T-Mobile ships out Samsung Galaxy S21 earlier than planned


Good news to all who ordered a Samsung Galaxy S21 from T-Mobile. Your units will be arriving earlier than scheduled. 

One of our readers sent us a screenshot of his tracking details of his purchase. And sure enough, the unit arrived on his doorstep a few hours after. 

Originally, the units were said to start shipping on January 30th. But as witnessed by our reader, his new device arrived a couple of days early. 

If you pre-ordered one of these devices, did you receive a notification that your unit will be shipped early too? 


Thanks, Jesse!

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  • weidnerj

    Mine should be here in a few minutes. Two day air arrives in one day.

  • AXJ

    Our phones came in today, setting up now!

  • Joe

    I got my S21 Plus today and another family member gets there S21 tomorrow.

  • Rocketman27

    Anyone knows how to redeem the pre-order credit from Samsung (even if you pre-ordered from tmo)?

    • MachoMachoMan007

      Download the “Shop Samsung” app >> menu button >> inbox >> promotions. Then you should see something about checking your eligibility. Do this on the new phone and it’ll walk you through it after you sign in with your Samsung account. I submitted mine, and it says it can take 4-6 weeks, but I got an email 5hrs later saying they’re reviewing it and it would be 24-48hrs

      • Alexis Gonzalez

        Sweet, says I was approved and I ordered the S21 thru T-Mobile.

        • Francisco Peña

          yeah. Will take abit to get the credit, but it shows approved 30 minutes after I entered the info last night. Waiting to get the code so i can order the Buds Pro.

        • Chris Costello

          My code just arrived. This is quite the deal!

        • Reagan1

          Did you have to take a pic of a pre-order receipt and wait for approval? Got caught in a loop where pic wouldn’t accept…PITFA.

        • Chris Costello

          No receipt – they just wanted my imei and where/when I bought it

        • Reagan1

          Thx. They wanted a pic of a receipt or order form from me showing phone ordered, location, and date of order. Just my luck they’ll decline me for the $100 rewards.

        • Abel

          you bought the phone thru T-Mobile and Samsung gave you some kind of code/deal? What is the deal?

        • Chris Costello

          Yes. Register on the Shop Samsung app (the offer is in your inbox) and go through the steps. I got $100 w/ my s21

        • Francisco Peña

          I got mine too. With my Government discount, and code, I snagged the Buds Pro for $41 shipped. My daughter’s jaw dropped. I’ll be giving her my Aukey T10’s and keeping the Buds Pros.

          So now the next phone, I hope they offer a great deal for an S8 trade-in. Then we will all have newer models (S20FE, S21, and whatever’s next) for pennies on the dollar. .

      • Abel

        So what did you get?

        • MachoMachoMan007

          Still don’t know what to use it for lol. Credits are good until April 30 2021 so I got a bit of time

  • My s21 is still processing

  • Francisco Peña

    Got mine today. missed the delivery window of 3:15pm, more like 4pm.

  • beachtrax

    S212 Ultra. Out for delivery with FedEx.

  • Chris Costello

    Got mine today!

  • tvBilly

    My S21+ came this morning (1/27 10:30am NYC)

  • Prabir Mehta

    My S21 came last night. Will switch from my S9 this weekend.

    • pda96

      I traded in my S9 for the S21 as well. What a crazy sweet deal, right? My S21 came yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to open the package even :)

      • Mike Smith

        What was the deal?

        • pda96

          It was (is) a TMO promo. They gave me $800 for my S9. So the S21 was “free”. I only had to pay the sales tax on the $800.

        • Reagan1

          They probably hope a lot of people step up to the 256gb version…like I did…still a crazy sweet deal, esp with the $100 accessory gift from Sammy. S21 growing on me.

  • Reagan1

    Mine is supposed to come today (28th, East Coast). Switching out S9 for S21 256gb…basically a $144 phone with the TMO discounts. Still like the S9, so we’ll see. If don’t like the S21, it’s going back, esp since Sammy cheap’d out with accessories and no microSD.

    • If you register on the Samsung Shop app you can get a $100 reward to use on accessories.

      • Reagan1

        Yeah, thx. I just went thru that process (phone came) and it was a hassle for me and they still need to approve me for the $100 rewards. My luck, they’ll decline it for no reason. :)

        So far, don’t like even more Google crap on the phone and much prefer the finger scanner on the back of the phone like my S9…front makes no sense to me, esp if holding something in 1 hand and phone in the other. Oh well, I have ~14 days to play around with it and decide.

  • CarlKL

    Mine came last night (S21+). Something dumb I noticed: the microphone hole is too close to the SIM card slot and looks almost the same as the pin hole to open the tray which is onthe opposite side. I almost damaged the microphone but noticed on time. Very stup id design!!

    • Reagan1

      Thx for the head’s up!

    • pda96

      It doesn’t come with a pre-installed screen protector, correct?

      • CarlKL

        NO, no pre-installed screen protector like the S20+

    • EffortLess

      The Essential phone had a similar hole configuration problem, and many did damage the microphone because of it.

    • Spoonman73

      It’s been reported the microphone hole curves so you shouldn’t be able to damage the microphone unless you really go nuts and try to force something in there.

  • jcastill

    S21 Ulta 512 almost a month before it ships… Seems stock is pretty limited :( I really hope T-Mobile ships it before the timeframe, can’t wait…

    • Mike Smith

      I don’t think they expect to sell very many.

  • adam

    Any updates on people receiving their pre-ordered S21 ultras with 256gb? They tell me that they have plenty of the 128gbs, but the 256gb is backordered. Every day, the “estimated ship date” is delayed another day. Gotta love it.