your valuable items through the use of T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network.

According to data gathered by T-Mobile, the average American spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost items, collectively costing U.S. holds $2.7 billion annually in replacement costs. T-Mo wants to do its part in lowering this number by allowing their customers to keep track of their important devices. 

“SyncUP TRACKER brings peace of mind to customer’s most prized possessions and valuables, which is why we’re putting the power of our network behind it,” said T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Staneff. “From families to cars to now things, T-Mobile’s network is connecting just about anything — because it has the power and reliability customers can depend on.”

The good thing about SyncUP TRACKER is that it does not rely on Bluetooth connectivity to track your things. By using T-Mobile’s LTE network, the device you’re tracking can be found just about anywhere. You won’t even need to be in range or near a smartphone to work. 

Some of the features available with the SyncUP TRACKER include the following:

  • Location Tracking
  • Virtual Boundaries
  • Ring When Lost
  • Customizable Profiles
  • Light Sensor
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Setup

The SyncUP TRACKER will be available in T-Mobile stores starting Friday, May 7th. Each one costs $2.50/month (Full retail price: $60) for well-qualified customers under T-Mobile’s no-interest Equipment Installment Plan for 24 months. You can also pair this with data for $5/month with AutoPay. 


Source: T-Mobile 


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