T-Mobile reveals how customers’ phone usage has changed as they stay at home


As many people stay at home and practice social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, the way that they use their phone is likely changing. Today T-Mobile shed some light on exactly how its customers are using their phones while quarantined at home.

T-Mobile says that people are messaging each other quite a bit more over the last two weeks, with a 26% increase in SMS texting and a 77% increase in MMS, which includes pictures and group chats. Even phone calls have become more popular, with people spending 17% more time on calls nationwide.

T-Mo customers have been using their phones more for other things, too. Smartphone mobile hotspot usage has increased 38% over the past couple of weeks, meaning people are using their phones to get their other devices online more, and video game traffic has grown 45%.

Finally, T-Mobile has found that its customers are heeding the advice to stay at home. In New York City, there’s been an 86% increase in subscribers that connect to cell sites only in their primary location, while in San Francisco there’s been a 77% increase. T-Mo reports that there are similar patterns of folks staying at home across the country.

If you’re wondering how the network itself is doing, T-Mobile says that traffic has grown over the last couple of weeks but that the network is handling it. T-Mo also says that it’s got employees monitoring its network traffic, including 911 calls, as well as a team of technicians that are ready to respond to any issues that may come up.

Have you been using your phone differently lately?

Source: T-Mobile

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