Report: T-Mobile has largest and fastest 5G network in the country


T-Mobile bags a new recognition today for its 5G download and upload speeds. According to the results of a survey, the Un-Carrier delivers the fastest average 5G speeds in the country. 

The survey comes from independent data collected by Opensignal using real-world customer usage. Based on their findings, T-Mobile customers get the fastest 5G download and upload speeds, as well as being able to get a 5G signal more often than anyone else. 

The same findings were discovered by another research firm, umlaut (formerly P3), with its multiple major markets such as Houston, Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC. The research firm found that T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network clocked in at 218 Mbps across the four cities and also reached 315 Mbps in Washington, DC. 

T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, shared this statement about the new recognition:

“From the word ‘go’, we’ve been the leader in 5G coverage, and now we’re piling on the speed with Ultra Capacity 5G — first in 5G coverage, now first in 5G speed.”

Ray also shared that they were able to blanket the country in 5G last year and that they are now “layering on the capacity and speed.” 

“We closed out 2020 with over 100 million people covered with our Ultra Capacity 5G and we will extend this deployment nationwide by the end of 2021. THIS is how you build the best 5G network in the country, and we are just getting started.”


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  • David Cosgrove

    False Reporting- 7.7 down to 13 down , 28 up Fort Worth 5g

    • riverhorse

      False claim of false reporting- 456 down, 46 up nyc.
      Whoomp, there it is, whoomp there it is.

      • Francisco Peña

        False claim of false claim of false reporting.
        5g – 2.75/0.43
        or 0.76/8.86
        or 3.12/0.19

        All in Tampa. FL area.

        Highest speeds non-wifi i’ve gotten since October (new S20FE) is 188 down on LTE. highest 5G is 141.

        • riverhorse

          My speed faster than yours. The point was it’s still early some areas still suck…heck, some areas have zero signal of any kind still.
          Hope you get relief soon.

        • Glenn Gore

          Cosgrove is paying the exact same price for his pitiful data rates as you are for your fantastic data rates. So, is he getting his money’s worth? Is he getting the same quality of service as you are for his money? Would you be getting your money’s worth if you happened to be traveling through or going to his area for work and needed good data service for it?

          I think the answers to all these questions is a resounding NO, and therein lies the problem in the old cop-out of “It all depends on location”. These companies have never and are not giving each of their customers the same quality of service and value while paying the exact same money, and that is a huge problem. Like you, I hope they fix it soon, but I have doubts.

        • marque2

          OK, Cosgrove should switch to a carrier that provides better service in the areas where he/she/zer lives and works. Or he/she/zer can just dump cell and use land lines, or VOIP over cable.

          That would solve the inequity. That or Biden should start a government spectrum fairness program to guarantee everyone gets equal, but lousy service.

        • Francisco Peña

          My LTE in some of those areas is equally as bad.

        • riverhorse

          This is why I also have $25 Unlimited backups from both Verizon & at&t mvno’s.
          I see no other alternative, especially for road warriors.

          And all this social justice garbage that keeps graffiting everything in sight, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re also messing with equipment.

  • Shaun Michalak

    I always laugh when I see people respond with things like “false”, or something like that, because they do not see the results of studies.. I am not sure what is to hard to understand that it is an “average”, not a guarantee that everyone gets them.. Yea, my speeds suck.. But if I get 10 megs down, and the next 2 people get 100 megs down, then that is 210 between 3 people, or an average of 70 megs down. Just because I do not see those 70 megs down, does not mean that the average of 70 is false.. It just means that my area sucks for speeds, and someone elses is pretty good. nothing more.. nothing less..

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      Maybe it has something to do with the govt telling T-Mobile to stop claiming they have the fastest network.

      • Shaun Michalak

        well, with that way of thinking, right now, T-Mobile has proved that they have the fastest 5G.. But that is probably based on the mass amounts of people using their 5G where they have band 41 installed, because they only have it installed in cities.. But at the same time, verizon was bragging about their 5G being faster when they only had mmWave installed.. so technically, they were faster.. But if they cover less then 1% of the population, it really does not mean much.. That is where T-mobile gets their bragging rights.. They install it on a tower, and they cover 1 mile of service, vs 1/2 a block with a single tower from Verizon’s mmWave. If there were a lot of people in rural areas that tested T-Mobiles 5G, it would bomb out as bad as Verizon did once they put it up on their towers..

