T-Mobile TVision may cost more for subscribers on other carriers


Following today’s TVision announcement, some T-Mobile customers may have been wondering if they’ll get a discount on the live TV streaming service. It turns out that that discount is already baked in to the pricing announced by T-Mo today.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert told CNET that the TVision prices announced today are for T-Mobile customers and that the pricing could look different when TVision is made available to non-T-Mobile customers next year.

“The launch that we did at these prices is for T-Mobile customers,” Sievert explained. “When we offer it for non-T-Mobile customers there might be different prices. So you see the implied benefits for T-Mobile customers in today’s prices.”

It’s unclear how T-Mobile might price TVision for customers who aren’t also T-Mo wireless subscribers. T-Mobile wants TVision to succeed, so if it is going to be pricier for non-T-Mobile customers, it also has to not raise its pricing so much that it’s no longer competitive with other live TV streaming services or tempting for non-T-Mobile customers to switch.

TVision offers its Vibe package for $10 per month while its Live TV packages start at $40 per month. To compare, Sling TV offers two 30-channel packages for $30 each or a 50+ channel pack for $45 per month. There’s also Hulu offers 65+ channels for $55 per month and YouTube TV offers 85+ channels for $65 per month. The features and channels included in each service vary a bit, but those prices are likely what T-Mo is looking at when considering TVision’s pricing.

In other TVision news, Sievert today talked a bit about the original TVision service that launched last year, saying that nothing will change for those customers right now. T-Mobile is working on an offer to tempt them to switch to the new TVision, though, and Sievert has teased that the offer will “make every single one of ’em so happy they were an early adopter and they had the patience to work with us while we were out with an early product.”

Source: CNET

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  • Shaun Michalak

    One thing making me wonder is that they keep talking about T-Mobile customers.. But, are T-Mobile customers just T-Mobile, or T-Mobile and they Metro line too??

    • dcmanryan

      T-Mobile postpaid customers with Sprint postpaid being added later. No mention of Metro out the gate.

      TVision is launching for postpaid T-Mobile customers on November 1. Customers who subscribe to TVision Live TV+ or Live Zone before December 31 will get a free year of Apple TV+ and the option to buy a 32GB Apple TV 4K box for $99, which is $80 off its normal price.

      T-Mo says that TVision will be available to legacy Sprint customers starting November 13. And then in 2021, it’ll become available to prepaid customers and non-T-Mobile subscribers.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I know all that. But the fact that they may be charging more for non T-Mobile / Sprint customers would question if Metro was in that list or not, and which price range they would charge Metro customers if they are not in that list.. I am guessing that Metro will just be in the prepaid list like other T-Mobile prepaid customers.. Especially since when you click to have them notify you when it is available, it asks which kind of customer you are, and they have Metro in the list, that would leave me to believe Metro customers get the standard T-Mobile prepaid rates for this.

        • dcmanryan

          From what I’ve read on various sites and Reddit I agree with you. Once it’s offered to prepaid Metro will get it.

  • Eddie Vazquez


  • Michael Belisle

    i don’t watch any of those channels, don’t watch any live tv at all

    • fentonr

      Okay…then this product and article probably don’t offer anything for you. Not sure why you decided to read this article then.

  • mikeZo6

    Un-Carrier is DEAD

    • InTheMuff

      They already made the big uncarrier changes.
      Do you expect them to keep changes things forever?
      Be realistic

  • Steven

    I was looking forward to this, but unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. With Sling, I get everything I want catered to me for $40 a month, no taxes or fees. To get the channels I require on T-Mobile, I have to pay $60 a month PLUS taxes and fees. Sure I may get alot more channels, but the problem that TV providers seem to be missing, more is not always better. What IS better is a channel line up that can be simplified and catered more directly to the customer. Hopefully they create more customizable packages, but until then, I’ll stick with Sling.

    • Nate

      Sling for my family misses the mark. YouTube TV is the closest option for us, but I fear being another Google experiment. So the T-Mobile package actually looks appealing if the interface truly integrates on my new Chromecast with Google TV. I wish I could get all my local channels with an antenna, but I’d have to buy one of those huge ones for my attic! I live in the city but the placement of the sources are in terrible places. So ultimately if they don’t have my local channels its either cable still or YouTube TV for us.

      • Steven

        I can see that. Directly compared to YouTube TV, you can get more for $5 less per month. If I was a YouTube TV subscriber, I’d say this is a win. I 100% get your point.

        • dcmanryan

          I’m a YTTV subscriber and will not be switching. The 9 months of DVR endless storage can not be beat. Their app is great and I can watch every channel including my locals from anywhere.

  • Nearmsp

    One more large buffet with a large price tag. A real un-carrier would have put a delivery charge and a per channel price so customers can pay for that they want and use, not a 40 or 60 channel buffet when they want only 5 channels. I will continue my Youtube premium service and watch all the local and national news without any advertisements. Netflix and Amazon prime provide me with all the entertainment I need. Like the landline, Cable TV packages are digging their grave. ESPN has always dictated the terms and forced Cable TV to include its expensive channels to be included in the lowest tier packages as well. So while CNN gets paid some $0.48 cents, ESPN is more like $4.50 per subscriber. So the only way Cable TV can make a profit is by having everyone pay for ESPN and thus reduce the package cost and also make a small profit. Happy marriage with our incompetent FTC and Justice department regulators sleeping, as usual.

    • steveb944

      Maybe once they have more subscribers they can renegotiate, but for now the content providers dictate packages.

  • JG

    Speaking of pricing… Could someone please enlighten me on the topic.

    I see on the website there is a “+ tax” note on all of the price tags. Is that just the standard local sales tax I pay on every other purchase?

    Or are they still going to be tacking on extra fees like the retransmission fee, franchise fee etc?

    A few times in the announcement they dissed cable companies for ballooning their bills that way, and given this is an UnCarrier, meant to disrupt the cable companies, I’m hoping fees are baked into the advertised price rather than extras added after they’ve hooked you… They do it with (most of) their phone plans. $120 for two lines is $120, all taxes and fees included.

    Just want to make sure they’re at least half way in, including fees if not taxes as well.

  • Willie D

    Wow. So if these prices are inclusive of a discount then the legit price for non TMo customers is going to meet the same price for other streaming, much better, services. Why bother?

    • nutmac

      I think TVision will mainly come into play when T-Mobile launches 5G Home Internet nationwide. While I personally don’t care for TV streaming service (I occasionally subscribe to it for sporting events and nothing else), many are still accustomed to Internet + TV package.

      Having said that, I think a better strategy is partnering with Disney, replacing Netflix with Disney Bundle (Disney+, ESPN, Hulu) and resell Hulu + Live TV.

  • Fan_Posting

    As it should, with the option they can transfer their service to T-Mobile for a discount…or bundle deal.