T-Mobile TVision may cost more for subscribers on other carriers


Following today’s TVision announcement, some T-Mobile customers may have been wondering if they’ll get a discount on the live TV streaming service. It turns out that that discount is already baked in to the pricing announced by T-Mo today.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert told CNET that the TVision prices announced today are for T-Mobile customers and that the pricing could look different when TVision is made available to non-T-Mobile customers next year.

“The launch that we did at these prices is for T-Mobile customers,” Sievert explained. “When we offer it for non-T-Mobile customers there might be different prices. So you see the implied benefits for T-Mobile customers in today’s prices.”

It’s unclear how T-Mobile might price TVision for customers who aren’t also T-Mo wireless subscribers. T-Mobile wants TVision to succeed, so if it is going to be pricier for non-T-Mobile customers, it also has to not raise its pricing so much that it’s no longer competitive with other live TV streaming services or tempting for non-T-Mobile customers to switch.

TVision offers its Vibe package for $10 per month while its Live TV packages start at $40 per month. To compare, Sling TV offers two 30-channel packages for $30 each or a 50+ channel pack for $45 per month. There’s also Hulu offers 65+ channels for $55 per month and YouTube TV offers 85+ channels for $65 per month. The features and channels included in each service vary a bit, but those prices are likely what T-Mo is looking at when considering TVision’s pricing.

In other TVision news, Sievert today talked a bit about the original TVision service that launched last year, saying that nothing will change for those customers right now. T-Mobile is working on an offer to tempt them to switch to the new TVision, though, and Sievert has teased that the offer will “make every single one of ’em so happy they were an early adopter and they had the patience to work with us while we were out with an early product.”

Source: CNET

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