T-Mobile’s OnePlus 7 Pro is getting a new update


We’ve seen several Samsung phones get new updates recently, but now it’s time for a different device to be treated to a new update.

T-Mobile has begun updating its OnePlus 7 Pro. The update is version 10.0.6.GM31CB and comes in at 171MB. Included are the August 2020 Android security patches.

TmoNews reader Kolio already got this update on their OnePlus 7 Pro, so you other OP7 Pro owners should see it arrive in the coming days. You can also perform a manual check by launching your Settings app and tapping on System > System update > Check for update.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was updated with the June 2020 security patches back in June but never received a July 2020 security update, so it’s good to see T-Mo pushing the August 2020 security patches to get the OnePlus 7 Pro back up-to-date.


Thanks Kolio!

Source: T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro

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  • shawn murray

    now just waiting on the 7tpro 5g

    • Glenn Gore

      And the McLaren 5G SA update

      • StoneMan

        Nothing but crickets coming from Tmobile.

        • psycho_nole

          And the update is out and looks like no SA….great

  • psycho_nole

    OnePlus only publishes security updates every two months. So it’s not really t-mobile pushing, or OnePlus getting back on track, it’s right on time, frustrating, but on time.
    (I don’t run the beta os, but I’d guess it’s more up to date)

  • Mark Mehdi Jahansouz

    Ok T-MO where is the update for OnePlus 7t Pro McLaren to use the standalone 5G? It was your top dog phone 6 months ago and already forget people that paid $1,000 for a 5G phone? WTF?

  • terryo

    How about adding mm-wave? I could be wrong, but I recall that Verizon has added it.

    • marque2

      Verizon onePlus 7 is a different phone. The TMobile one doesn’t have the mmWave antenna and TMobile doesn’t have many mmWave installations so it would be almost pointless.

  • psycho_nole

    He’s not asking about security updates, he asked about the SA 5g update that they said was coming. When they activated SA they updated all the Samsung phones to use it and said the McLaren update was coming soon, but haven’t pushed the update yet. I’m sure it’ll come with the next security update. We’re currently on the June update so I’m hoping when they update to next security patch the SA update is included with it.

  • Elba

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