T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9 now being updated to Android 10


T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9 owners, your week is starting off with a bang.

T-Mobile is now updating its Galaxy Note 9 to Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI 2 interface. The update is a biggie, coming in at 2062.99MB, so you may want to find a speedy Wi-Fi connection before starting the download. It’s version N960USQU3DTAA.


As with other Android 10 updates for Samsung devices, this Note 9 update brings dark mode improvements like enhanced image, text, and color adjustments for day and night, clearer app icons and system colors, and improved layours for titles and buttons to eliminate wasted space. Samsung says it’s made the animations smoother, too.

There are new full screen animation gestures in this update as well, along with refined interactions to make it more comfortable for you to navigate on a large display with minimal finger movement.

Samsung has included several specific app upgrades in this update as well. The battery usage graph in Device Care will show more detailed information after this update, and Digital Wellbeing is getting a Focus Mode to help you silence distracting apps.

The Camera app will now let you edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen, and Samsung has improved the layout of the Camera app so you can better focus on taking photos without settings getting in your way. Additionally, the Customize menu in the Internet app will now let you change the toolbar menus to help you more quickly access frequently used features.

The February 1, 2020 Android security patches are also included in this update.

We saw T-Mobile’s Galaxy S10 and Note 10 get their Android 10 updates back in December, and so it’s good to see T-Mo and Samsung now pushing out Android 10 to even more devices. If you’ve got a T-Mobile Note 9, you should see your update arrive over the air in the coming days. You can also check for it manually by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

Let us know when Android 10 hits your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9!

Thanks Debjit, Dong, and Moshe!

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  • JayBEE

    About time.

  • Dipesh Sugandhi

    Received Android 10 update on factory unlocked note 9. Installed perfectly. Dex on PC is not working yet.

    • the martian ambassador

      Yeah, I’m not able to get Dex for PC to function on my Windows 7 desktop. :-( If anyone is successful, let us know what you did.

  • Sean Xu

    Downloading now.

  • Moltenfyre

    I am very disappointed Samsung removed a feature I used every day. We no longer have the ability to limit Bluetooth audio volume. Now every time you turn up your phone it will raise your speaker up to maximum volume if you are not careful. Before I was able to set the speaker at a level that wouldn’t bother the neighbors at night, now there is no safe limit with this update. The Bluetooth option was media volume sync which I always had off.

    • Pook

      I’m in the other camp. I’m glad this is gone. It was a little too nanny for me. I don’t know why the couldn’t make it an option, though.

      • Moltenfyre

        It may be a little nanny like, but its nice to have the option.

    • David

      Try SoundAssistant through GoodLock. Maybe you could restrict the Bluetooth device to only your media app, then limit the volume of your media app to your preferred level?

      • Moltenfyre

        I will look into it, thanks

  • Ian McKinney

    Downloading now. It’s about time! :)

    • dl_crash

      I know right. But, hey if you want timely updates don’t buy phones from the carriers.

  • Tmo_User

    Still waiting for Galaxy S9. I know it’s out there for some not on T-Mobile.

  • disqus_jL4eYoDu9l

    Got my update yesterday.

  • Jared Hylton

    A friend got hers updated in Arizona today, T-Mo user. She’s happy with the update! #GamingEnhancements

  • Pook

    Anyone else get the update and then their phone randomly re-send text messages? Mine did with the last big update, too.

  • Erinlynn Reid

    I received my update yesterday morning (Las Vegas, NV).
    The first issue I have is that I am not seeing a way to now save my apps to my external memory. Anyone finding a work around for this yet?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Yonatan Ben Magen

    PSA – I DL on 2.11.2020 for T-mo firmware but using Xfinity Sim.

    I have an T-mo firmware unlocked Note9 (SM-N960U) that I bought from Costco – I’m using an Xfinity Sim -(for when I travel and have no T-mo LTE signal) I took advantage of the $100 BYOD per line last summer (but had to go in store and it credit my mobile line instead of VGC) ported out and then got new lines at Costco for $125 costco cash GC per line.

    I digress, but most of the time I just use wifi on the Xfinity sim – but I DL Android 10 at SBUX on 2.11.2020 (double checked my Wifi data useage for the month).

    I think I double check on my DW S9+ (Tmo firmware) using an Xfinity sim see if I can do the same.