T-Mobile says Galaxy S9 Android 10 update is rolling out, Galaxy S10 5G also updated


With today’s rollout of Android 10 to the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9, some Galaxy S9 owners may be wondering where their update is. According to T-Mo, it’s already started going out.

T-Mobile has updated its support pages to show that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ began receiving their Android 10 update yesterday, February 23rd. In addition to the bump to Android 10, the 1.9GB update brings the February 2020 security patches and removes the DIGITS built-in multi-line settings.

I haven’t been able to find any Galaxy S9 owners who have actually gotten this update quite yet. Some folks on Reddit were told by T-Mobile support that the update is going out in batches and so you’ll just have to wait for the update to hit your phone.

If you’ve got a T-Mobile Galaxy S9 or S9+, watch your phone over the coming days to see if your update arrives. I’ll be sure to update this post if I hear about T-Mo S9 or S9+ models actually receiving the update.

In other update news, T-Mobile is updating its Galaxy S10 5G to version G977TUVU4BTB2. This update is 202.05MB and includes the February 2020 Android security patches.




UPDATE: T-Mobile now says that the Galaxy S9 and S9+’s updates to Android 10 are paused temporarily. No reason for the pause has been given. T-Mo expects them to be available “soon”.


Thanks Jeremy and Jan!

Via: Android Police
Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10 5G

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  • Phil7474

    About damn time. I’m still waiting for it to hit my phone.

    • Reagan1

      Yeah, hasn’t hit my S9 yet, either.

  • Willie D

    Removing Digits MultiLine embedding is the WORST thing TMo has done with Digits. Requiring now a stupid app on even their own carrier phones is dumb as F. The app never works, calls rarely connect and basically it’s just a big chunk of utter garbage. This would be akin to moving WiFi Calling to an app and watching it fail miserably. I know I’m not updating my devices since this removes the embedded version which has so far worked FLAWLESSLY and SEAMLESSLY. Thanks TMo for giving us all another pain point you refuse to take care of.

    • Sayahh

      Hopefully that’s why they’re pausing it, i.e. to restore multi-line setting.

  • Chad Spencer

    I’m a S9 users and I’ve seen nothing yet. It’s strange because usually Tmobile is faster then the other big 3. We didn’t even get a Beta opt in this time.

    • JLaw

      There was a beta for T Mo s9, from what i recall. T mo, sprint and factory unlocked were able to participate. Beta officially ended within the first 3 days of February.
      My g965u1 is still stuck with the beta software.
      90% of my security patches have been from switching to my Fi sim. I had 3 in a row, within 15 mins. T Mo needs to get it together.

  • Francisco Peña

    been checking since I’ve seen this reported the other day. Nothing yet.

    • Francisco Peña

      nothing today.

  • Gabriel

    This has been a pretty crap rollout.

    On the 23rd, many were asking T-Mobile why there wasn’t an update as was previously announced, and their team just kept referencing their system update page, which showed that 10 hadn’t even hit the development stage for the S9. Then, randomly, someone from their team chimed in late at night that the update was available. Currently, while some Note 9 users have received the update, it doesn’t seem like any S9/S9+ users have.

  • I’m not seeing the update, or getting it in Florida. S9+

    • John Jewell

      Same here.

  • Robert Roll

    T-Mobile S9+ shows Android 10 on there webpage but when i search on the phone nothing

  • Scott Schofield

    Like waiting for the UPS guy and never knowing when he’ll show up……

  • Franco Cortez

    I have an unlocked Galaxy S9+ (bought unlocked) and I still haven’t received an update. It seems like news related to other phones and companies have been getting a lot of press coverage, while us S9 users on T-Mobile are being pushed aside without any real information on what’s happening with the Android 10 update.

  • Chad Spencer

    Has anyone actually received this update yet? I’ve searched Android Blogs far and wide and have not found one person yet. I’ve got a tmobile branded S9…..Still waiting.

  • Scott

    The software page for S9 and S9+ says rollout is temporarily paused.

  • Gabriel

    “T-Mobile says Galaxy S9 Android 10 update is rolling out” is an apt title; no one has received it, and most the people asking @TMobileHelp are being directed to the software update page which doesn’t even show 10 being in development for the S9, let alone available for the S9

  • Gabriel

    The release date is now listed as “TBD”!?!

    • Chad Spencer


  • Rayjos_1

    I thought when I bought my S9, it was my understanding that when 5G came out, the S9 would be able to use it. How hard would it be to program the phone to use 5G?

    • johnduggins

      Software won’t cover it. There are a lot of hardware changes to make 5G work.

      • Rayjos_1

        So why did they tell me that back in 5/2018 it would be good when 5G rolls out. So what hardware is different in the S10 that isn’t in the S9?

  • Alex

    I got my update today on my T-mobile S9 Plus. Installing it now.

  • PhantomOps

    Still waiting for Android 10 as of 3/11/20 for my S9+ Unlocked on TMO. Not sure if I’d rather get rid of my S9+ or TMO…With phones costing $1,000 plus Samsung needs to step up and provide more than two OS updates and TMO needs to get better at pushing out the updates.