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Report: T-Mobile has largest and fastest 5G network in the country


T-Mobile bags a new recognition today for its 5G download and upload speeds. According to the results of a survey, the Un-Carrier delivers the fastest average 5G speeds in the country. 

The survey comes from independent data collected by Opensignal using real-world customer usage. Based on their findings, T-Mobile customers get the fastest 5G download and upload speeds, as well as being able to get a 5G signal more often than anyone else. 

The same findings were discovered by another research firm, umlaut (formerly P3), with its multiple major markets such as Houston, Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC. The research firm found that T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network clocked in at 218 Mbps across the four cities and also reached 315 Mbps in Washington, DC. 

T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, shared this statement about the new recognition:

“From the word ‘go’, we’ve been the leader in 5G coverage, and now we’re piling on the speed with Ultra Capacity 5G — first in 5G coverage, now first in 5G speed.”

Ray also shared that they were able to blanket the country in 5G last year and that they are now “layering on the capacity and speed.” 

“We closed out 2020 with over 100 million people covered with our Ultra Capacity 5G and we will extend this deployment nationwide by the end of 2021. THIS is how you build the best 5G network in the country, and we are just getting started.”


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