T-Mobile CEO John Legere teases new Un-carrier announcement coming soon


T-Mobile has another Un-carrier move in the works.

CEO John Legere teased a new Un-carrier move during T-Mobile’s Q4 2019 earnings call today. He didn’t give any details on what T-Mo might be planning for the announcement, but he did say the announcement should come later this quarter, which ends on March 31st.

“Yep, that’s right, we’re working on another Un-carrier announcement,” Legere said. “Our team of evil geniuses are hard at work on plans to announce our next Un-carrier move that should come later this quarter. Because you know we’ll never stop changing this industry for the better. Stay tuned for more, and let the speculation games begin.”

T-Mo’s previous Un-carrier news was New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0, which included three different moves that it’ll implement if the T-Mobile-Sprint merger is completed. Since that Un-carrier announcement is dependant on the merger happening, it’ll be interesting to see what T-Mobile has planned for its upcoming announcement and if it’s another merger-related move or if it’s something that’ll be implemented regardless of the deal’s outcome.

Do you have any ideas of what the next Un-carrier move could be?

Source: T-Mobile (YouTube)

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  • Shaun Michalak

    I would like to see something to make them more competitive with things.. Lets be honest.. T-Mobile does not exactly have the lowest priced phones around.. and I am not expecting them to start giving away free smartphones to everyone, every year.. But if say, their competitor is selling the phone for $400, have it for $350..

    On their Metro end, I would just like to see them have a competitive price plan.. On sale, if you want 4 lines through Metro, it costs $120 a month.. Verizon has the same for $100 month.. Phones are no different.. Last I checked, Metro did not have a single smart phone for under $100 that you could buy outright.. Yet just about every MVNO competitor to them has one starting at about $50.

    Sad part is, their whole “un-carrier” things was about being cheaper, offer things that their competitors do not, etc.. Things that made them look like they at least were thinking about their customers.. Anymore, T-Mobile actually is not any different then AT&T or Verizon in phones, plans, prices, etc… They have nothing that really makes them stand out any more.. Just look at AT&T prepaid.. Right now, you can get service though them, for unlimited talk, text, and 8gigs of data for $25 a month.. T-Mobile’s lowest priced plan on prepaid.. $40..

    I just do not see any of that “uncarrier” attitude from them much any more..

    • g2a5b0e

      So you’re basically saying you want T-Mobile to have the cheapest phones & the cheapest service, but you still want high quality.

      Makes sense.

      • dcmanryan

        He does bring up a good point. AT&T is arguably the better network and 100% light years ahead of T-Mobile in Utah and I know that as fact. If I was on prepaid and a lower data user T-Mobile would not even be on my radar. For high data users like myself they can’t be beat but that’s based off price and working good enough but far from the best coverage/speed. AT&T and Verizon are far superior here.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Yea.. I am on their Metro end myself.. Went over to them years ago because of the price difference.. Both in phones, and plans.. and they still used the same towers anyways.. But, on that end, Verizon is actually cheaper. They came out with a service called Visible. Visible prices are, on average, $20 cheaper a month then T-Mobile’s Metro line.. and that is with the Metro line having a sale.. $60 Metro, $40 visible, both include taxes.. 4 lines, $120 Metro, $100 Visible.. So Visible is Verizon, has a bigger, better network overall, and is cheaper.. Yet, I am supposed to pay $20 more and feel that I should have no complaints or comments about it??

        • g2a5b0e

          Not trying to be crass at all, but then why don’t you go to Visible? It sounds like it clearly makes sense for you. I can’t sympathize with someone who has the ability to make a change for the better but chooses not to.

        • Shaun Michalak

          It is because it is Verizon.. It is more choice then anything.. I have been screwed over by Verizon too many times so I will not switch.. I would try Cricket, but I have been to a few places that I needed coverage on, that AT&T does not have coverage there, so that limited AT&T, and Sprint has no coverage in the center of my state, and I travel to there a lot, so that leaves them out.. So I am stuck with either T-Mobile, or Verizon, and I will not give a company service that has screwed me over unless I have to..

