T-Mobile will reportedly give customers free Quibi, but two lines or more will be required


We learned last year that T-Mobile is partnering with Quibi, an upcoming streaming service, but neither company has said much else about the deal since then. Today more details on the partnership have leaked out.

T-Mobile will reportedly offer a free Quibi subscription to customers on its “most popular postpaid plans,” reports Protocol, such as the Magenta and T-Mobile One plans. Like T-Mo’s Netflix on Us offer, you’ll need to have at least two lines of service to get Quibi for free.

T-Mobile customers that qualify will get free access to Quibi’s ad-supported service, which will normally be priced at $4.99 per month and shows preroll ads before shows. T-Mo subscribers will be able to watch Quibi on one screen at a time with this promo.

Quibi will also sell a $7.99 ad-free subscription. Today’s report doesn’t mention if T-Mobile customers will be able to pay the difference if they want the ad-free version of Quibi. With Netflix on Us, T-Mo customers get a Netflix Standard subscription for watching on 2 screens or a Netflix Premium subscription to watch on 4 screens and pay the difference through their T-Mobile bill.

It’s said that T-Mobile is expected to announce its Quibi offer in the coming weeks. The good news is that T-Mo will continue to offer free Netflix to customers, too.

Quibi will launch on April 6th. The service is focused on offering “quick bites” of video that range from 6 to 10 minutes in length. It’s expected that there will be a variety of shows on the service, including entertainment like Reno 911! and news shows from the likes of the BBC and 60 Minutes.

Source: Protocol

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  • Brenden Morris

    Already dead on arrival……..#FAIL

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      Unless you are the type of person to who watches Instagram videos. Then this service is for you.

      • dcmanryan

        And who’s going to pay for that?……DOA.

  • Iphart

    Don’t bother Tmo, Quibi is a joke.
    Please just stick to Netflix.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      More like a YouTube clone.

  • Bklynman

    I waiting for Tmo to bring back Guitar Hero

  • Willie D

    As usual Simple Choice plans get nothing

    • marque2

      You might want to evaluate going to the better plan then. Throw in the $10 savings for Netflix, the $5 savings from this and see if it is still worth it.

      • Jerry Rich

        I think not, I’ve got 5 lines of unlimited for $85. I’ll pass on Quibi and Netflix.

        • JLaw

          Makes me feel like I’m overpaying. Only been with t mo for 7 yrs. Guessing I’ve missed out on some nice promos.

        • dcmanryan

          They gave a lot of people unlimited data that were on lower tier ancient plans. The two comments made have had to had that happen.

        • Willie D

          I never got unlimited data from having a lower plan, I was “offered” unlimited grandfathered data to add to the lower data plans for $20 EACH LINE, where as others were upgraded freely. I NEVER got to take advantage of phone upgrade specials due to not signing up for TM1 or MAG plans. I never got free lines because I’m not on a TM1 or MAG plan. Instead I was told that if I wanted any benefits I’d have to give up a $10 Stateside International Calling add-on, then I’d have to upgrade to one of the MAG plans. So to me, paying $350 per month not only seems well in boundaries of TM offering me SOMETHING but essentially I am paying more for less anyway. It’s kinda stupid.

        • RealShit

          So anyone with a brain can see you basically missed out on everything because you didn’t wanna let go of a $10 feature just to call other countries? Lmao you’re an idiot

        • Acdc1a

          There was very little reason not to switch to the ONE plan with taxes and fees included when they were giving away the farm to get everyone involved. I have 5 voice lines and a tablet for $140!

        • RealShit

          Quibi sounds like some bullshit anyway lol

      • JLaw

        Some people may see a savings with that switch.
        I pay 140 a month for 5 phone lines and 1 watch line. Granted, I’m paying 15 a month for my wifes s10.
        It’ll be back to 125 when that is paid.
        I’ll never change plans, especially when they bumped me from 6gb of lte to unlimited on my lines in july. Thats in including my 15% corporate discounts.

    • RealShit

      Why do you still have that? Lol, you like paying for taxes & fees I guess

  • AA-Ron

    Please throw in ad supported Hulu instead

  • JG

    Not that I’m looking forward to using this particular service, but I wonder if T-Mobile will include those of us with discounted plans, like the T-Mobile One two lines for $100 promo they had several years back. We were exempt from getting Netflix…

    • 在FeFe❕

      I doubt it you’re already enjoying a discounted rate plan. Thats probably why

      • RealShit


    • Shakenbake

      I’m on the same plan jg….
      Question, how many gigs of hotspot you get on each line.
      I’ve talked to ppl with the same plan and it’s not always the same amount.

      • JG

        Not really sure off hand. I don’t use that particular feature of the plan.

      • JG

        Just installed the T-Mobile app on my phone to check to see if I could find Quibi offer (nope :( ) but I did see I have 10GBs of hotspot data.

  • the martian ambassador

    I’d rather they offer a deal on a music streaming service. This doesn’t sound like something I would be interested in.