      • marque2

        The government told them not to advertise? What?

    • g2a5b0e

      Exactly. People literally act like their miniscule corner of the globe represents everyone & they can’t see beyond that.

      • marque2

        The funny part is – and I admit, I get caught up in this – the funny part is that almost no-one needs phone speeds greater than 20mb/s anyway. So you can get 200mb/s on speed check – so what – how does that make your Netflix streaming or youtube any better? I suppose downloading a movie would take seconds rather than 2 – 3 minutes – but seriously.

        I try to get newer technology for the range. I drive a lot and there are still dead spots, and at my work lots of dead spots. I have noticed since I bought my phone about 6 months ago there are more and more spots in my office where I get reception. I have to admit my first week with the phone I was disappointed.

        • Shaun Michalak

          That is the exact reason why I upgraded my 3G phone to a 4G one years ago, and why I then upgraded to a 4G with band 71 support later.. It took time for me to see improvements with the band 71 phone, but after I did, I was happy that I had made the upgrade.. I am just waiting for things to get settled more with 5G, and upgrades updated more before I put money into a 5G phone.

    • David D

      Must be nice to get 10, what I find funny is all the tmo fanboys who complain about those who complain. Just because YOU get great service, does not mean others do!

      • Glenn Gore

        That’s why these studies and reports from outfits like Opensignal et al are so important, they give an average of the cellphone company’s performance across the country, rural/urban, interstate/US & state highways, small towns and city centers, everywhere. They find the pockets of 10 Mbps and the pockets of 200 Mbps, average them out, and give their results.

        And of course those results that state an overall company average of maybe 30 Mbps offend those who get 200 Mbps, thinking it makes their precious carrier look bad, and make the ones who see 10 Mbps long for something better and wonder why they are paying the same price for their horrible service as the person getting the 200 Mbps.

      • Shaun Michalak

        sorry, but i do not get anywhere near 10 where i am at… i just did a test, and I got 2.8 megs down.. but just wait until lunch time, or people get out of work.. it will get much worse.. so if you consider under 3 megs down great service.. well, i feel sorry for you..

        on a side note, while i know my service is crappy where i am at, i have had other places, on other towers, where i have done speed tests and, at times, got closer to 80megs down.. so i understand, yes, some peoples service sucks, and others have great service.. but the fact is, it does not change my original statement, nor does it make it wrong.. Yes, some peoples service sucks, but just because mine, or your service sucks, it does not mean that everyones does.. and therefore, the fact is, my comment was accurate.

  • mikeZo6

    Again Not what T-mobile promised with 5G speeds at present Time.
    needs tons of work !

    • shawn murray

      I MEAN they have delivered i am getting 100megs around a lot of LA

  • Glenn Gore

    In their response to these test results, T-Mobile was VERY careful to not mention the fact that the average speed of the tests was a mere 58 Mbps, which is FAR less than what their existing LTE service delivers in a lot of places, even where 5G is available. Considering the very large amount of spectrum, both low-band and mid-band that T-Mobile now owns, these numbers are quite pitiful.

    I used to say that I thought the reason for these horribly low numbers was the lack of adequate back-haul at each site, but when LTE offers 2-3 times the data rate of 5G at a particular site that is in an area where T-Mobile owns 30 Mhz of 600 Mhz spectrum, back-haul cannot be the problem. The problem must then be the under-use of the owned spectrum because of some sort of pre-determined base-level of service that T-Mobile intends to deploy on 5G at that location. Maybe they do not intend to provide anything better on 5G at that location because of population or usage.

    This would be creating different classes of service based on location, which I don’t think is a good thing. All users expect, and demand, the same service wherever they are, living or traveling through. They are all paying the same price, so they are correct in demanding the same service.

    • marque2

      I don’t know if that is particularly true any more. 6 months ago I occasionally saw 4g at twice the speed of 5g, but as of late 5g is the same or faster. I get around too – this isn’t just the tower near my home. If you are still having problems like that I would suggest – looking at your phone – do you have all the updates – did you swap out your SIM card this year …

      • Glenn Gore

        I see LTE speeds much higher than 5G all the time. Not everywhere, there are a few places where 5G is higher but not many. I did go to a T-Mobile store and got the new SIM card and my phone, a McLaren OnePlus, has all the updates.