        • BillA

          Not only that, but Visible sucks! Limited to 10Mbps max with crazy high latency of 200+ms, only one connected device to hotspot, lack of customer service, lack of compatible phones, etc, etc. We’re in 2020 note 2000!

        • Shaun Michalak

          I know that you are limited to one hotspot in use at a time.. But lets be honest.. With say, Cricket, unless you get on one of their most expensive plans, then you really only get something like 3mb down with them, so the limited bandwidth would only really allow you to use one user at a time there too..

          I did not know about the 10mb speed limit though.. I looked on their site and either missed it, or it is not there where you can easily see it.

          Sounds like there is a major problem there somewhere, if you are getting over 200 latency..

          The phones.. While they do not have a huge list, it is still much better then when they first came out.. If I remember right, when Visible first came out, they only were compatible with I-Phones, and that was it.. At least they have some android models in there now..

        • BillA

          Well with Tmobile/SimpleMobile you can get the first line for $50 and $25 for each additional line. I get over 200Mbps down, 35ms latency and can share the hotspot with unlimited devices. All I’m saying that there are much better option in a similar price range.

        • BillA

          Because Visible sucks! Limited to 10Mbps max with crazy high latency of 200+ms, only one connected device to hotspot, lack of customer service, lack of compatible phones, etc, etc. We’re in 2020 note 2000!

        • disqus_CfY10nwF3H

          The west and upper mid west are areas that all carriers have not developed much. I am in South NJ / Philly area and TMO is faster and equal to all carriers. It depends on where you live. With the 5G build out it should take care of areas where there is less coverage but it does take time.

          I also found it better to add as many family members as I could to lower our bill. 4 lines for $160, then $20 per line for 3 lines, then $10 a line. I add it together and divide by the 7 of us and it makes it cheaper than just having my wife and myself on a plan.

        • Shaun Michalak

          We do the same thing.. When we switched to the plan that we are on now, which they no longer have, we wanted some data, and unlimited talk.. Going through Metro, it was going to cost us $35 per line, for just 2gb of data per line.. But they had a sale that you could get 4 lines for $100, unlimited talk, text, and data.. I thought.. $105 for 3 lines with 2gb of data, or 4 unlimited lines for $100.. Yup.. We signed up for the extra line.. The only problem with that plan is no hotspot use.. Even when they changed things, they still never gave us the hotspot, even though they added it to the $50 plan, and I was basically getting 4 of the $50 plan lines..

          Just to note on that.. When I was talking about Visible.. Visible comes with hotspot use, which makes it equivalent to Metro’s $60 plan, not their $50 one that I am equivalent too.. If you do not use hotspot, then you are fine.. If you do, that makes Visible cheaper..

          T-Mobile has gotten better here.. If you go back 1 years ago, over half the time I could not even get a data connection.. IT once took me 15 minuted to download a 1mb update file.. Sad part is, that could be done in 5 minutes on dial-up.. They may not be great now, but at least I can always get some kind of a data connection now.. But it is like you said.. It all depends on where you live.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Well, that is just it.. They have neither.. Well, their plan prices are slightly lower due to taxes being included.. But that is it. T-Mobile, while it does have a “decent” network now, they still rely too much on the whole, “more coverage with less towers” attitude, which does not leave you with “high quality”.. For example, I just did a speed test.. My speed.. 2.7mb down.. Not only that, but I have had a lot of places where they space the towers out so much, that while their coverage map may say that they have non stop coverage, my phone on the other hand does not agree with that statement..

        I think it comes down to the saying, “you get what you pay for”.. While I do not mind paying competitive prices, for competitive service.. That is just it.. There are too many gaps in these places, and too many places with low speeds, to say.. Well, we are worth just as much as them, even though we do not cover as much as them.. Go down route 19 here, and all 3 companies have towers at the interstate 90 area, and down in waterford.. But, T-mobile is the only one that stretches that whole length in 2 towers.. The other 2 companies put up a third tower in the middle because reception is not good in the middle. T-Mobile loses service for about 1 mile because of it. Same thing with route 6 and 89, and so on.

