Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Note 20 Ultra getting Android 11 update


T-Mobile continues to update select devices with the latest Android 11 update. 

Just recently, we learned that the devices that are getting an update include the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

These two devices have started to receive the update for Android 11 with One UI 3. T-Mobile has not yet updated its website to reflect the changes being made today.

If you are using either device, have you received the update already?


Thanks, Carlos and Robert!

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  • Verizonthunder

    After running the new Android 11 3.0 UI for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5g here are some pros and cons so far.

    + Keyboard layout accommodates the screen closed and especially open (portrait or landscape – device open)
    + Applications are more snappy to open and run.
    + Camera software is more showing especially in night mode.
    + Usability is finally accessible for the z fold 2 which needed Android 11 to adopt the hybrid use from candy bar to tablet style on the fly.
    + When using multi window while open, the transition is a snap instead of glide/push current running application.


    – Multi tasking windows was more of a pain until a two restart cycle.
    – Some applications are not fully set up still for multi window use (this falls on application devs to adopt Android 11 support)

    Battery life is still the same but, will see with a week of utilizing Android eleven.

    • Ruben Garcia

      Thanks for the report waiting for my new fold 2 cant wait. Waiting for weeks custome hinge desing.

      • Verizonthunder

        Plenty of cases if you need for your new smartphone. You will enjoy this device and the high res selfie takes some time to learn. Here are some tips

        High res selfie – when phone is closed. Select camera app. On the top right corner will say (selfie). Press and instructions on how to open device safely.

        To enable night mode. Select more option and night.

        For night mode selfies or pictures requires to stay in pose for few seconds (3-4) for the technology to adapt to surroundings.

        Make sure to enable rotate to adjust viewing from landscape to portrait. Note you can even move the multi windows to landscape or portrait too.

        By the way 120hz adapt will make streaming and gaming more indepth.

  • Mike Taylor

    I got the update last month for my note 20 ultra so not sure what the point is of this post?

    • Don Turner

      another update dropped last night in addition to the one from last month

      • rosedog

        3.1? I’m not seeing it yet.

    • Greg Victor

      Same here!

  • rosedog

    I was hoping this was the 3.1 update that was talking about. I got my A11/3.0 update last month too.

    • Camille S Eppstein