T-Mobile Tuesdays to hand out inflatable neck pillows soon


T-Mo’s got another piece of T-Mobile Tuesdays swag coming soon that’ll be useful on your next flight.

New photos sent to TmoNews show that T-Mobile will give out T-Mobile-Samsung inflatable neck pillows soon. When inflated, the pillow has a T-Mo logo on one arm and a Samsung logo on the other.


The images don’t say exactly when T-Mobile will hand these inflatable pillows out to customers, but now that they’ve arrived in stores, they should be offered in the next week or two.

This may not be the most comfortable neck pillow around, but it could make your next flight just a little bit better and maybe even help you catch a little sleep. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when T-Mobile officially confirms this inflatable pillow for T-Mo Tuesdays.

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  • Sandy Brown

    I’d sure like one of those neck pillows. Been with T-Mobile for 15 years now. Would like some swag.

    • Francisco Peña

      you haven’t gotten anything the last few years? Hats, umbrellas, coolers, grilling tools, insulated drink tumblers, socks, scarfs, t-shirt (once), etc..
      not to mention food, gas, etc..

      • ebinrock

        I noticed they offer a discount on some of the most expensive gasoline (Shell), and only by 10 cents a gallon. I can beat that deal just about anywhere else.

        • Francisco Peña

          Sometimes its more, sometimes its less than other places. If you get the fuel rewards card from Shell, you get an additional $.03 or $.05 (depends on how many times you fill up in a quarter).

          For me, sometimes I will go to Costco to get it cheaper than anyone. But other times, or if I don’t feel like going to Costco, then with the $.10 stacked with the $.05 I get, that ends up being much lower than other local stations. Though as mentioned, sometimes they ALL are $.25 more than Costco, at that point, I skip Shell.

      • beachtrax

        Also sun glasses and kitchen/grilling apron.

  • Raylz

    They don’t have the taco bell offer this week, is it discontinued?

    • Hoppysport

      Just saw the no taco too, Raylz. I’m going to miss that. Hope it comes back.

      • ebinrock

        I would have cried about this too, except since Taco Bell decided to discontinue their only true salsa (the kind that came with the taco salads, but I always had to ask specially for it to go with my tacos and chalupas), I say screw ’em. I just wish T-Mo would make the free Burger King Whopper a weekly item.

        • ebinrock

          BTW, what is Taco Bell thinking?? I’ve never known any Mexican restaurant or Tex-Mex restaurant without real red chunky salsa – even other fast food ones.

        • Raylz

          With it gone I really don’t have any use for the app because I don’t drive so the gas offer does help me and the other offers aren’t appealing this week

    • DROP_TABLE_dboStudents_GO

      Looks like it’s gone. Somebody asked TMo on Twitter, and this was the reply:

      “Great question, Frankie! Tacos are amazing for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but this was a limited time offer, but we’re always looking for new ways thank our customers – keep an eye on the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for updates.”

      • Deadeye37

        Bring back the $2 Dunkin cards (ones we can save).

  • ebinrock

    Only thing is, I don’t have a Samsung phone. Can I get one with the Motorola logo instead, or no phone logo at all?

  • Tmobie

    These are terrible