        That is the problem right there. T-Mobile covers more area, with less towers, so you have to deal with a lot of 1 and 2 bar service because they put up as few towers as possible outside of main cities.. Worse then the other big 2.. So yea, give me the same kind of service, and I do not mind paying the same prices.. But they just are not there yet to make that claim.

    • Sean Sorlie

      Something you have to consider is where things started with the first Uncarrier move. T-Mobile forced the hand of AT&T and Verizon to lower prices and offer unlimited data amongst many other changes. Sure you can now get comparable pricing but this is because if what T-Mobile has done to shake up the market.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I agree.. It was them shaking up the market that caused it.. But at the same time, it is like they say.. You get what you pay for.. They had a smaller network back then too, so less expenses to keep up costly coverage areas that were not money makers, which is why they could do it.. The thing is, they are not moving more into a constant coverage, and not area coverage, so they are going to have more towers, for more coverage.. While they have come a long way, they lost that price benefit that they used to have, but yet still have a long way to go to have the comparable coverage to go with it.. This is why I say, hopefully they are going to advertise something that more goes with their “current” prices vs reliable coverage.. because lets be honest.. 1 bar is not reliable.. and they have a lot of that right now.

    • Mark McCoskey

      I’ve noticed the same. I’m glad I got in on their One Unlimited 55+ with 2-lines for a flat $60, which doesn’t exist any more.

      • Bklynman

        I have the same plan,plus unlimited tablet plan.Total cost for me is $80.00 a month.

    • Bklynman

      One plan they have,that I haven’t seen by AT&T,and Verizon is unlimited tablet plan.
      $75.00 per month cut down to $25.00 if you have voice line with them,from $25.00 to $20.00 if you have auto pay with them, Sprint has the same,but it is $5.00 more.

    • BillA

      Move your number to SimpleMobile, same exact network, just lower prices.
      1 line truly unlimited $50
      2 lines truly unlimited $75
      3 lines truly unlimited $100
      4 lines truly unlimited $125
      5 lines truly unlimited $150
      Can’t beat that deal anywhere!

  • ewilts

    My guess is that their “UnCarrier” announcement will be that there is no extra charge for 5G.

    • Timbo1

      There is no extra charge already.

      • the martian ambassador

        I’m not sure what that means. Let’s say you are on an original T-Mobile One plan which is no longer available, now replaced for new customers by Magenta. If you purchase a 5G phone and activate it on your existing plan, is it going to be 4G or 5G ? Or do you have to change to another new plan to get 5G and possibly forfeit any grandfathered benefits you had ?

        • Timbo1

          There is no extra charge for 5G. I have the OnePlus McLaren and my bill did not go up. I’m pretty sure it’s in Tmobile’s marketing for 5G too that they don’t charge extra for 5G.

        • the martian ambassador

          Ok, well I’m still happy with my Note 9, so I won’t be upgrading for a couple of years yet.

        • warpwiz

          And given past performance in SW Georgia, it will be years before we see 5G in this area & then only in 2 blocks area downtown.

        • EF

          Wouldn’t do you much good since 3G network is sunsetting in the next year or so…

        • the martian ambassador

          All of the plans feature tethering at what T-Mobile describes as 3G speeds, which is advertised as up to 512KBPS. You are still using the 4G network, but tethering on your phone is throttled to that speed.

        • dcmanryan

          50gb a month is just that, 50gb a month. 5g is quicker, it’s not going to make you use more data for being quicker.

        • the martian ambassador

          The sales pitch for 5G is that it’s going to enable cool stuff like mind-blowing HD video and gaming. How many 4K or 8K movies can you stream before you hit the 50GB threshold ? Not too many.
          Until the data caps are raised significantly, none of that will occur.
          I have unlimited 4G tethering on one of my lines, but I still stream in SD quality to conserve my data.

        • Alex Pilaia

          You wont pay for 5G, but you will need to pay for a new phone that has the capability of 5G.. :) Any phone manufactured prior to like Oct 2019 does not support 5G…

    • BillA

      Supposedly they going to offer a new 5G mobile router for the home for around $200 (likely the new Netgear M5 router) with a $60/mo unlimited data service. That’s the rumor I’m hearing from some insiders. ;)

  • Dia Mortensen

    I just wish Metro would let you swap out SIM cards without re registering the new phone.

