T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update now rolling out



This week we learned T-Mobile launch plans for the OnePlus 7T that’s arriving later this month. There’s some good news this week for folks using the OP7T’s predecessor, too, because the OnePlus 6T is now receiving a software update.

T-Mobile is now pushing out an update to its OnePlus 6T. The update is version A6013_34_190814 and is 260.6MB in size. Included are the August 2019 Android security patches, an updated Google Maps version, and improvements to device performance.


The update is now rolling out over the air, and both TmoNews reader Caleb and Reddit user engcrx got it this morning. If you’re rocking a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, you should see the update on your phone soon. If you don’t feel like waiting around for your new update, you also have the option of checking for it manually by launching the Settings app and then tapping System > System update > Check for update.

It’s been two months since T-Mobile last updated its OnePlus 6T, so it’s good to see another update arriving today. Let us know when the update hits your OnePlus 6T!

Thanks, Caleb!

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  • justanormalguy13

    Why in the world is Google maps being updated through an OTA update and not the play store?

    Also sad it’s not Android 10.

  • Donny Gunn

    Also sad that it the second week of October and its only getting August security patch.

    • RealLifeJasonBourne

      If you’ve got the T-Mobile 1+6T and are still using T-Mobile’s software, you should really look into unlocking and switching to the OEM software (after which, you can lock it back up).

      It’s one of the first things I did to mine. Getting the OEM updates as they are issued; without waiting for T-Mobile. Heck, you can even join the 1+ beta program at that point, if you like.

      I’m tempted by the 7T, but am definitely not going the T-Mobile route this time around if I do unless it’s as easily unlocked as the 6T was.

      • MindFog2287

        You don’t need to unlock it, right? I haven’t paid mine off and did something to switch to the beta program, but I forget what I did. Didn’t need to request an unlock, but I don’t know if that required a specific firmware or anything. I’m still paying T-Mo monthly for the phone (bought on the $300 trade-in on my Note5, so they give me $10/month toward it for a few more months).

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          There was/is a modified stock flashing app for OnePlus on XDA that allowed you to flash the stock OEM Software on the T-Mobile device; which then allowed you to unlock the bootloader and/or join the beta.

          …I’d think one would remember doing that though. ;-)

        • MindFog2287

          Yes, I remember doing it, I just didn’t remember the process and if it was still applicable and/or available to anyone who didn’t do it at that time. I didn’t want to say “hey everyone – go get the beta! I did!” if they could no longer do that. I installed it as soon as I got the phone, and then have just been part of the beta since then. It was over a year ago and my memory is crap, so…

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          Ah. Pretty sure it’s still functional, but I honestly haven’t looked in a while.

        • Brownsnake

          Quick question: when you switched over to the OEM software, did you lose the Google search/news page (the page you see when you swipe right from the home page)? I hear that OnePlus Shelf is the default on OEM but I’d love to keep my Google search page. Also, did you receive the live wallpapers? That is something I don’t have on my T-Mobile OnePlus 6t variant.

        • MindFog2287

          Yes, OnePlus shelf replaces the Google page. Also, I just checked and don’t see any live wallpapers option.

  • TubofPopcorn

    It’s only a month behind really which isn’t bad for non pixel phone. The pixels just today started getting the October patch,so it’s just September really as it won’t keep up with Pixels update schedule.

  • Ajay Sharma

    I just updated my 6T and the google maps version was exactly the same, I was hoping it would have a native dark mode.

  • JLP474

    Just got an unlocked 6T couple weeks ago and on A6013_41_190911

  • Great!

  • argenys

    Any chance t-mobile gets the just announced Oneplus 7T Pro? It’s actually some small upgrades to the 7Pro unlike the 7T where it has both small upgrades and downgrades.