T-Mobile begins Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra pre-orders, launches Galaxy Z Flip 5G


Right on schedule, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are now available for pre-order from T-Mobile.

The Galaxy Note 20 includes 128GB of built-in storage and is being offered in Mystic Green, Mystic Bronze, or Mystic Gray color options. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes in Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, or Mystic White for the 128GB version, and the 512GB model is available only in Mystic Black.

Here’s what the pricing for these two Samsung flagships looks like:

  • 128GB Galaxy Note 20: $0 down and $41.67 per month for 24 months on Equipment Installment Plan, $249.99 down and 18 monthly payments of $31.00 for JUMP! On Demand/Sprint Flex Lease, or $999.99 full retail price
  • 128GB Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: $0 down and $54.17 per month for 24 months on EIP, $549.99 down and 18 payments of $28.00 each on JOD/Sprint Flex Lease, or $1,299.99 full retail price
  • 512GB Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: $149.99 down and $54.17 per month for 24 months on EIP, $699.99 down and $26.00 per month for 18 months on JOD/Sprint Flex Lease, or $1,449.99 full retail price

T-Mo is also offering a couple of deals on the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. First, you can get up to $1,000 off a second Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra when you buy one on EIP. New customers must activate two new voice lines to qualify for this deal, and existing customers need to activate at least one new voice line to be used with one of the new Notes.

If you don’t need a new line, you can get up to $500 off a Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra when you buy one on a 24-month EIP and trade in a qualifying device. T-Mo does say that this trade-in deal isn’t compatible with some other offers, like Value Essentials and Carrier Freedom. The devices that qualify for trade-in include:

$500 off

  • Apple: iPhone 11, iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X
  • Samsung: Galaxy S10 series, S9 series, Galaxy Note 10 series, Note 9
  • Google: Pixel 4 and 4 XL
  • OnePlus: 8 and 8 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro 5G McLaren
  • LG: V60 ThinQ


T-Mobile also launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G today. It’s priced at $49.99 down and 24 monthly payments of $58.34 each on EIP or $699.99 down and 18 payments of $26.00 each on JUMP! On Demand or a Sprint Flex Lease. It’s also available for $1,449.99 full retail price.

There’s a trade-in deal available for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, too. You can get up to $500 off the Z Flip 5G when you buy one on a 24-month EIP and trade in a qualifying device:

$500 off

  • Apple: iPhone 11, iPhone XS series, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 series
  • Samsung: Galaxy S10 series, Note 10 series, Galaxy S9 series, Note 9
  • Google: Pixel 4 and 4 XL
  • OnePlus: 8, 8 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro McLaren
  • LG: V60 ThinQ

$300 off

  • Apple: iPhone 7 series
  • Samsung: Galaxy S8 series, Note 8, Galaxy S7 series
  • Google: Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 3a and 3a XL
  • OnePlus: 7, 7 Pro, 6, 6T
  • LG: G8 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, V50 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ

Are you going to buy a Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, or Z Flip 5G?

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 5G

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  • Albert Orange

    Costco offering the same $1000 off second phone with $1000 virtual Mastercard card! After you get that card, you could totally cancel the new line!

    • flash32738

      so I’m guessing as soon you cancel that assuming you get the ultra the remaining balance becomes due.

      • djurlegit

        with T-Mobile, when you cancel a line, remaining balance doesn’t become due, you would just lose that monthly bill credit. canceling accounts would mean remaining balance is due

  • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

    Its been hard to find galaxy flip 5g in any store in Las Vegas even in Las Vegas strip store no 1 since to know it was coming out

    • djurlegit

      Did you even read the article? It was just released on the 7th. Stocks are late, typically happens with phones that are released without a presentation at Samsung’s Unpacked event. If anything, it could had already been sold out in store also. Regardless, it’s available for with quick shipping online

      • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

        I did..I look for it since the 7th. Fyi I have friends all over Vegas wish work @ tmo stores no 1 had the phone they said it coming starting next week and I don’t like buying online

        • djurlegit

          Well, then you answered your own question. It’s limited stock and sold out in store. If you really want it that bad, just go online. At least they don’t have restocking fees if you have buyers remorse

  • Jeremiah

    Anyone else going to wait for the September Galaxy Z Fold2 event to make a decision?

