T-Mobile’s previous TVision Home service will shut down in December


Now that T-Mobile’s revamped TVision live TV service has officially launched, the previous version of TVision has been given a shutdown date.

T-Mobile will shut down TVision Home on December 30 at 12:00 am PT / 3:00 am ET. According to an FAQ spotted by a Reddit user, existing customers do not need to call T-Mo or do anything else to cancel their TVision Home service because it’ll automatically end on December 30.

There will be deals available for TVision Home customers to help them transition to the new TVision. Existing T-Mobile postpaid subscribers who were signed up for TVision Home as of November 1 can get free access to TVision Live Zone and TVision Vibe through June 30, 2021. They can also receive a free TVision Hub for each TVision Home set-top box and lite box that they have.

If you’re a TVision Home customer but not subscribed to T-Mobile’s postpaid wireless service, there’s an offer for you, too. Folks who were subscribed to TVision Home as of November 1 can sign up for T-Mobile postpaid wireless service and get an Insider Hookup, which will get you 20% off your wireless service while you maintain a Magenta plan.

UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed to TmoNews that if a TVision Home subscriber is not currently a T-Mobile wireless customer, they will get free TVision Live Zone and TVision Vibe through June 30, 2021 in addition to the Insider Hookup discount of 20% off their wireless plan.

Both of these offers are available from November 13, 2020 through January 31, 2021.

TVision Home originally launched in April 2019 as T-Mobile’s version of the Layer3 TV service that T-Mo bought the year prior. It was available in fewer than 10 markets across the U.S. and T-Mobile never did much to expand TVision Home, though, and we had heard that T-Mobile was instead focusing on retooling and relaunching its TV service. Fast-forward to today and the new-look TVision is live, so it’s no surprise that the old TVision Home is being shut down.

With the deals that T-Mobile is offering to TVision Home subscribers, it’s clear that the carrier is pushing to help its new TVision streaming service grow. The TVision Live Zone plus Vibe bundle would normally cost $70 per month, which works out to hundreds in savings over six months, plus the TVision Hub is $50 each. And non-T-Mobile customers will get a discount that lasts even longer, getting 20% off as long as they stay on a Magenta plan.

Did you ever sign up for T-Mobile’s previous TVision Home service?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Vicky Stromberg

    I had a family member who had Layer3 TV service. I was pretty amazed, so I wrote a letter to John Legere and a few others about it.

    Later, at a law school event, I met Jeff Binder. Nice guy. Never heard back from Legere or Doug though. Not even a “Thank You”. I even branded it “T-Vision”.

    Over time, came to learn that Doug was having marital problems… Doug’s daughter found out he was using company email and had four mistresses on Tons O’ Fish and other dating sites. Doug also missed his mother-in-law’s funeral. Apparently he was in “New York” negotiating contracts or something, but it was also a time he was meeting a new mistress.

    All this was odd when I shared with neighbors because a neighbor works for Oakland-based MobiTV, who is the company that delivers the new streaming services, and they also met Doug and his family, kids.

    Now I’m hearing even more details from employees who work at Verizon and AT&T about Doug, his TV skills, and why HR apparently never got involved. It’s causing a lot of T-Mobile’s competitors to wonder about the company’s HR.

    I expect it to fade away like previous marketing campaigns Doug managed.

    • mckillio

      Does this story boil down to him using his work email for personal matters?

      • marque2

        It is OK to use work email for personnel matters.

    • Willie D

      So you’re telling us this story for what purpose?

    • Fan_Posting

      Who is Doug and what is the tie-in (connection) to Tmobile TVision streaming services? No offense, but we are lost…

    • riverhorse

      I’m available for any revenge affair scenario.

  • Lawrence C

    Off topic. Just got my November security patch for my unlocked note 20 ultra on T-Mobile. Anyone else got the notification.

  • Willie D

    So I guess they won’t be doing Live TV over 5G for the home. Just doing another high priced streaming offer is not solving anything more than being in direct competition with everyone else.

    • Glenn Gore

      Live or streaming TV would probably require way more back-haul capacity than T-Mobile has at all their sites. It’s amazing how much effect on data speeds is simply because the carriers do not have the back-haul capacity installed at each and every one of their sites to support what the site is actually capable of. Just because a site is broadcasting 5G does not mean that the site is not served by anything more than a very slow fiber or microwave connection, or worse, an old T1 line from ages ago. Yes, those connections do still exist, in more places that one would guess.

    • Acdc1a

      If plans starting at $10 are “high priced” then maybe it’s time to rethink life’s decisions.

  • Omegajb

    I’ve been using the Tvision home service for about two years and am disappointed it’s going away.
    I compared the new plans compared to what I currently have, yes I’ll save money, but I lose a lot of channels, many that my family enjoys.

    I’ll probably switch back to Fios for TV next month.

  • marque2

    I use Pluto for. Live streaming on my phone and Roku. It’s free and has enough entertainment for just about anybody

  • Vicky Stromberg

    T-Vision is super sexual.

    When I get home, I take the remote put it in my tight clint and scream out for Doug Chartier to place the board-approved NASDAQ work and NYSE go up and up.

    Often I’m let down though. I’m told with the 8 mistresses at work and 4 in Germany, he has a hard time keeping everyone happy.