    • BillA

      Ha-ha-ha yep Metro and Sprint still doing it while noone else does that craziness. Move your number to SimpleMobile, same network some cost, and they let you swap your sim card anytime without the hassle. ;)

  • Fan_Atl77

    John Legere is leaving, sooner than announced…maybe Not, but you Never know, lol

  • dickhammer

    The ultimate un-carrier move would be to remove sales goals for reps.

    • tmo_repatl

      I stressed this during an exit survey when I left the company a few months ago…increase the hourly rate and make goals more customer service based rather than sales based…but…then they wouldn’t be able to say “added 2+ million new customers last quarter”


      Lol I feel it I pride myself on offering the best customer service possible but I always get hella pressured into pushing 5 different things to every customer and it really interrupts the customer service process.

  • I wish it would be their in-home internet product launching. Would LOVE to ditch Spectrum!

    • ElliotDude

      I’ve been using one for about 2 weeks now and love it. Using my own T-mobile/ASUS router hooked to it and bypassing the T-mobile router’s wi-fi. Works great. Already canceled my Spectrum internet.

      • JG

        I’m curious, how are the speeds though?

        Spectrum offers 100Mbps starting speed…

        T-Mo LTE is generally like 12-20Mbps… 5G should only see a 20% boost…

        • Khross30

          This is going to be completely based on your region and device. some places easily get 100+ mbps with the newer phones than can utilize full cell spectrums in regions it’s fully deployed. But devices with the equipment for the newest cellular tech won’t do much good in areas it isn’t deployed and vice versa.

          If your current speeds are 12-20mbps pre 5G you should easily see initial speed boosts to around 50mbps if TMobile has the cell/radio spectrum acquired for your area already and they start sending out 5G dedicated hardware for home use to maximize on all their available technologies.

          Ultimately, like I said earlier though, it’ll depend on your region and what TMobile has access to as far as 4G/5G cell spectrum goes

      • Seth Dunn

        I’ve had the service for almost 6 months now and it’s been awesome. Speeds are generally 30mbps (although I routinely get 80-100 on my phone). But considering the best I could get at my location previously was around 15 I’m pretty happy, and it costs less.

        I tried to get my router hooked up, but I must be doing something wrong. Could be the age of my router too. Regardless, I’ve been using the one provided by Tmobile. It’s not great, but it does the job.

    • Mark McCoskey

      I cut Frontier 13+ months ago when they raised my price without boosting the speed. I was going to use my Unlimited data UNTIL I became a “New Customer” again (30-90 days). But HotSpotting my data was working “good enough,” so I never returned to broadband. LTE in-home speed is OK, but figure 5G will eventually be real good. So, IF you have unlimited data, perhaps you can just use you cell phone for everything. It’s just a thought. Might want to try it. It’s working for me. And I’m averaging about 100 GB/month.

      • I’ve thought about it a lot, but I live in NYC in a pre-war building which makes WiFi never easy. My place is small, yet I need an extender in my bedroom due to concrete and steel in the walls. So, I don’t think tethering is a feasible option for me with the amount of data I consume. Plus, I’m getting 200 Mbps down with Spectrum. Yeah, what am I complaining about, right?

    • BillA

      Supposedly they going to offer a new 5G mobile router for the home for around $200 (likely the new Netgear M5 router) with a $60/mo unlimited data service. That’s the rumor I’m hearing from some insiders. ;)

  • riverhorse

    I’ll beat someone to this common complaint:
    Add 10 lines, get another 10 lines for free.

    (Said oops, upside your head…)

    • AA-Ron

      Reveling your age with the last part of your comment lol

  • JG

    A few random unlikely ideas…

    1.) A limited time special – 2 lines of Magenta Plus (maybe with the extra hotspot and UHD Netflix addons enabled) for $100/month… Or at least let those of us who have the grandfathered One version upgrade…

    2.) Each line can claim a free data SIM that eats from our 50GB soft cap…

    3.) Remove the soft cap… Go total asterisk free unlimited data… We can use terabytes of data every month and it remains at full 4/5G speeds.