    • steadymobb

      I definitely want to see more of it, but it’s going to be a $1850 device at least

  • drcaveman

    Why doesn’t TMobile just admit Jump On demand leases are dead, rather than just try to kill it by offering insane down payment prices?

    • djurlegit

      J.O.D. for this device makes no sense. The point of J.O.D. is to rent that device unless you want to buy it out alright after 18 months and if you wanted to trade it in, it can happen every 30 days. Why would anyone want to pay 700 down only to trade it in a few months later for a newer Z Flip. Haha T-Mobile is tripn

    • steadymobb

      A lot of devices are still $0 down… What changed is the exorbitant process of phones the last few years… Phones didn’t use to be $900+, thus, those are the ones that have these gigantic down payments

      T-Mobile can’t lease someone a $1300 phone for $0 down that they might use for 2 months. It’s burning money.

      • Mike

        Well Tmobile is making big bucks charging $1300. Id guess they get about $400 of that, if not more. Plus they get people in a 2 year payment plan. So in the end Samsung made money and Tmobile made money.

        • steadymobb

          JOD is not a 2 year payment plan. That is what we are discussing

  • krisstofer

    When is LG Velvet coming? That’s the one I’m interested with.

    • djurlegit

      No one knows, why don’t you comment that on the LG Velvet article posted on this site a few weeks back. You act like the aurthor of this article works for T-Mobile as a senior product manager for coporate

      • krisstofer

        What is wrong with asking bro?

        • djurlegit

          Because I’m looking at the comments for info relating to this article and I wasted 5 seconds reading something that is stupid af. Like I said the writer doesn’t know.

        • marque2

          TMobile said sometime this month. AT&T is already selling them. I have no idea why LG waited almost 4 months before release in the USA. It is now an “old” phone.

    • InTheMuff

      Didnt that just come and go making absolutely no noise along the way.
      My first android was an lg.
      It was great.
      The last time I seriously considered getting another was the lg g3, I ended up going w the note4

      • marque2

        LG released it in S. Korea in May but then didn’t release in the USA until August. AT&T has it now. TMobile said it would come out in late August.

        Note that when there is a V60 sale it is probably a better deal – which is why I gave up waiting for Velvet. Though velvet looks really cool.

  • jralphroman

    Would I be able to combine offers, get $1,000 off the second phone when I add a line, plus get enhance trade-in value on the first phone?

    • Andrew Singleton

      No, you’d have to choose one offer.

  • I pre-ordered my ultra but through Samsung unlocked.

  • Vizzy

    Big Samsung supporter here I usually upgrade twice a year for the last 7 years to every s model then the note series. anything less than the Z fold 2 this year is a waste of money

    • InTheMuff

      Wow, you did that for the last 7 yrs?
      I agree with your thoughts on this yrs offering from samsung.
      Theyve been slipping imo.
      I’m very content w my note9

  • InTheMuff

    Who has an unlocked note 9 still waiting on the 2.1ui update….
    I’ve searched everywhere online coming up empty that’s why I’m asking here

  • MindFog2287

    I decided to do the Note 20 from Samsung. I’m getting the T-Mobile version though, because I plan to keep the phone for a few years and stick with T-Mo. $550 trade in on my Note 9 plus $100 Samsung Credit, plus a few free months of Spotify and YT Premium (which I pay for right now) kinda made it easy to leap into 5G and another three years of upgrades.

  • Jazzyjeff215

    T-Mobile’s trade in deal wack. Wouldn’t it make sense to do do a instant credit at purchase with the trade in, cheaper down payment and monthly payments. Would attract more customers as well

    • Mike

      They like people tied to that two year plan, one for just keeping people around and the other in hopes they will buy another new phone in two years.

  • Mike

    Those prices are whacked. What a pain point ! Give some fancy color name and then try to charge over 1000.00. It’s sad to think that price points like these are common. Guess there are to many people paying it just to say they were the first. What’s next 3.00 a gallon gas again?

    • Aaron Moore

      Gas hasn’t been under 3 bucks for years in Los Angeles

      • Mike

        Ok, well 4.00 a gallon for your special state.

  • symsoul

    Does anyone know if the Flip 5G will have access to all three T-Mob 5G bands? GSM Arena makes it seem like just two but I can’t be sure.