        I understand that they do not feel the need to devote too much spectrum to 5G as there aren’t that many 5G phones in use right now, but that is changing rapidly as all new phones now contain 5G capability, so if they are going to hype 5G as being this fantastic new thing that is the greatest thing since sliced bread, when people find out that 5G is less capable or not much better than current LTE, it is not good for the company’s reputation. Low-band has its limits, but millimeter-wave isn’t available anywhere and neither is mid-band, so perhaps lowering customers’ expectation a bit might be good, but they aren’t about to do that of course.

        • marque2

          I agree it was oversold, but I am seeing steady improvements as time goes on. Of course I would like Tmobile to upgrade 10x as fast – but being an adult, I realize that is not practical.

          No-one has good 5g at the moment, and as for those that do T-Mobile is really the only company that is supporting true 5g – the others are all band splitting, or in Verizon’s case, band splitting and occasionally using mmWave that allows access for half a block rather than several miles.

        • Glenn Gore

          Yeah, I think it was quite telling that there wasn’t a peep from any of the carriers about 5G amongst the CES hoopla. They all know they’ve got nothing of significance yet as far as 5G goes, and all the testing being done by these outfits is only confirming that fact, no matter what their marketing departments and engineering chiefs are saying. The one carrier that is in “good” shape right now is T-Mobile with their widespread Band 71 5G but it in no way is better than LTE in its current state.

        • Mr. Small

          4G LTE evolved the same way so this isn’t an issue. It was not that much faster than HSDPA when it was first rolled out. I’ve been with T-Mobile pre LTE and they have been on point the entire time. I have ZERO expectation that 5G will be mature at this stage of its deployment, regardless of the carrier. Once mid band is rolled out in any meaningful way, and its on stand alone signal, it’ll be miles faster.

    • Shaun Michalak

      They may have 30mhz of band 71, but how much is used for 5G.. You have to remember, in a lot of places, if not most places, they have part of it used for 4G and part for 5G.. If they have 30mhz, and 10 is used for 4G, that only leaves 20 for 5G.. But then adding in that 4G also uses bands 2, 4, 12, and 66 too.. I can easily see why 4G would be faster.

  • pda96

    Man, if TMO has the best 5G network in the country, then the rest must be non-existent. From my observation, TMO’s 5G coverage is severely lacking and its speed is no better than 4G LTE most of the time. Let’s face it, 5G is just a marketing gimmick right now. Give it another 2 yrs or so.

    • mreveryphone

      Same thing happened when 4G LTE was deployed. It’ll even out with time.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Considering that AT&T and Verizon is using DSS for their 5G, which still comes back to using 4G for service.. Not to mention that their 5G gives preference to 4G connections, so 4G connections are faster then their 5G connections.. Well, I can easily see how why 5G is just as slow as 4G.. After all, if you start with 100mhz of spectrum with 4G, and then have 100 for use on both 4G and 5G networks, you really can not speed things up without adding some extra spectrum..

      This is where T-Mobile is doing it right, yet has speed problems at the same time.. Their 5G is on dedicated, not shared spectrum.. But at the same time, most of their coverage is on slower band 71, so until they get band 41 installed on those towers too, that means limited spectrum and speeds for 5G until they do.

    • Chris P Bacon

      Don’t know where you are, you don’t say. Speedtest regularly pings for me at over 100mbps down in suburban Toledo. I’m on 5G more often than not here. Detroit, Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Indy and in between. I’m loving TMOs 5G coverage and speed. Can’t tell what Verizon’s coverage is here because their map for Nationwide 5G “includes 4G LTE coverage”. Could be a block or two of the square miles they claim has 5G coverage. But it’s likely just a few blocks.

  • marque2

    That isn’t the government it is a corrupt BBB division.

  • David D

    Our 5G is slower than 4G, we usually have to turn off the 5G in order to use data.

  • vinnyjr

    My LTE & 5G speeds are constantly over 100 mgb. Getting faster every day. I’m very happy with T-Mobile. THANK YOU T-Mobile, THANK YOU John Legere.