T-Mobile reveals plans to expand to retail stores in rural areas


During its Virtual Analyst Day event, T-Mobile revealed its plans to further its position as the 5G leader in the country. But in addition to that, the Un-Carrier announced that it is getting ready for a “significant expansion” of its “addressable markets.” 

One of its goals is to take a “multi-pronged” approach at improving subscriber numbers by making their services and products available to potential customers based in smaller markets and rural areas.

Apart from building “hundreds” of T-Mobile-branded stores over the next five years, the Un-Carrier will be partnering with Best Buy and Walmart. To be more specific, the two retail giants will be carrying T-Mobile’s products soon. 

Almost 1,000 (each) Walmart and Best Buy stores situated in rural America will be selling these products, including its prepaid brand, Metro by T-Mobile. 

In addition to offering its prepaid products in retail stores, T-Mobile plans to open close to 500 new Metro by T-Mobile brick and mortar stores and “multi-carrier” stores before the end of 2021. These multi-carrier stores will carry brands owned by T-Mobile, including T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro by T-Mobile. This is their aggressive strategy to “reach new consumers” who would be interested in their products and services. 

According to a report, there are already four existing T-Mobile stores situated in rural areas that are being referred to as trial stores since these will carry Metro systems. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with this move by T-Mobile. The NWIDA has since been critical about T-Mobile’s strategy, which suggests that they are eliminating independent Metro stores. As of this writing, the group has been speaking with the FTC and lawyers. 


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