OnePlus 8 5G launches at T-Mobile today


Right on schedule, the OnePlus 8 5G has officially launched at T-Mobile.

You can now buy the OnePlus 8 5G from T-Mobile in Interstellar Glow and Onyx Black color options. Pricing is set at $0 down and $29.17 per month for 24 months on EIP or $0 down and $31 per month on an 18-month JUMP! On Demand lease. You can also pay $699.99 full retail.

T-Mo is offering up to half off the OnePlus 8 5G when you add a voice line or trade in an eligible device. New and existing customers can get $350 off via 24 monthly bill credits when they add a line and buy the OnePlus 8 5G on a monthly payment plan.

If you’d prefer to trade in a device, you can get $350 via one-time trade-in credit and 24 monthly bill payments when you trade in an iPhone X or XR, Galaxy S10 series device, Note 10, Note 9, Pixel 4 or 4 XL, or OnePlus 7T, 7, or 7 Pro. You can get $200 off by trading in an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, Galaxy S9 or S9+, Pixel 3 or 3 XL, Pixel 3a or 3a XL, or OnePlus 6 or 6T.

T-Mobile is also giving away a OnePlus 8 5G to one winner who subscribes to its YouTube channel and follows a couple other steps. You can find more about that giveaway here.

As a reminder, the OnePlus 8 5G is compatible with T-Mobile’s nationwide 600MHz 5G network and will also support the 2.5GHz 5G coverage that T-Mo is rolling out thanks to its merger with Sprint. The OnePlus 8 5G does not support T-Mo’s mmWave 5G coverage.

T-Mobile is not carrying the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G. You can buy that model directly from OnePlus if you’d like, and T-Mo has said that that device can also access its 600MHz 5G as well as its 2.5GHz spectrum.

Source: OnePlus 8 5G (T-Mobile)

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  • Joss Edbrards

    Wireless charging and a bit better 5G coverage? Dunno. I’ll keep my 7T Pro McLaren for a bit longer.

    • Iphart

      That should be good for another two years at least.

  • Brian

    I went ahead and ordered this today. My Pixel 2XL was having issues and was getting more and more frustrating. I’m excited to get it and I hope it doesn’t let me down. The specs look great so I’m excited to give it a try and $679 wasn’t a bad price.

  • Acdc1a

    I got mine in store today since I couldn’t get the website to play nice. Hope it lives up to the hype.

  • pda96

    The OP7 is a much better deal. With the intro of the OP8 (i.e. more of the same), the OP craze is officially dead.

    • Andrew Terry

      As of today the 7 Pro and 7T are gone from the website. But the 6T and 7T Pro McClaren are still there.

  • Android_God

    Why would I want to turn in my 7T for the 8?

    • Andrew Singleton

      5G + camera

  • Robert

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 14+ years. No 8 Pro no deal. T-Mobile is not doing it for me. Jump with the ridiculous down payments is crap now. After T-Mobile having the 7T Pro McLaren it would only make sense that they would carry the flagship 8 Pro but no go. Makes no sense.

  • G Epps

    T-mobile went out & got the cheap version… This won’t sell

    • marque2

      I am not sure. A lot of people want 5g but do not want to spend $1200 for it. $699 seems a decent price to get in.

      • Acdc1a

        That’s me! So far it’s very good.

  • marque2

    I want to wait and see if TMobile gets the LG Velvet and for what price.

  • Eunice

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  • Brian

    I went ahead and picked one up and got it today. This phone is great. The quality of the photos is better than I’ve ever had. The audio quality when on the phone sounds great. The front camera lense is still taking some time to get used to. The signal quality is awesome. I had full 5 bars of 5G when before I had only 2 bars of LTE giving me12mb/s d/l. With the new phone I am getting 140 mb/s d/l, The long and skinny body is something I’ll have to get used to also but it it actually pretty good in the hand.

  • Bryck

    The T-Mobile version doesn’t get the same updates, correct?