  • fromtheright

    It will be a Home Internet gateway modem that can actually port forward unlike their current joke of a gateway.

  • Jason Caprio

    Based on the most recent underwhelming Un-Carrier moves, I’m not expecting anything exciting. Their most recent move was a total bust. One of the good parts of that move was offering a $15/month plan. The caveat was, it was dependent on the Sprint Merger going through. Last time I checked, the merger is moving forward, but this $15 plan is nowhere to be found. Based on lies and deception in the past, I can’t expect anything game changing in the future.

    • Sean Sorlie

      You need to do some research. The merger is still in the hands of a judge and analysts have given the deal a 50/50 chance. It had definitely NOT moved forward yet and that plan will not be available until the merger is complete as promised.

      • Jason Caprio

        Oh wow. I swear I read that the merger was approved already. Either way, I find it a bit cheap that the previous Un-Carrier movement is essentially a false promise if the merger doesn’t go through.

        • Sean Sorlie

          It is designed to show the naysayers that prices will not go up after the merger as the apposing state AGs would have everyone believe. When the plan was announced it was expressly tied to the merger and will happen once complete.

        • xmiro

          Price will go up. In year three. We saw it with Tmobile One – suddenly a single line on postpaid went from $50 to $70. Two lines from $80 to $120

          Right after Mike Sievert, the now future CEO said during an earnings call they’ll no longer ties themselves to being the cheapest carrier but promote features and benefits to draw people in.

        • mikeZo6

          Only with Tmo cause their the CHEAPEST

        • xmiro

          The Fcc and DoJ approved but their decision is not final. A judge has to review that and say yes/no to it.

          Then there is the lawsuit by the states where another judge has to make a decision.

        • m35g35

          the federal government (FCC/DOJ) cleared the way. The states are holding the merger up. There is no judge involved in a merger unless the federal government opposes the merger. The corporations can take it to court and fight it.

      • xmiro

        Make that two judges. The state lawsuit judge and the first one who has to approve the DoJ/FCC

  • Mark McCoskey

    Would LOVE to see nationwide mid-band 5G (bands n2, n4, n66).
    And throttling, deprioritizing from 50 Gb/month up to 250 Gb/month.

  • Marion Stevens

    I’m going to aim low here and say it’s that all subs get free access to the upcoming Quibi service. Or has that already been officially announced? I know it’s been discussed, but I don’t know if it’s official yet.

    I hope that’s not it, though. I have zero interest in that service, and it may not even last as long as Apple TV+. Hey, maybe they’ll give us all free one-year trials of that service…with the purchase of a new Apple device. :)

  • Pak T

    Oh oh, maybe it will be more fees that are not “activation fees” (’cause you know, they don’t have those.. wink wink) when you try to add lines or buy a phone.

    No, wait, maybe it will be a deal on a phone if you are on a “qualifying” (read expensive newer plan) plans and add a line you don’t need and trade in your current phone you want to keep as a backup or use on another line you already have.

  • purenupe1

    if its not a discount or sale on hardware that inst tied to adding a new line then I could care less

  • Roy Reyes

    I’m willing to bet T-Mobile has knowledge that the Judge presiding over the Sprint merger is approving it.

  • grb

    They are going to offer home internet for everyone

    • Sharti24

      They dont even offer unlimited hotspot on your phone let alone an entire house able to stream multiple devices

      • Acdc1a

        Yes, they do with an invite…

  • RealShit

    Who cares about this, honestly? Lol

    • dtam

      they used to be good

    • nutmac

      Sadly, I agree.

      Un-Carrier used to be Christmas in August, with Legere pulling fantastic new features or savings left and right.

      That has stopped long ago and I am frankly prepared to be underwhelmed again.

      At this point, I just want T-Mobile to clean up their mess of postpaid plans and consolidate into a coherent plan. A bonus point for giving customers a choice of complementary streaming service.


