T-Mobile shares an update on customers’ phone usage during coronavirus pandemic


Last month T-Mobile revealed some info on how its customers were using the network as they began to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today T-Mo has some more stats to share.

Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, reports that mobile hotspot usage has increased 60% as T-Mo customers use their smartphones to share an internet connection with other devices.

Use of collaboration tools like Skype, Slack, and Webex has grown 87% as T-Mobile customers use these apps to communicate with their co-workers, friends, and family from home. Use of educational tools like Google Classroom and Khan Academy has grown a whopping 135% as kids are homeschooling.

Folks are using the T-Mobile network more to entertain and feed themselves, too. Video game usage over T-Mo’s network has increased 85% and food delivery apps are being used 23% more.

As many people self-isolate and work from home to fight the spread of the coronavirus, it makes sense that they would rely more on these apps and services to help keep them connected and entertained. It’s interesting to see just how much usage of communication, education, and food delivery apps has grown in recent weeks.

Has your phone usage changed at all in recent weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak? If so, how?

Source: Neville Ray (Twitter)

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  • David

    T-Mobile is doing a great job keeping the network running strong!

  • Mike Thaler

    No change here. TM is used for business and home. Fast internet at home.

  • slybacon

    I haven’t used T-Mobile more lately. Actually probably less, since I’m using Xfinity at home for work. My phone is always on WiFi now, which helps reduce congestion on T-Mobile.

  • Glenn Gore

    None of the US carriers’ networks has been brought to its knees or even come anywhere close to failing from data use yet during the coronavirus crisis. The carriers are doing an excellent job of handling the increased traffic and keeping the experience good for customers.

    By doing so, they are also doing a great job in proving the ridiculousness of data caps, data limits, and all the various data-related “plans” customers have to wade through when making a carrier choice. For years they have tried desperately to get customers to believe that data is a scarce commodity that has to be parceled out in small quantities, which, now we know for sure, is a complete fallacy. It is true that for years, individual cell sites were not properly and adequately provisioned with data back-haul that was sufficient to handle user demand, And with some carriers that is still a problem in certain areas, but they have generallly done a good job at remedying that problem. Hopefully at the end of this crisis those data caps and limits will go away along with the coronavirus.

    • cellularcrazy09

      I wish I could upvote this more

      • marque2

        • cellularcrazy09

          LOL! I swear I hit the button. Must have not registered

    • marque2

      The reason we are able to have a temporary reprieve on caps is because all the networks have put on caps in the first place. It really does cost money to add extra antennas and backbone and it isn’t fair to the rest of us to have to foot the cost for a few abusers of the system. If they let this go on another month or two our data use will start to overwhelm the system.

      50 gigs a month isn’t enough for you?

  • ChuckB75

    I’ve had to use the hotspot on my T-Mobile phone more as by local cable service (Optimum) has gotten awfully spotty and unreliable here in NJ… Thanks T-Mobile for having a working option.

  • KaminskiBrigade

    I wonder if T-Mo limits video on ‘work/school-from-home’ platforms to 480p SD (skype, slack, zoom, webex, khan, google classroom).

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Speeds reduced in my area.