T-Mobile extends agreements to borrow 600MHz spectrum through June 30


When people began sheltering in place to fight the spread of the coronavirus, T-Mobile gained access to additional 600MHz spectrum to help its network handle the extra load. That extra spectrum was loaned to T-Mo from several other companies for 60 days. That period is coming to an end but the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on, and so T-Mobile has extended those 600MHz agreements.

T-Mo confirmed today that it has extended agreements with several spectrum holders to continue using their 600MHz spectrum during the coronavirus pandmic. Each company has extended their agreement through at least June 30.

With this additional spectrum, T-Mobile says that it’s been able to double its 600MHz LTE capacity nationwide.

The companies that are loaning 600MHz spectrum to T-Mobile include ATN International, Bluewater, Carolina West Wireless, Channel 51, Comcast, Dish Network, Grain Management affiliate NewLevel LLC, LB Holdings, Omega Wireless LLC, and Viaero Wireless.

In addition to these extended agreements, T-Mobile recently re-upped its Keep Americans Connected pledge with the FCC. Through June 30, T-Mobile will waive late fees and will not terminate service of customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

T-Mo is giving extra data to customers without an unlimited high-speed data plan, too. Current customers on legacy plans without unlimited high-speed data will receive unlimited smartphone data through June 30.

Additionally, T-Mobile postpaid and Metro by T-Mobile customers on smartphone plans with mobile hotspot can get 10GB of extra smartphone hotspot usage for the next two months (20GB total) through June 30. This offer excludes the T-Mobile Connect plan.

Other steps being taken by T-Mobile to help customers affected by the coronavirus outbreak include providing up to 5GB per month of extra data to Lifeline customers, increasing the data allowance of schools and students in the EmpowerED digital learning program, and providing free international calling to landlines to countries significantly impacted by COVID-19.

Source: T-Mobile

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