        They only have 3 postpaid plans and 1 of them isn’t even really pushed by employees. For all intents and purposes they only have 2 plans. What’s this “mess of postpaid plans” you’re talking about?

  • @ryan

    Maybe Buy 2 phones and Get 2 Free when you add 2 new lines!

  • Surf Rider 11

    These Un-carrier events are half baked and will target bringing in only new subscribers, nothing beneficial for long term (10+ years) customers or existing customers if any. Would be better to label it as Un-carrier event for non-existing subscribers which is fine rather than keep everyone’s hopes up and realized it was a dud.

  • bman893

    buy two get 2 with new lines wouldn’t be a uncarrier even that would be a in store promo

    but it will probably be the tv service that required sprint to get that up and going full production witch is bs because its $$$$ iven been saying for years people get your head out your ass all these uncarriers and slight of hand look over here at the pretty lights and cool things we have and in the back there changing things without you knowing .
    once sprint merger happens .. and it will tmob got the money to throw at it.

    new company that will not longer honor old plans they will kill off them all and force the new t mobile or you can leave thats ok tho no contract right … WRONG all they FREE tables with 24 month payments and buy one and get one free with 24 months payment plan yup they got you in that deal if you break out of t mobile you own the full amount of all devices even “free ones’ not so free are they

    with this merger prices cant raise, so theirs that… but whos to say they cant add fees … so you say no they said no fees …. no they didn’t that was t mobile … not the new t mobile the merger will let them back out of and old contract or not contract promises dude to it being a new company now but at least theirs no contract right hahah ya read example one again hahah

  • Here is what they don’t do for people who are already customers. Here my story I have to tell:

    There are things that you only believe when you have experienced them yourself. Here my bad experiences with T-Mobile: I had seen this year, that T-Mobile tariff “T-Mobile Mangenta Plus” for $140 and advertised it:
    “Pricing for 3 lines with AutoPay, with your 3rd line on us.

    Since I wasn’t sure if I missed anything I went with my wife to the T-Mobile store here in Huntsville, to know if I can have this plan too. The Manager at the T-Mobile store “Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville, AL” informed me that if T-Mobile offered this I could get this and the that this rate is not dependent on me getting an extra line to apply for. So
    on 2/1/2020, I decided to change my tariff “T-Mobile one.” After the manager, since they’ve changed my rate. could not
    change directly on the iPad she phones with the customer service.

    On 2/8/2020, however, the stroke should hit me. Instead of the promised basic fee of $140, they wanted to charge me $170. When I called the customer service, the manager “Cesar” told me that they didn’t want to know anything about yesterday’s chatter and that T-Mobile only wanted to charge the third line if I had previously applied for a third line or was a new customer. So I told the manager that I did not agree with this and that you would restore my T-Mobile One plan.

    The manager changed my tariff, but not to T-Mobile one as requested, but on T-Mobile Mangenta, which means I’m paying more money now, bottom line due to the poorer performance (such as the fact that I only use one computer
    instead of two Netflix computers without having to pay more) than I paid before with my T-Mobile One plan. Just wanted to warn others not to change their tariff like
    me with this post and also show how T-Mobile treats its customers who have been with them for a long time, namely like dirt.

    • Bklynman

      I would write to John,not email him,or get in touch with him on social media,everyone does that,but take time out write a litter to him,send it by certified mail,will kick up some dust. Believe me. It will be notice.


      What’s a tariff in regard to T-Mobile plans? The only tariff I know about is the tax on import goods lol also Magenta is the exact same price as T-Mobile One and you can still get standard Netflix with Magenta you just have to pay a couple of dollars extra just like you do on T-Mobile One now. I still have T-Mobile One so I know the charges. Also, the manager is shady if your recollection of the situation is true but there’s no way for him to switch you back to T-Mobile One since that plan doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Willie D

    Well this Uncarrier announcement came and went without any reveal, no hint, not even a throwback that this was even stated at all. Its 3/31 the final day of the quarter as Legere said would be the reveal. Nothing.

    • dcmanryan

      Seeing how Legere has stepped down early we may never know.