T-Mobile says bots responsible for high number of T-Mo Tuesdays winners from small PA town


Almost every week, T-Mobile Tuesdays runs a contest alongside its deals that give away prizes like trips to Premio Lo Nuestro in Miami, a road trip prize package, and over $1 million in Amazon gift cards. Recently, though, the winners of some of these prizes have raised some suspicion.

A disproportionate number of T-Mobile Tuesdays contest winners have been located in Chadds Ford, PA. Despite the town only having around 3,700 residents, 16 people from Chadds Ford won gift cards during T-Mo’s May 12 contest.

Another gift card contest on March 31 saw another eight winners from the small town.

This high number of winners from Chadds Ford recently caught the eye of some folks on Reddit, and now T-Mobile has confirmed to CNBC that the high number of winners from Chadds Ford was caused by bots submitting multiple entries.

T-Mo says that it’s implemented additional safety measures to help prevent the bots from winning in the future and that it’ll continue to keep an eye on the issue.

While T-Mobile didn’t go into the issue any further, Jonathan Tomek of threat intelligence firm WhiteOps explained that the automated system like the one T-Mo uses for T-Mobile Tuesdays can make it easier for someone to win prizes using a bot because the winners likely aren’t being reviewed by a real person. With T-Mobile Tuesdays, the winners won digital gift cards through an automated system that let the winners get their prize instantly using a redeemable code.

Bots are popular options for things like limited sneaker releases because they can quickly and easily fill out entry fields. It seems that someone used bots to repeatedly enter T-Mobile Tuesdays contests for gift cards, but they used Chadds Ford, PA for their location for most or all of their entries rather than changing the location regularly.

The news that bots have won many of the T-Mobile Tuesday prizes in past contests is frustrating because it means that someone was winning multiple gift cards and taking them away from others who entered the contest legitimately. Now that T-Mobile has been made aware of the issue, hopefully we’ll we won’t see a disproportionate number of winners located in Chadds Ford in future T-Mobile Tuesdays gift card contests.

Thanks Brenden!

Source: CNBC

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  • Brenden Morris

    Thanks Alex!
    I knew something sketchy was going on behind the scenes. Glad it’s getting national attention now.

  • doubleatheman

    Thank goodness we have Reddit, stuff like this would not get so much action so fast. Ive never won tmo tuesday, but maybe I will now.

  • radioman

    Some 400lb pizza roll eating looser in his mom’s basement or a Russian teenager usually behind crap like this.

    • Mosquitobait

      But I bet he knows the difference between looser and loser.

      • radioman

        Ouch, you got me…… BTW…Did someone’s mom forget to pickup pizza rolls at the grocery store?

        • Dummy Up Meathead

          Your a looser. They’re, I told you!

  • Some Guy

    Now that they’ve been caught, they’ll rewrite their bot to create a random address and this will continue.

    • Mosquitobait

      There’s a dozen easy unique account-specific attributes they could use to filter that out. But they won’t.

  • Mike

    Can’t believe that nobody was over
    Seeing the games? After all that’s alot of money going out. Oops for the bots, even though there rules say not to use them. Personally they should show all the winners names so that way people don’t think something is phoney. Money is a root of evil, and cheaters will get caught.

  • InTheMuff

    But you can only play once, what am I missing here

    • I know, it’s connected with your phone number.

    • TheBest

      There’s an AMOE that’s not associated with having a T-Mob number.

      • InTheMuff

        How do u go about that

  • RealShit

    Dumbass tmobile will get scammed some other way lmao

  • Philip

    No wonders all these years I only got a $5 off to Amazon. LOL!

  • the martian ambassador

    Strange. I think some of those contests may allow you to enter more than once if you do something on Twitter or other social media sites. Maybe they had the bots doing that. You can only enter one time in the app on each of your lines.

  • Willie D

    How much you wanna bet it was an inside job. Many companies won’t pay out if they dont have to. One way is doing it with the agency whos the escrow for the prizes. Another is to slam the system with your own bots that people have no way of realistically winning.

  • weidnerj

    Guess these are actually the bots they are looking for…