T-Mobile to offer deals to owners of older Sprint 5G phones as it merges networks


We learned this week that T-Mobile has begun merging Sprint’s network with its own, with 2.5GHz 5G going live in Philadelphia and launching soon in New York City soon. As T-Mobile refarms Sprint’s 2.5GHz 5G to use for its own network, customers with Sprint’s older 5G phones from 2019 will lose 5G access, but T-Mobile is planning offers to help those people move to a new 5G phone.

Sprint customers affected by this change will have the chance to get a discount on a Samsung Galaxy S20 at a discounted price. T-Mobile explained to CNET that the exact deal a customer gets will depend on how much they’re paying per month for their current Sprint 5G phone:

  • Customers who own, lease, or are making payments on a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Galaxy S10 5G, or LG V50 ThinQ and are paying less than $10 per month can get a Galaxy S20 5G for $0 per month after a $41.67 per month bill credit with a new 18-month lease.
  • Subscribers who lease or make payments on a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Galaxy S10 5G, or LG V50 ThinQ and are paying more than $10 per month can get a Galaxy S20 5G for $10 per month after a $31.67 per month bill credit with a new 18-month lease.
  • Customers who bought an HTC 5G Hub on an installment plan will get a credit of $12.50 per month for the remainder of their term. Those who bought the HTC 5G Hub outright will get a one-time credit of $300 on their bill.

T-Mobile had planned to allow Sprint’s Galaxy S10 5G to work with T-Mo’s mmWave 5G network while its S10 5G would work with the refarmed Sprint mid-band spectrum. However, CNET notes that the S10 5G can’t use the LTE anchor band for 2.5GHz 5G that T-Mobile is using, a band combination that’s different from what Sprint has used, and that this combo is needed so Sprint customers on mid-band spectrum LTE won’t be affected by the change.

These older Sprint 5G devices also lack the ability to connect to T-Mobile’s 600MHz 5G network.

Those phones will still have 4G LTE support, but some owners might be frustrated that they bought a 5G device that ended up losing the ability to connect to a 5G network due to the merger. T-Mobile is planning to contact the people who bought Sprint 5G phones and tell them that they’ll need a new device to use 5G, so they shouldn’t end up unable to connect to 5G and be left wondering what happened.

Source: CNET

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  • David

    T-Mobile doing good thus far!

  • Alex, proofread your posts for crying out loud!

    • I agree. There are definitely some issues with this particular article.

    • TenEightyPeePee

      “to get a discount on a Samsung Galaxy S20 at a discounted price”

      Quality journalism…

    • Deadeye37

      “and launching soon in New York City soon”

      Its like there’s an echo in the article.

  • Rayant4

    Just talked to a tmobile rep and they had no idea about this deal, I wondering when this will plan to take effect and how they would be contacting the customers and would people have to move to a new plan to take advantage of the deal

    • Jeremy Waters

      Same. He seems rather baffled. Lol

    • Ja D

      TM Retails stores do not have access to Sprint system yet so no one will know how to process. Will take 1-2 months for TM retail stores getting new Sprint POS

  • VanceDuke

    Trade in your phone and switch 7 lines from Sprint to T mobile and get $50 off a Moto E.

    *Trade in for Iphone 11 or newer only. $50 credit will come in bill credits over 24 years.

  • Jefferskn

    I am a current Sprint customer with a ONEPLUS 7 PRO 5G phone. I called Sprint
    and they advised the S20 upgrade offer is only available to customers
    in New York. The offer the rep was showing matched this article except
    the caveat of having to be in the New York market. Either Sprint offers
    are not updated yet or this article is missing some important info.

  • Nano

    Sounds like a stuck up snobby a-hole. LOL. You think you’re cool because you’re a T-Mobile customer. Guess what? Us Sprint customers are getting the better deal. We get access to T-MOBILE network quicker then you get access to those lovely Sprint towers that came from the carrier that you seem to hate so much, on top of having access to those Sprint towers. We also get to keep our better deals. So, really it’s you who’s the loser. People choose Sprint because their plans made sense. Their leasing options made sense. And, we got access to newer phones quicker, and, lower prices when our phones broke . But, yeah us Sprint customers suck because we chose better deals and cheaper prices. We chose to keep more money in our pockets.

  • Mike

    Don’t make sense why they can’t just send down an update on those Sprint phones or have an update to the firmware at a store for free? Could just be another way to make money by playing the devise change game.

  • Nano

    Except, the difference here is that Sprint Complete is only 29 dollars for replacements and repairs. T-Mobile does not offer this. The one thing I loved about selling Sprint was the Sprint Complete option. It really gave users a much cheaper option when it came to getting their device either replaced or fixed. This was/is a flat rate fee for any phone on Sprint. Which also included overnight shipping for replacements.

    Also, Sprints Mid Band network does have good capacity. I have access to it here at my house and I consistently get anywhere from 300-400 mbps down easily on the LTE side with my Note 10+

    T-Mobile low band 5G does not provide these types of speeds, neither does their LTE. This is EXACTLY why T-Mobile wanted Sprint. Their tech. Their towers if you are in an area where it actually works, actually works well. I agree that it never used too. And, that Sprint used to have a lot of network issues. But, in the last few years they actually did a nice job of getting their network more up to speed and par with the rest of America. And, in some cases far exceeding T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon in terms of speed test results.